Irby Sisters

My grand-parents moved to Lynville around 1890 and left in the early 1900's. Their name was IRBY. Frances Loretta SELLERS was my great-grandmother from Pulaski. Her first husband was Dr John BUCHANAN and they moved to Panola County MS.

Dr Buchanan died there and she married a widower, John Wilson JOHNSON, also from Pulaski. His first wife had been a Johnson also, his first cousin. Johnson also died in Panola Co MS. Johnson and Frances had a daughter, Jenny, who married John William Irby.

Frances, daughter Jenny and her family moved back to Lynville after the death of Johnson. Two sons had been born in MS and three girls and one boy were born in Giles County. Of the girls--Lorene
(my mother), born in 1891 and died in 1994, Louise, born in 1893 and still living, Magabell born in 1896 and still living. I think this is quite unusual for one family and hope I got some of those genes. Health problems caused the family to leave TN and go to the dry climate of west Texas. Congratulations on a fine web page and I look forward to visiting your court house and library again soon.

Magabel Irby passed away Feb 24, 1998, in San Antonio, Texas and was buried in El Paso, Texas Feb 27, 1998. Posted 1 March 1998 by Bill Trott.

The last of the three IRBY sisters passed away on 11 July 1999. She would have been 106 September 15, 1999. Posted 2 Aug 1999 by Bill Trott.

Submitted by: Bill Trott