Sandusky / Gorman

Mary Sandusky Gorman or her daughter, Juditha Gorman Anderson's Bible can be found at the Ouachita University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. It has the children of both in it. Juditha's granddaughter, Marjorie Hedrick Bailey and her husband left a lot of their personal papers along with money to this college, including this Bible.

Mary Sandusky was the daughter of Emanuel Sandusky, her granddaughter Theresa Jane Anderson came to Giles County with her husband William Houston Felker. Mary's nephew John Sandusky came to Giles County. They both have descendants still living in Giles County.

Copied from the Bible, Cemetery records, and David F. Gorman's journal, which can be found on Micro-fish at the LDS Library:

All names and births from bible on Mary and John's children:

  1. Destimony Gorman, b. 1-2-1802, m. 9-23-1833 to Jacob Pulman/Prillamon
  2. James Gorman, b. 7-26-1804
  3. David Hase Gorman, b. 11-1-1806, d. 12-9-1878, m. 3times, Mary Roberson, Jane Maples, & Ruth Long. (David's son is the one wrote the journal in 1915)
  4. Juditha Gorman, b. 11-4-1808, d. 1-28-1861, m. James Anderson
  5. John Gorman, III, b. 1-6-1811, d. 1856
  6. Thomas Sandusky Gorman, b. 12-19-1812, d. 10-18-1876, m. Deliah McGinty
  7. Mary Gorman, b. 5-17-1815, m. Alfred Kingery
  8. Rosan Gorman, b. 6-11-1817
  9. Nancy Gorman, b. 7-6-1819, m. Samuel Stancel
  10. Martha Jane Gorman, b. 1-8-1827, d. 1-27-1896, m. 10-5-1845 in Alabama to Jonathan Gibson DeArman

Martha Jane Gorman's children:

  1. Mary An DeArman, b. 10-26-1846
  2. Thomas Sandusky DeArman, b. 10-24-1850
  3. Daniel P. DeArman, b. 3-13-1853
  4. Samuel O. DeArman, b. July 1855
  5. Harries N DeArman, b. 1-19-1858
  6. Tulular G. DeArman, b. 6-6-1860
  7. Gae Wheeler DeArman, b. August 1862
  8. Ellier J. DeArman, b. 2-8-1866
  9. James T. DeArman, b. 8-7-1868

Judith Gorman and James Anderson's children:

  1. Theresa Jane Anderson, b. 11-20-1827, m. 12-25-1852 to William Houston Felker
  2. Mary Anderson, b. 2-19-1832, d. 5-14-1884, m. Harvey Gray
  3. Nancy E. Anderson, b. 7-11-1835, m. Thomas W. Reed, and ? Smith
  4. Rosanna Anderson, b. 9-10-1840, d. 1916, m. Lewellyn Henry

Theresa Jane & William Houston Felker's children can be found on the Felker charts on Giles County page.

Rosanna Anderson & Lewellyn Henry's children:

  1. Theresa Jane Henry, b. 3-29-1859
Theresa Jane Henry & John Price Hedrick's children:
  1. Sewanee Erestine Hedrick, b. 12-16-1894
  2. Charles Worth Hedrick, b. 8-24-1896
  3. Marjorie Inez Hedrick, b. 9-6-1898, m. O. C. Bailey

Submitted by: Sue Davis