E.W. Holt Bible Records

From the Bible of E.W. Holt and later his son Yancey E. Holt


E.W. Holt and E.A.. Watson were married Nov. 16th, 1854
Thomas Clayton Abernathy and Ann Eliza Holt were married Nov. 5th 1871
E.W. Pitts and A.E. Holt were married March 5th 1875
Harney Holt and Bettie Pitts were married Jan 13 1880
Yancy Holt and Olivia Watson were married Jan. 18 1891


E.W. Holt died May 20th, 1884
Mildred Holt died Dec. 2 1914
E.A. Holt died Jan. 3 1917

Contributed by: Beth Mize.