Tryon Gibson

Tryon Gibson was born between 1770 and 1780 in South Carolina, and died after 1840, probably in Newton County, MO. The name of his wife, as shown in deed records, was Margaret, sometimes given as Peggy. Her surname may have been Riley, as that name appeared as a middle name in the families of at least two of Tryon's sons. Margaret was living as late as 17 Feb 1830, when she is mentioned in a deed in Pike County, MO. There was a woman the right age to be Tryon's spouse in the census there that year and again in 1840 in Newton County, MO. She was born before 1775.

Tryon Gibson is mentioned several times in the 1790s, in the deed records of Russell County, VA. He signed a petition for the creation of Tazwell County, VA, while a resident of Russell County. Tryon Gibson was living in Virginia in 1800, as a son was born there in that year. Deed and tax records in Russell County, VA suggest that his father may have been John Gibson and that he may have had a brother named James.

Tryon was in Tennessee by 1808, when another son was born in that place. Tryon was in Giles County by 1813, when he served on a jury there. He was appointed overseer in charge of opening a road in Giles County in 1815, and served on several juries in that county in 1815 and 1816. He was identified as Tryon Gibson of Giles County when he purchased land in Lincoln County on Kerrs Creek of the Elk River in 1816. Tryon was listed as of Pyke (sic) County, MO in 1828 when he sold his property in Lincoln County, TN in 1828.

Tryon Gibson appeared in the 1830 census of Pike County, MO, where he later purchased Public Domain land. Tryon moved on to Newton County, MO  about 1833. He appeared in the 1840 census of that county. Two probable sons, Hezekiah and Benjamin, remained in Pike County and died there. Tryon was apparently deceased by 1850, though a son appeared in records  of Newton County for several years after. I have found no record of probate or mention of Tryon's death in other records. Members of the Newton County branch of this family moved on to Goliad County, Texas by 1860. These Gibsons also left records in Barry and Jasper Counties, MO, which border Newton County.

Tryon seemed to be politically active in Newton County, being mentioned often in records there. A son, Isaac, was appointed sheriff in that county. Tryon Gibson had several sons and daughters, judging by census records. The 1820 Lincoln County, TN census indicates possibly 5 sons and 6 daughters, and the 1830 Pike County suggests that there may have been another son in addition. The names of five possible sons and two daughters are known: Benjamin, Isaac, Hezekiah, William, John Wesley, Katherine, and Margaret Cynthia. These children are all linked to Tryon by tax, census and deed records.

Submitted by Kevin W. Daniel