David B. Kersey

David B. Kersey was born December 29, 1787 Botetourt Co. VA the year Washington was inaugurated. He first married Sarah or Sallie Oners, born1798 NC and died 16 Aug 1826, Giles Co. TN 16 six months after the birth of Andrew J. Kersey. She was the mother of seven children, (William E., Delinda, Talitha, George W, infant, Francis Marion, Andrew J.) six of whom survived. She is buried in the beautiful hilltop Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Diana, Tennessee.

In 1817, David B. Kersey bought two parcels of land at Diana in Giles Co.TN.

Nov. 1817 John Brittain sold David Kersey the 400a for $280, beginning at Britton's NW corner, E 98 poles to a beech at the spring Richardson settled to, S 5 degrees, W 85 poles, W 90 poles to Britton's SW line, N 85 poles to the beginning. Witnesses: Thomas B. Haynie, Robert B. Allsup (Giles Co. C-207)

12 Oct 1817 Alexander Thompson sold David Kearsey 35a of the 2,100 A for $ 17.50, beginning on John Britton's NW corner, with his line 85 poles, W 66 poles, N 85 poles, E 66 poles to the beginning. (Giles Co.C-260) (Trigg History, p 75).

He may have been in Giles County in 1814 when he volunteered for the War of 1812. Records from National Archives) as a gunman and a private in Capt Jno. Doak's Co., (Coffee Brig) Tenn Vol Mounted and also was enrolled as David Kasey in the 2nd Regiment Mtd. Gunmen, (Williamson's), Tennessee Volunteers.

(War of 1812, Private. National Archives, Card # 1. 38462793, 1891, 1993.) David Kersey was mustered into service at Fayetteville TN served from 28 Sept 1814 to 28 March 1815. He was paid 8 dollars a month for a total of 56 dollars. Allowance for pay of horse from 28 Sept 1814, to 27 April 1815, at 40 cents a day, 212 days, was $84.80. Total for both man and horse of $140.80.

David B. Kersey married, Nov 1827 in Giles Co TN, Susannah Hall Trigg, daughter of William and Nancy Lay Trigg, and had seven more children before he died in 1866 in Obion Co Tennessee. Susannah Trigg Kersey was born 27 September 1805 in Caswell Co NC and died 6 August 1894 in Obion County TN. Their children: Nancy J m. James M. Harmon and remained in Giles Co, possibly coming to Obion Co later. Eliza m. Elias Green Coggins and remained in Giles Co. Hiram, Drusila, Tom, Polk and Fanny moved with David and Susannah Kersey to Obion County after applying for the following bounty and before the 1860 census.

On 6 April 1855, David B. Kersey, age 56, applied for bounty land under the act of 28 September 1850 and received a Land Warrant, No. forgotten, State of Tennessee, Giles County.

1850 Census, Giles Co TN 345-861
Kersey, David, 63 M W VA
  ,Susannah H, 44 F W NC
  ,Hiram T, 16 M W TN
  ,Drucilla R, 14 F W TN
  ,David T.J., 11 M W TN
  ,James K.P., 6 M W TN
  ,Fanny, 4 F W TN
From T. J. Kersey's Civil War Questionnaire we learn that when out of school the boys did every kind of farm work and no mention is made of the girls who probably helped their mother and worked in the fields. The penmanship and grammar of Eliza and Drucilla is better than that of the younger children possibly due to the war or the move to Obion County and fewer opportunities for more education. Tom's one letter reflects his military affiliation and his business records are accurately figured. The signature of Nancy J. Harmonds and Hiram Kersey are painfully written on the Pension affidavit. One of the census gives Susan H. Kersey's occupation as spinning and weaving.

Submitted by: Jane N. Powell, great-great granddaughter