John A. Beasley
Bible Records

The following was copied from the bible by my father, William B. Henderson., sometime in the 1930's.

"Soon after his marriage, John A. Beasley bought land and settled near his father-in-law, Jesse Wells, where he spent the first eight years of his connubial life. He then moved into the neighborhood where he was reared. He volunteered his services as a soldier in defense of his country in the war between the states in 1861 and was sworn into the service on the 9th day of Dec. in the same year. He served in the Confederate Army for sixteen months and was honorably discharged at the end of that time because he was over the age which was 40 years. His horse was shot from under him during a skirmish at Iuka, Mississippi in the autumn of the year 1862.

William Wells was the father of Jesse Wells and had 12 children - 8 sons and 4 daughters. He emigrated from Virginia to Tennessee about the year 1807 and settled where the city of Nashville now stands. His oldest daughter Nancy was married to Robert Adams about the year 1809 on the hill on which the state capitol now stands, the home of her father who lived with his large family on a rock floor.

Buckner Harwell, the father-in-law of Jesse Wells moved from Virginia with William Wells and eventually settled with him in Giles, Co.. His family also consisted of 8 sons and 4 daughters, Jesse and Nancy Wells had 4 children, Albert G., James B., Sarah C. and Anne E.. James Buckner Wells enlisted in the war of 1861 and soon after entering the ranks as a soldier, was taken seriously ill, came home and died on Jan.24th, 1862.

To whom it may concern, be it known that on the 24th day of October, 1844, at the residence of Jesse Wells on Ford Creek, Giles Co., Tennessee, the Subscriber united in marriage with Sarah Cassandra Wells, John A. Beasley. Witness: Thomas C. White and John I. Butler.


Ann Elizabeth Beasley was married to Robert Adams on the 18th day of September 1866.
Sarah Josephine Melbane Beasley was married to Charles P. Williams on the 27th day of December 1868.
Eudora Marabia Mason Beasley was married to William Butler on the 3rd day of December 1871.
Melbane Jesse Fendall Beasley in marriage with Molly Gertrude Booth of Philips Co., Arkansas on the 6th day of November, 1876.
Ida Jane Beasley was married to Ruben C. Small on the 9th day of October 1879.
Ann Elizabeth Beasley was born Sept 15th, 1845
Sarah Josephine Mebane Beasley was born Sept 7th, 1849
Eudora Marabia Beasley was born Nov. 26th, 1851
Mebane Jesse Fendall Beasley was born Dec. 2nd, 1853
William James Ermer Beasley was born Dec. 26th, 1855
Ida Jane Beasley was born April 11th, 1858
John Elijah Anthony Beasley was born Dec 2nd, 1860
Lucius Rebel Beasley was born June 19th, 1867
Louella Beasley was born June 19th, 1867
Jewel Dayton Beasley was born Feb 10th, 1870
Daisy Virtue Beasley was born Aug 13th, 1874


John Carson Adams was born Oct 5th, 1873
Hattie Iva Butler was born Aug 29th 1872
LeeRoy Adams was born Sept 18th, 1875
SueElla Adams was born July 20th, 1877
Bobie Adams was born July 25th, 1879
William Samuel Adams was born April 19th, 1881

The following is from an original record in my possession.

"Rev. M.J.F. Beasley's Family Record

Mebane Jessee Fendall Beasley born in the year 1853 on the 2 day of December. Died October the 14th 1885.

Mary Glover Booth was born on the 4th of December 1855. Died January the 8th, 1888

Sallie Daisy Beasley was born December the 30th 1877
Claude Booth Beasley was born December the 23rd 1879
Jesse Anthony Beasley was born December the 11, 1883"

There is a question of the name of the wife of Melbane Jesse Fendall Beasley. In the first document she is Molly Gertrude, and in the second, she is Mary Glover. She is my Great Grandmother and I always heard of her as Mary Glover, and as the second document is original, I believe "Mary Glover" correct and "Molly Gertrude" a typo.

Contributed by William Booth Henderson