Robert Campbell Abernathy
Bible Extract

Robert Campbell Abernathy's Bible with family names. It is in his familiar calligraphic writing.

This New Testament with Psalms is in poor condition with sections missing. On a blank page R. C. wrote his name and wife's name with their births and marriage date. On another he has the names and births of their children. Inside the hardback cover is a four stanza, twelve line poem, entitled "The Heavenly Rail Road" It is signed "Written and composed by R. C. Abernathy the 10th day of June 1876."

This Bible was given to me about 1964 by Mr. and Mrs. Elton Harrison of Pal (Lauderdale) Alabama. She said that R. C. Abernathy gave this Bible to her parents when they were a young married couple and did not have a Bible. I would guess that to be somewhere around 1900.

Following is what R. C. A. wrote:

"Rachel H. Ryland was born December 31st AD 1853.
Robt C. Abernathy was borned August 18th AD 1854.
They were married December 10th AD 1874."

On another page are the children's names and births:

"Elvis Alamo Abernathy was borned Feb 4th 1876.
Walter Brennard Abernathy was born May 23rd 1877.
Olna Inese Abernathy was borned November 27th AD 1878.
Estiel Versal Abernathy was borned Oct 31 1880.
Myrtie Yoland Abernathy was born January 31st A.D. 1882."

Rachel died sometime after the birth of her last child (31 Jan. 1882) and the marriage of R. C. to Dovie White Thomas (my grandmother) 9 Jan 1889.

Contributed by: James Franklin Thomas