Peter Hasten Bible

People's Standard Edition of the Holy Bible, entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1872, by Zegler & McCurdy, in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, District of Columbia.

This certifies that the marriage contract between Peter G. Hasten of Giles County, Tennessee and Elizabeth A. Philips of Madison Co., Alabama was duly solemized by me at her father's on the 29th day of April One Thousand Eight hundred and Sixty nine. (No signatures)


Peter G. Hasten was born February the 4th 1847
Elizabeth A. Philips Janary the 12th 1849
Ulah L. Hasten January 25th 1870
Thomas A. E. Hasten was born August 13th 1872 (girl)
William J. Hasten was born January the 6th 1874
Elwood L. Hasten was born March the 6th 1876
Robert T. Tate was born October the 15th 1879
Ezra Earl Tate was born November the 25th 1882
Mary M. Tate was borened March 7th 1885
Johney H. Tate was Borened April the 14th 1887
Edie L. Steakly was Borened November the 15th 1887
Jesse L. Tate was borned February 26 1889
Jabez(?) W. Steakley was borned January 31 1890
Nettie Elizzie Beth Steakley was born October the 28th 1892
Jore(?) Willaim Robert Parm was borned January 23rd, 1893
Elwood P. Hasten was borned Mar(?) the 9th 1897
Wheeler H. Steakley was bo_ Agust 20th 1894
Davey Lacy Steakley was bo_ Nov 1Oth 1896
Earl A? Hasten was Borned April 10th 1899
Shelby L. Hasten was bomed Aug 31, 1901
Our Baby borned April 17, 1902
Annie Lizzie H. was borned March 24 1903 (Hasten)
Ethel Hasten was borned Dec 14, 1905
Ernest & Ernestine Hastings was borned Oct 16, 1908
Ena Hastings was borned July the 20, 1911
Virgining Hastings was borned Sept the 10, 1913 (Virginia)


Edward Lafate Tate and Ellizzie A. Hastins was married the 12 of January 1879
Ulah L. Hasten and John Steakley was married December the 23, 1886
Tommie A. Hasten and R. H. Parm was married December 15th 1892
Willie J. Hasten and Tennie Patterson was married Dec the 24, 1895
Elwood L. Hastengs and Rosa E. Fisk was married April the 2, 1899
Robert L. Tate and Flora A. Fisk was married December 25, 1901
Ezra E. Tate and Lula M. Fisk was married December 24, 190?


Peter G. Hasten departed this life October the 7th 1877
Johney H. Tate departed this life June the 15th 1887
Nettie Elizzie Beth Steakley departed this life September the 4th 1893
Elizabeth A. Tate departed this life February the 23 1900
Elwood P. Hasten departed this life September 4, 1900
Our Baby departed this life April 17, 1902
Mr. Willie Hastings departed this life Dec. 28, 1919
Tennie Melissa Hastings departed this life Nov. 3, 1943

Below is the extended information that concerns some who were listed in the Hasten Bible. For those who are wondering who Peter G. Hasten was. Well, he was a husband of Elizabeth Alcena Philips, who was the youngest daughter of Thomas A. Philips and Elizabeth Loveless Philips.


Peter Green Hasten is buried in Potts Cemetery, Aspen Hill, Giles Co., TN., next to his parents, Joseph Hasten and Sarah Ann Dunnavant.He was the grandson of James Hasten of Giles Co., TN, and of Abel Burton Dunnavant and Sarah Mariott Mitchell of Limestone County AL.

Elizabeth Alcena Phillips married (1) Peter Green Hasten, and (2) Edward Lafate Tate.She was the youngest of seven children and the only daughter of Thomas A. Phillips and Elizabeth Loveless.The mother died at the birth of the daughter and Thomas later married Permelia Coile.They also had seven children.Many of Thomas' children and grandchildren moved to Pecan Gap, Delta Co., Texas.Four of his sons by the first marriage died in the Civil War.Thomas, Permelia and Elizabeth Alcena are buried in Washburn Cemetery, Madison Co., AL. (this cemetery is now called Plainview Cemetery, 2 miles south of Hazel Green) Fate Tate, being ten years younger than his wife ( Elizabeth Alcina ) married again and several children were born of that marriage.

The name HASTEN was changed back to HASTINGS spelling legally through settlement of inheritance around 1905.

Tommie A. Hasten died 1 December 1917.Her husband Richard A. Parm, died 15 May 1916.Both are buried in State Line Cemetery (Old Section), Lincoln Co., TN.

Correct name for "Tennie", wife of William Jerome Hastings, is Melissa Tennessee Patterson.Elwood Lacy Hastings died 18 June 1963.These two brothers and their wives are buried in Pecan Gap Cemetery, Delta Co., Texas.

Children of William and Tennie Hastings:

Elwood P. died 1900
Earl Ambrose married (1) Hester Huffer (2)_____ Woods, died 3 April 1962, burried in Arkansas.Annie Elizabeth married Leroy Abbott and died 31 Oct 1966, buried next to parents in Pecan Gap
Ethel May Hastings married Aaron Boyd Moss
Ernest Edgar- unmarried
Ernestine Edna married R. D. Roderick
Ena Alga married Harley Henson.
Virginia married Herbert Pior

Contributed by Myra Piland