William Carroll McRee
Family Bible


Carroll McRee
I was bornd the 21st day of January 1826 in the State of Tennessee, 
Lincoln County, in one mile of Boons Hill.   Lived their til I was 
ten years old then moved with my Father one mile & half East and then 
in 1841 my Father died and my mother married to Thomas McAfee and I 
still lived with him until I was married the 24th of September 1846.  
I had drove logs for him six winters, his wagon for three years and 
he died the same day I was married.  Then I set out for my self.  I 
rented four years of my father in law then bought 40 acres of land 
and moved to, kept it two years and sold it then I moved to the South 
side of Elk River, went into Alabama seven miles west of Athens stayed 
there from March til fall moved back to Kellyes Creek on the Elk River 
rented four years then bought 156 acres of land moved to it in the 
winter of 1858. Remained their til the 24th of December 1873 . then 
moved to Giles County on the waters of Shole Creek.  Bought 100 acres 
of land of Granville H. Gatlin.  In the fall of 61 I went in the army. 
Staid 13 months got wounded at Murfreesborough on the 29th of December 
1862. Then I maid my way home.  I got over my wound but never returned 
to the army any more.  I have had some mity bad falls since then but I 
am still able to walk about.

(the ink changes and you can tell this was added later but is still the 
handwriting of Carroll McRee)
Then on the 25th of Feb. 1893 I lost my Companion which is a hard place 
for me to get over for she was good to me and lived rite along the line 
always ready to do her part in all of our undertakings no matter what 
came up and when Death came she was ready and willing to go when the 
summons came. She said she was ready to go.  So she had a heap of Faith 
of a better world than this.

New page and different handwriting. This is the handwriting of 
N. G. Gatlin.
N. G. Gatlin Family	Births
N. G. Gatlin was Born December the 9th 1840
Syntha B. Gatlin was Born February the 19th 1854
Charley Summerfield Gatlin was Born August the 24th 1873
Barshaba Jane Gatlin was Born January the 26th 1875
Isaac Carrol Gatllin was Born September the 8th 1878
Bennie Bloomfield Gatlin was Born November the 15th 1879
Jonny Whittfield Gatlin was Born February the 28th 1883
Georgia Mayfield Gatlin was Born June the 19th 1886

New page in the handwriting of Carroll McRee.
Carroll McRee the Subscriber is the son of James McRee who was born 
October 1779 was married to Elizabeth Frain 1814 and died August 14th 
1841.  He was a son of John McRee whose record is unknown.  His mother's 
maiden name was Alexander.
The maiden name of the mother of Elizabeth Frain the mother of the 
Subscriber and wife of James McRee his father was Mc(I can't read 
this name). The above is the geneology of the Subscriber as far as is 
known.  The Mother of Carroll McRee Died August the 3rd 1656.

New page, the handwriting of C. S. Gatlin.
N. G. Gatlin and Syntha Barshaba McRee was Married November the 26th 1872
Charley Gatlin and Vic Matlock was Married July the 14th 1898
John Gatlin and Sally Thornton was Married September the 28 1902
B. B. Gatlin and Susie Fowler was married January the 4th 1905.

New page, this is the printed marriage certificate page in the handwriting 
of Carrol McRee.
24th of September 1846
at John Paysingers
by Henry Turney, Esq.
Carroll McRee the Subscriber is Married with Barshaba Paysinger
Witnesses: Jos. Shaw and S. A. Hoper

New Page.  Handwriting of Carroll McRee
Rhody Angeline and John Westly McAfee was Married April the 7th 1864
William Carroll McRee and Margaret Priscilla Gatlin was Married 
November the 2nd 1866.
James Carson McRee and Winney Caroline Gatlin was Married September 
the 29th 1870.
Barshaba Syntha McRee and Nimrod Golden Gatlin was Married the 26th 
of November 1872.
J. Henderson McRee and Dicey Oldent was Married November the 1st 1876.	
G. A. McRee and M. E. Ashford was married the 24th day of December 
in 1885.

New page. Handwriting of Carroll McRee
Carroll McRee was born the 4th of January 1826
Barshaba McRee was born the 12th of April 1826
William Carroll McRee was born the 22nd of March 1847
Rhody Angeline McRee was born the 2nd of October 1849
James Carson McRee was born September the 1st 1851
Barshaba Syntha McRee was born the 19th day of February 1854
David Wilson McRee was born the 2nd of February 1856
John Henderson McRee was born September 21st 1858
George Alexander Isaac McRee was born September the 4th 1865

New Page. Handwriting of Carroll McRee
David Wilson McRee Departed this life the 2nd of May 1856 at age 
three months
Barshabe McRee Departed her natural life February the 25th 1893 
at 4 o'clock in the evening
Handwriting of C. S. Gatlin
Carroll McRee Departed this life July 15th 1905 on Sunday Eve at 
7 o'clock

New Page. Handwriting of C. S. Gatlin
N. G. Gatlin Family Deaths
N, G. Gatlin Died February the 25th 1899
Barshaba Jane Gatlin Died October the 18th 1877	
Isaac Carroll Gatlin Died October the 18th 1878
Georgia Mayfield Gatlin Died July 14th 1996
Syntha B. Gatlin (McRee) Died April 22nd 1936  (a note to the side says 
wife of N. G. Gatlin)

Handwriting of Walter Dewitt Gatlin
Fannie Victoria Gatlin, wife of C. S. Gatlin Died 
Aug 19th 1948 at 6:45 PM at the Hospital in Athens AL

Handwriting of C. S. Gatlin	
B. B. Gatlin Died October 29th at 8:30 P. M. 1954 (note to the side 
says brother of C. S. Gatlin)
John Gatlin Died October 16th at night  1955

Handwriting of Walter Dewitt Gatlin
C. S. Gatlin Died March 13th 1962 at 12 noon at the Block Chandler 
Hospital in Hartsell Ala.

New Page. Handwriting of Carroll McRee
James Carson McRee was bron on the 1st day of September 1851
Winney Caroline McRee was born on 7th of October 1849
Colforna An. McRee was born on the 26th day of August 1871
Margarett Dealy McRee was born on the 27th of July 1873
One son born December 17th 1874 and departed this life on the 20th of 
   the same.
Carroll Waters McRee was born on the 20th of July 1876
Colforna An. McRee Dec September the 21st 1876

I have not made any corrections of spelling or punctuation.  The notes in 
italics are made to help the reader know what was written by Carroll McRee 
and what was added by later generations.  I believe this Bible must have 
been given to Snytha B. Gatlin by her father not long after the death of 
her mother in 1893 because the notation of the death of Barshaba McRee 
seems to be the last made by Carroll McRee.  He remarried Nancy in 1894. 
This is not recorded in the Bible.  Other members of his family died before 
he did in 1905 but these are not recorded.  Nimrod G. Gatlin recorded the 
births of his children in this Bible.  He died in 1899 six years before 
Carroll McRee.  Snytha B. McRee Gatlin remarried Presley Whitt after the 
death of Nimrod Gatlin this also is not recorded in the Bible.

Submitted by Wanda Gatlin Hicks