Lester Family

(Written by James W. Goodwin for his children.)

Your grandmother on your mother's side was, before she married Rev. McHenry SUMNER, Miss Adeline Kinnard LESTER. She was the daughter of Mr. James H. Lester and Mrs. Mary Duke Lester. Mary Duke Lester was, before she married , a McCONICO. Her father was one of the early settlers in Williamson County and was a Baptist preacher of considerable ability and reputation. There was at one time quite a number of McConicos in that section of the state.

James H. LESTER and Mary Duke McCONICO were married in 1816 and they had 10 children. The oldest was Sicily, who was born in 1819 and died in 1855, having married Hubbard HARWELL and left several children. The next was Granville Burkett LESTER, who was born in 1821 and died in 1894 of pneumonia. The third was James H. LESTER, who was born in 1823 and died in 1880 of consumption. He moved to Colorado before his death and left 4 children. Thomas Jefferson LESTER was born in 18225 and died in 1882 of a wound he received in the was. Franklin B. was born in 1828 and died in 1886 of tetanus; he left several children. Adeline K. LESTER (your grandmother) was born in 1831 and died in 1890 of congestion of the stomach. She married Rev. McHenry SUMNER and left several children whose names, birth dates, deaths, etc., are set out in the SUMNER Family record. Sallie LESTER was born in 1833 and died in 1870, in child-birth, having married William WILSON, of Columbia, Tenn. John Christopher LESTER was born in 1835, and died in 1901 of pneumonia; never married. Albert Yerger LESTER, born 1837 and died in 1885 of stomach trouble, leaving several children. Catherine A. LESTER was born in 1839 and died in 1912, cause of death not known. She married Rev. James COLEMAN and left several children.

The LESTERs were among the early settlers in Giles County and were closely related to the BUFORDS in that county.

From the records of Haskell Roden, Lincoln County, TN.

Submitted by: Marte Kellogg