JAMES JONES was born in Virginia c 1750. He was a revolutionary soldier. He married Jane Slaughter (daughter of Martin Slaughter and Mourning Tandy) c 1798. James moved to Giles County Tennessee in 1816 after his wife's death. Six of his children are known to have moved to the area also. James' homestead was located 2 miles north of the Alabama line in Giles County south of Elk River on sinking Creek, east of Huntsville road on 200 acres bought from James Bright.

James's children were all born in King and Queen Co Virginia.

William Dandridge Jones 1799-1893, married in Marion Co Alabama to Rachel Burleson, died in Bastrop Co. Tx.

Henry Tandy Jones 1801-1890, married Mary Waller Creath in Giles Cty in 1825, died in Shelby Cty, Tn. He was a Methodist Minister.

Martin Slaughter Jones 1802-1882, married 1. Mary Jane Menefee, 2. Susan Maury Alexander, 3, Elizabeth Hazlett. He lived in Cornerville and is buried in Beechwood Cem.

George Washington Jones 1806-1884, never married, lived in Fayetteville, a politician who represented Lincoln Cty in the 21 and 22 house general assemblies, and the 23rd Senate representing Lincoln and Giles Cty. He was elected to the House of Representatives of the first Confederate Congress and serve from 1862-1864.

Richard Montgomery Jones 1907-1891, married Mary Ann Jones, died in Springfield Mo.

Mary Jane Jones 1810-1884, married George Small.

Charles H. Jones 1814-1862, married Martha Harwood in Giles Cty in 1834.

James H.Y. Jones 18?-1839, married Sarah Allen in Limestone Al.

Anna Marie Jones ? Married William Burke in Giles Cty Tenn.


MARTIN SLAUGHTER JONES married Mary Jane Menefee (1812-1840) in 1833. Mary Jane was born in Giles Cty Tn and was the daughter of John Menefee and Mary Rentfro.

Children of this marriage

Sarah Ann Elizabeth Jones 1834-1854, buried in Beechwood Cem, Cornerville Tn.

William Thomas Jones 1836-1915, married Mary Clay Glenn in 1867, buried in Lewisburg Tn.

Willis Henry Jones 1838-1911, married Emily Byles, died in Elkton Tn.

John James Jone 1840-?, married Easter Adams, died in Mo.

Martin's second marriage was to Susan Maury Alexander. Children of this marriage were,

Martha Jane (Mattie) Jones 1842-1922, married Ephraim Alexander McCollum.

Tennessee Virginia Jones (Dolly) 1844-1927, married R.A. Adams, buried in Round Hill Cem, Marshall Cty Tn.

George Washington Polk Jones 1846-? Married Mary Hazlett, buried at Round Hill Cem. Marshall Cty Tn.

Anna Phenton Jones 1847-?, married John James.

Mary Louisiana Jones (Billy) 1849-?, married Robert Pitts.

Amanda Eliza Jones 1853-?.


MARTHA JANE JONES married Ephriam Alexander McCollum in 1865. E.A. McCollum was the son of Barnabas and Mary Arnold McCollum.

Children of this marriage were,

John William McCollum 1866-1947

George Albert McCollum 1868-1914

James Edward McCollum 1868-1903

Martin Barney McCollum 1871-1947

Henry Clinton McCollum 1873-1938

Susan Maury McCollum 1875-1934

Amanda Phenton McCollum 1877-1960

Ethyl McCollum 1879-1930

Mac Ephraim McCollum 1882-1920

Charles Ernie McCollum 1885-1946

Mattie Lou McCollum 1887-1970


BARNABAS McCOLLUM was born In North Carolina in c1802. He married Mary Arnold (Daughter of Ralph Arnold and Jane Reid). Barnabas owned 260 acres near Robertson Fork Creek. He was a Justice of the Peace in Giles Cty for many years.

Children of Barnabas McCollum

Lucious Warren McCollum 1832-1910, married Martha Lenora Holden.

Ephraim Alexander McCollum 1834-1917, married Martha Jane Jones.

John R McCollum 1837-?.

Louisa Ann McCollum 1839-1921, married 1. William Morrison, 2. Dr Thomas Barett.

Mary Jane McCollum 1843-?.

Zachariah Taylor McCollum 1844-1926, married Frances Kilpatrick.

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