Family Bible Register

The following information was recorded on two register pages in a family Bible that is now just crumbling pieces. There is an existing title page for the New Testament that reads, "The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated out of the original Greek; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. Philadelphia, William W. Harding, 1872." It evidently originally belonged to the John R. Neal family and was passed down through the Duncan family. The Bible was probably taken to Texas during the early 1900s when the family moved from Giles County, Tennessee. The register pages are now in the possession of Carol Sue Gibbs of Bay City, Texas.

[ ] indicate information added by Carol Sue Gibbs from other sources.

The entries have been rearranged here to clarify relationships.

John R[obert] Neal was born May the 20th 1834
John Ella [Hicks] Neal was born Oct 18th 1844

John R. Neal and John Ella Hicks were married October 27th 1867 [Giles Co, TN]

[Children of John and John Ella Hicks Neal]
John Hicks Neal was born September 27th 1868
William Evrie? Neal was born January 22nd 1870
Robert Eugene Neal was born January 6th 1871
George Washington Neal was born Febr 13th 1872
Samuel Gross Neal was born Aug 27th 1873
Rolla Floyd Neal was born Sept. 4th 1875
James Sanders Neal was born Jan 3rd 1877
Elizabeth Apperson Neal was born Febr 24th 1878

John Ella Neal died Aug 22nd 1879, Age 34 years, 10 mo, 4 days

John R. Neal and [Martha] Mattie A. Allsup were married Dec 21st 1880

[Children of John and Mattie Allsup Neal]
Margaret Harriet (Diminutive of) Maggie or Maggy Hattie, Neal was born April 19th 1882
Emma Ann Neal was born July 14th 1883.

Rubin C. Duncan was Born March 27, 1851
Nancy P. Joines was Born Dec 5, 1855
[Rubin and Nancy m 17 Oct 1870 in Giles Co, TN]

[Children of Rubin and Nancy Joines Duncan]
Nellie L. Duncan was Born May 13, 1871
William C[yro] Duncan was Born Sep. 9, 1873
[Clarence] Clinton Duncan was Born Oct 3, 1875
Sallie A[nn] Duncan was Born Apr 3, 1877
Rubin Alford Duncan was Born Sep 3, 1878

[Rubin C. Duncan d 5 Apr 1878 and was buried in the Joines/Shrader Cemetery in Giles Co, TN. Nancy Joines Duncan then married John D. Henson c 1881]

[The following date was written before the names of Nancy and John D. Henson's children] Wrote March 27, 1918

Lizzie Henson was Born March 13, 1882
Mary Henson was Born Sep 9, 1884
Hester Henson was Born May 16, 1886
General Allen Henson was Born May 12, 1888
John Henson was Born June 22, 1891
Any Lee Henson was Born May 15, 1894 [Not listed in the 1900 Census for Milam Co, TX] [Pollie Henson b Jun 1895 is listed in the 1900 Census for Milam Co, TX, but not in the Bible record. The family must have moved to Texas between May 1894 and Jun 1895.]

March 27, 1918
Miss Reda Carvell and Mr. John W. Martin
Mr. Robert Carvell and Miss Ethel Durham

[Children of Robert Carvell, son of Nellie L. Duncan, and Ethel Durham]
Willie Edison Carvell was Born April 21, 1919
Virginia Elizabeth Carvell was Born Jan 31, 1920
Mary Louise Carvell was Born July 5, 1923
Robert _____ Carvell was Born Nov 31, 1927
Annie Lee Carvell was Born April 17, 1929

Additional information from other sources.

John Robert Neal died 21 1898 and is buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Giles Co, TN along with his two wives, John Ella Hicks, and Martha "Mattie" Allsup. Mattie died 9 Jul 1921.

John Robert Neal and his son, John Hicks Neal were both doctors.

John Ella Hicks was the daughter of John Hicks and Mary Sanders. John died in 1844 and John Ella was born 6 months after his death.

Mary Sanders was the daughter of William Sanders and Elizabeth Bellenfant. The Sanders family moved from Rockingham Co, NC to Giles Co, TN. Mary Sanders married Clayton Hamilton Witt after Neal's death.

John W. Martin, husband of Reda Carvell, was the son of James F. Martin (6 Sep 1855 - 14 May 1936) and Sarah Pairlee Bonee (21 Mar 1855-11 May 1907). They are buried at May Cemetery in Lawrence Co, TN.

Nancy P. Joines, wife of Rubin C. Duncan, was the daughter of George W. Joines (18 Mar 1822-27 Feb 1908) and Elizabeth Keltner (4 Mar 1826-21 Nov 1886). Elizabeth Keltner was the daughter of Emmanuel Keltner and Nelly Pernina Musgraves

John Robert Neal was the son of William (b c 1802 in VA) and Harriet Apperson Neal (b c 1807 in VA). They are family #99 in the 1850 Giles Co, TN Census and #79 in the 1860 Giles Co Census.

Contributed by Carol Sue Gibbs