Violet Crockette
Bible Records

Bible record sent to Giles County Bulletin, Oct. issue 1983 by Mrs. Ruby R. Smith, of Fort Worth TX. Mrs. Smith stated that Archibald was a first cousin of David Crockett. Archibald and his father, Robert, and his daughter, Violet, came to Giles County in 1808. According to Goodspeed, Archibald and Robert died in Giles Co. before the Civil War. Violet moved to Texas after the Civil War.

This Bible was owned by Violet Parthina Crockette, and was in the possession of her great great granddaughter of Tolar, TX.

The New Testament of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, translated out of the original Greek, published and sold by Kimber and Sharpless at their book store, #93 Market Street, Philadelphia, 1824.

Written on 'Birth' page:

William M. Millican was born Nov the 24th, 1811
Violett P. Crockette was born December the 11th, 1803
Martha A. Sawyers was born March the 30th, 1827
Elizabeth P. Sawyers was born Jan. the 12th, 1828
A.C. Millican was born Nov the 4th, 1839
John M. Millican was born March the 21, 1842
W.E. Millican was born Dec, the 18, 1846
A.E.A. Mitchell was born Dec. the 8th, 1848

Written on the 'Marriages' page:

Ethen Sawyers was married April the 20th, 1826, to V.P. Crockette
W.M. Millican was married to V.P. Sawyers October the 4th, 1837
A.C. Millican was married to Mary C. Cochran Nov. the 8th, 1860
W.E. Millican was married to M.C. Barrett Nov. the 29th, 1865
L. N. Cochran was married to A.E.A. Mitchell Jany. 9th, 1866
John M. Millican was married to M.J. Maddin Feby 28th, 1866

Written of the 'Deaths' page:

Ethen Sawyers died May 20th, 1830
V.P. Millican died Sept. 19th. 1868
W.E. Millican died Mar. 4th, 1901
L.N. Cochran died March 18, 1912
A. E. Cochran died April 27, 1912

The following information was written into the Bible on a separate sheet of paper, by Mrs. Cora Painter Cochran, born Nov. 10, 1878 and died April 5, 1979 at Tolar, Hood Co. TX.

Violet Crockette married Ethen Sawyers ( in 1826) and had two children; Martha (1827) and Elizabeth (1828) and Sawyers died (1839). Violet then married to W.M. Millican and they had Archibald Crockett Millican, W.E. "Dee" Millican; then Violet died in 1868.

Elizabeth Sawyers married (1846) to Thomas Sidney Mitchell and they had one child, Asenith Mitchell (1848). Thomas Mitchell left his family and came to Texas, about 1850. Elizabeth married a (Josiah Johnson) Cochran and had three children: Jennie Cochran, Sawyers Cochran and Annie Cochran ( in TN). (Josiah Johnson) Cochran died and Elizabeth married an old man ( Henley John) Henderson, Sequin, (Gaudalupe County) Texas. Old man Henderson's son, Will (William) married Annie Cochran and had twin girls, Mina and Annie (Henderson, born 2-1880)

All Violet's family came to Sequin from Tennessee, A. Crockett, John, and W.E. Millican. A. Crockett Millican married (11-8-1860 Giles Co TN) Mollie (Mary C.) Cochran, (Levi N. Cochran's) sister.

Crockett Millican's children born at Sequin: Will, Oran (female) and Jessie. John Millican's children were Hugh and Cora. (W.E. ) Dee Millican's children were Ollie, Edd, Ammet, Violet, Daisy, Pearl, Ernie, Morgan and Arthur.

Violet Jennie Cochran never married. (William) Sawyers Cochran married Mattie Catchum. (Sarah) Annie (Cochran) married Will (William) Henderson

None of Levi N. Cochrans came to Sequin except the one who married Crockett Millican. Levi N. Cochran's sister Eliza ( Mrs. Jackson Carroll) Cummings and husband Jack Cummings' family lived and died around Cleburne, near Keene (Johnson Co TX).

Robert Cochran was born (1872) at Cleburne on Nolan Creek. Van (Cochran) at Sequin (1884)

Thomas S. Mitchell and Elizabeth Sawyers were married December 28, 1846. Thomas Sidney Mitchell lived in Maury Co TN and Giles Co TN. The Mitchell people lived in Mississippi, a sister.

Grandpa Painter came from Ellajay,Georgia and Grandma Bates from Missouri.

Family Tradition has it that this Bible was given to Violet Crockette on the day she married , by her husband, Ethen Sawyers.

Also note, this Bible record corresponds with the Bible record of Levi T. Cochran, published in the Marshall County TN Quarterly, Fall, 1974, No. 3, This Bible was owned at that time by Mrs. Angelina Boyd, Rt 3, Lewisburg, TN.

Submitted by: Virginia L. Keefer