John McCormack Bible Records
and Other Records


John McCormack born abt 1775, in Virginia; died 8-12-1830 in Giles Co, TN. His wife, Mary "Polly" Birdwell born 1801, also married to Josiah Phelps after John died. She died 9-7-1888


Martha Louise Cobb McCormack, born 2-8-1828 died ?
Eliza Ann McCormack b 1819, died ca 1855-1860, married James Milton Marks
Mary Jane McCormack b 1820, d before 1850, married Levi Abernathy
Marcella McCormack b 1823, d. 1916, married Alfred Rowe
Virginia McCormack b abt 1826, died ?, married James Abernathy
Emily McCormack b abt 1827, died ?, married William House/Houze
John McCormack born 6-18-1830, died 12-27-1912, married to Caledonia Wilson and Sarah Beck.

When Mary "Polly" Birdwell married Josiah Phelps, their children were:
Xantippe Phelps b 1833, d. ?
Julia Phelps b 1834, d 1859
Thomas Hart Benton Phelps, b 1837
Napoleon Bonaparte Phelps b 1839
Parthenia Phelps b 1841


Joel Dyer b 11-7-1824, d 10-23-1852 married Martha Louise Cobb McCormack

Their children:

Zachariah (Zachary)T. Dyer b 10-9-1846, d. 8-23-1923
Jerome Dyer b 1848
Tymoxsena Dyer b 10-20-1852, d 1-12-1938 (in Navarro Co, TX)


Tymoxsena married John Cunningham Stephenson 7-23-1871 in Lawrence Co, AL
John C. Stephenson b 11-22-1847 in Lawrence Co., AL, d 8-8-1905 in Navarro Co.,TN. They are both buried in Bazette, TX in Navarro County, TX.

Their children:

Mary Ella Stephenson b 4-4-1874, d 3-26-1964, buried in Corsicana, TX
married James Solomon Parker
Marthy Ellis Stephenson b 4-19-1872,d. ?, married Will Rose
John Scott Stephenson b 1-6-1876, d 4-1938, married Fannie
Ida Bertha Stephenson b 11-23-1879, d ?, married Lynch Banks
Estella Stephenson b 4-13-1883, d 7-18-1900, buried with Tymoxsena and John C. in Bazette, TX
Arthur Stephenson b 11-23-1885, d abt 1960 in Ennis, TX, married Fae Maggard
Vera Lee Stephenson b 9-22-1888, d 10-1977, married a McGinnis
Leona Stephenson b 7-24-1892 d 11-3-1981, married John Bowden


Mary Ella and James Solomon Parker married in 1893, possibly Navarro County, TX


2 stillborn boys both named Lester
James Lester Parker b 8-1896, d. ?, married Marguerite Whitsele
Earl Erskin Parker b 2-24-1900 d 7-13-1919 (of scarlet fever)
William Kenneth Parker b 5-24-1908, d 10-22-1931, married Rheba McDonald
Lonnie Lee Parker b 7-12-1902, d 1-28-1970, married Lucille Kent,
    2nd wife was ?
Doyle Eugene Parker b 10-18-1905, d abt 74 or 1975, married Eva Campbell
Vera Lee Parker b 9-2-1912, Augustus Messick Neale

William Kenneth Parker was my grandfather, his daughter, Virginia Parker b 1929 is my mother. She is still alive and in good health at 72 years old. Her memory is very sharp and she has been very helpful with my research.

Contributed by Annette Keen