William A. Davis Bible

Amanda J. Davis, daughter of William and  Emeline his wife was born 29th of january 1868.
John N. Davis, died April 24, 1926.
Margaret L. Davis died Jan. 6, 1923
Martha E. Davis was born May 20, 1855, died Jan. 1, 1918
Nancy G. Davis died Feb. 23, 1928
W.M. Davis died January 13, 1914
William A.Davis was born March 24, 1805 died August 25, 1894.
        (** His cemetery rock says he was born 1815.) Sarilda Emaline Davis was born on the 25 day of March 1826 Sarah Malissa Davis was born on the 6th day of April 1848 John N.Davis was born on the 11th day of August 1850 William N. Davis was born 2nd day of June 1853 Mary E. Davis ws born on the 11th January 1851 Martha A. Davis was born on the 20th April 1858 Nancy S. Davis was born on the 8th October 1860 Margret L. Davis was born on 28th January 1865 Sarah Davis decesed this life on the 30th day of August 1868 Martha A. Davis daughter of William and Emeline deceased on 14th day August 1866 also one other child decesd on the 28th day of Oct. 1863 Margret L. Davis died the 6th day of january 1923 Nancy Davis died Feb. 23 1928 In the back cover it states: Sarah Davis her book 1846 In the front cover it states: William Davis his Bible 1852 W.A. Davis,W.A. Davis his name and book. This you see Rene R. This you see Z.B. Williams.

Contributed by: Doris James