John Tom Overton
Family Bible

The following dates of births, marriages and deaths in the Overton family were obtained from the Overton family Bible. John Tom Overton was born June 1, 1859 in Williamson County, TN and died July 29, 1916 in Prospect, Giles County, Tennessee. This Bible is in the possession of great grand daughter Kimerly Ann Walter Fahs.


Edwin W. Overton,
   son of J.T. and M.P. Overton was born March 25, 1892.
Roberta P. Overton,
   daughter of J.T. and M.P. Overton was born February 4, 1893, in Elkmont, AL.
Harvey R. Overton,
   son of J.T. and M.P. Overton was born November 25th, 1894.
Margaret Overton,
   daughter of J.T. and M.P. Overton was born Sep 22, 1896.
Robert Earl Overton,
   son of J.T. & M.P. Overton was born February 28, 1898
Pamphelia Ann Overton,
    daughter of J. T. O & MP Overton was born December 16, 1899
John T Overton was born November 3, 1901
Andrew Coffman Overton Son of J.T. O. & M.P. O. born Oct 16, 1903
Alice Maie Overton was borned August 22, 1907

J. T. Overton and Mattie P. Reed was married on the 26th day ofJune 1890 at Elkmont, Ala.
W. L. Gray and Roberta P. Overton was married on the 12th day Jan. 1910 at Prospect.

Edwin W. Overton,
    son of J. T. and M. P. Overton died March 31st 1892.
    daughter of J. T. & M. P. Overton was borned 3 of August
    and died August 5th 1905.
J.T. Overton died July 29, 1916.
Mattie Reed Overton died Aug 11, 1965.
Roberta Overton Gray died Oct 26, 1977.
Evelyn Reed Gray Mathews died Jan 13, 1981.

Submitted by: Anna Overton Jackson