John Edward Hardiman

John Edward Hardiman was born abt. 1812 in Virginia, the son of Thomas & Mary Polly "Anderson" Hardiman. He came to Giles Co., Tn., with his parents abt. 1847.

John Edward was a 2nd Lt. in Company K, 3rd Confederate Infantry. He was also a Blacksmith during the 1860's.

He married four times, his first wife was Mary ? her maiden name is unknown. John & Mary had three daughters, their names were: Eliza J., Mary Lucinda, and Sarah A. Hardiman. Mary Lucinda married Ethelbert Palmer Sept. 6, 1859 in Lincoln Co., Tn., they had two children; Amanda & John Palmer.

John Edward married second to Martha Burgess abt. 1841, Martha was the daughter of Harrison Burgess. She was born 1823, and died 1855 in Giles Co., Tn. They had four children, Anderson P. Hardiman was born Dec. 1839, and died abt. 1915. He married Drucilla Elizabeth Hughes abt. 1865, and they had seven children. Martha Ann Hardiman was born abt. 1843, she married John L. Griggs Jan. 30, 1868 in Giles Co., Tn. They had three known children. John L. was born Nov. 22, 1844 the son of Hardin & Mary Jane "Hardiman" Griggs. Mary Jane was a sister of John Edward. Frances Ellen Hardiman was born abt. 1845, she married Rufus Crowder. Elizabeth M. Hardiman was born abt. 1847, she married Robert Columbus Wilburn July 26, 1868 in Giles Co., Tn., they had six children.

John Edward married third to Mary Jane Scott Feb. 16, 1860 in Lawrence Co., Tn. Mary Jane was born abt. 1839/1841, the daughter of Wilson & Althenia Elizabeth "Harris" Scott. Mary Jane died abt. 1877, she was my 2nd Great Grandmother. John E. & Mary Jane had four children, Serina Elmira born 1865, died 1944, she was buried at Bethel Cemetery, in Lawrence Co., Tn. She never married, but raised four children. Delena E. Hardiman was born abt. 1867, and married Robert Edmondson Apr. 29, 1884 in Lawrence Co., Tn. Nancy E. Hardiman was born abt. 1870, and married D. Lee Rogers Dec. 25, 1892 in Lawrence Co., Tn. William Robert {Bob} Hardiman was born May 4, 1873, and died abt. 1935 in Lawrence Co., Tn. He married Fannie Bruce Britton Nov. 11, 1896 in Giles Co., Tn. They were my Great Grand-parents. William Robert & Fannie B. "Britton" Hardiman were buried at Bishop Chapel Cemetery, east of Loretta, Lawrence Co., Tn. They had six children, their fourth child, and second daughter was Wilma Louisa Hardiman, my Grandmother.

John Edward married fourth to Sarah Adalaid Powell Feb. 14, 1878 in Lawrence Co., Tn. Sarah Adalaid was born June 5, 1856, and died Oct. 1, 1932 in Lawrence Co., Tn. John Edward died Aug. 1886 in Lawrence Co., Tn., and was buried at the Crabb/Richardson Cemetery. John and Sarah had three children: Minerva Adalaid Hardiman, she was born Jan. 4, 1879, and died May 28, 1950. She married a McDow, and had one daughter, Nellie Ada McDow. Thomas Hardiman was born abt. 1883, and died abt. 1885. He was buried next to his father at the Crabb/ Richardson Cemetery. Daniel Gibson Hardiman was born Sept. 4, 1880, and died May 27, 1961 in Lawrence Co., Tn. He married Minnie Arbelle Ellison Feb. 15, 1900, and they six children.

John Edward had 11 brothers and sisters, he was the second son of Thomas & Polly "Anderson" Hardiman. His brothers were Anderson Hardiman born 1810, died after 1870. He married Elizabeth Hughes, and had one son. William Melvin Hardiman was born July 2, 1814, and died Apr. 12, 1881. He married Margaret Frances Grady Nov. 22, 1836 in Limestone Co., Alabama. They had 12 children. Wm. Melvin married second to Margaret Anne Gordon Apr. 14, 1861, and they had one daughter. Thomas Hardiman was born abt. 1826, his wife was Lucy, and they had three known children. Samuel B. Hardiman was born 1828, and died 1872 in Giles Co., Tn. He had three wives, first he married Martha A. Gardiner abt. 1845, his second wife was Martha A. Shelton, they had seven children. He married Mary Lesley Jan. 13, 1866 in Giles Co., Tn.

William Robert {Bob} Hardiman married Fannie Bruce Britton Nov. 11, 1896 in Giles Co., Tenn. Their children were: Thomas Edward "Pete" Hardiman was born Dec. 31, 1897 in Lawrence Co., Tn., he died Oct. 21, 1935 from a car accident. He married Matilda Caldonia Brown, she was born 1902, died aft. 1980 in California. Pete & Tillia had three sons, Floyd D., William Stacey, and J. W. "Jay" Hardiman. Lena Pearl Hardiman was born Jan. 24, 1899, and died Jan. 4, 1927. She married James Lilburn Dover July 1920. They had three children. Roy Alvin Hardiman was born Mar. 1, 1901 and died Oct. 6, 1990. He married Netta Corine Charles Feb. 13, 1922 in Lawrence Co., Tn., they had five children. Wilma Louisa Hardiman was born Mar. 4, 1904, and died July 2, 1993 in Cedar Bluff, Miss. She married Dewey Emery Charles Apr. 5, 1922 in Lawrence Co., Tn. They had 9 children. Dewey Emery Charles was born June 6, 1904 in DeKalb Co., Alabama, and died Mar. 11, 1973 in West Point, Clay Co., Miss. Dewey & Wilma were buried at Greenwood Cemetery, in West Point, Miss. They were my Grandparents. Edna Brown Hardiman was born Jan. 15, 1908, and died abt. 1910 in Lawrence Co., Tn. Aubrey Floyd Hardiman was born Nov. 22, 1911 in Lawrence Co., Tn., and died Oct. 9, 1996 in Lawrenceburg, Tn. He married Olla Louise Monroe, and they one daughter, Dorothy Mae Hardiman.

All of them are gone now, except for grandchildren, and great grand-children, who still live in Lawrence Co., Tn., and other places. John Edward Hardiman has several descendants who still live in Giles & Lawrence Co., Tennessee, and other states. I hope this will help other cousins out there, learn about their family, and ancestors.

Submitted by: William G. Latham, Jr.