Gabriel Long (1785-1836)

As I was going through some of my old Long records, I came across the below info that i xeroxed somewhere, sometime! I'm so sorry.. I've been doing this a long time, and this was copied before I put my info on the computer. I didn't realize the importance of documentations!! I have no idea where I copied this, or even the date. I've been to Giles County and also to Limestone County. I'm really sorry.. but maybe the info might help someone out there and might further your search. This info was typed and probably sent to some library. I tried to retype it the same as she/he had typed it.

I'm searching for Darling and Philip Long families. Happy Hunting...Donna

Gabriel Long (1785-1836)

Gabriel Long was the son of William and Elisabeth Long. He was born in Lincoln Co., Kentucky about 1785. He married Elizabeth Perry in Lincoln Co. On October 17, 1804. (See the write up for Elizabeth Perry). In about 1805 he and his wife moved to an area that became Giles Co., in 1809; it was probably Williamson "hen they moved there. In 1807 it became part of Maury Co.

In the Goodspeed's History of Giles Co. There is an account of William Menifee and his sons John and William and his son in law Benjamin Long were early settlers in Giles Co. And were there from 1808 to 1809. Benjamin Long was elected a magistrate in 1809. It is probable that Benjamin Long was a brother of Gabriel Long and they probably mo ved to Tennessee about the same time. Benjamin Long bought land in Giles Co. From John Calvert Sr in 1820 (Bk.E p. 48). Gabriel Long bought land there from David Huddleston in 1817. (Bk.C p. 230). Unfortunately, many of the records of Giles Co. were destroyed during the war when the courthouse was burned. Benjamin Long came to Giles Co from Lincoln Co., Ky. They travelled the Kentucky Trace and came over the Cumberland Mountains, crossed the Elk River near its head and settled near the state line opposite Elkton above the ferry. Benjamin Long settled mile n of Elkton. In 1824 Ben Long sold land to William Jones (Bk. F-p. 400). Gabriel Long served on a jury in 1816 in Giles Co. As did Patrick Long, also probably a brother. Patrick Long died in 1816 and left Margret, James, William, and Polly Long as minor orphans. German Lester was appointed guardian. In 1819 William Long sold land to Charles Long (D-326). In 1824 Ben Long sold land to William Jones (F-400) and Benjamin sold land to James Long (his son) in 1836 (M-170). Aaron Long sold land to Lewis Nelson (V-118).

In the 1820 census of Giles Co. Benjamin Long had 1 male 10-16, 1 16-18, 2 18-25, and 1 over 45 with 2 females less than 10, 1 10-16, and 1 26-45 a nd 1 over 45.(P6). In Limestone Co., Alabama, just across the line in Alabama, Gabriel had 1 male over 21, 1 under 21, 1 female over 21 and 4 under 21. He had one slave. John long had 1 male over 21, 5 under 21, 3 females over 21 and 4 under. He had 6 slaves. Aaron Long had 1 male over 21, 2 under, 1 female over 21 and 1 under. Aaron and John were quite likely related to Gabriel and were probably brothers.

In an 1812 Tax list of Giles Co. Are listed Gabriel Long next to his father in law Jeremiah Perry and to a John Perry (See the write up for Jeremiah Perry). Aaron Long, Patrick Long, William Long were also listed in this same tax list.

Benjamin Long did not die until after 1850. He is listed in the census as born in Virginia in 1770, and it is probable that the parents of Gabriel and Benjamin did not move to Kentucky until about 1780. Benjamin fought in the War of 1812.

Gabriel Long probably moved to Alabama in 1818. He is listed in the census there in 1818-1820. He was listed three listings from his mother in law Anney Perry. He bought the W part of the NW 1/4 of Section 27, Twp. 1, Range 6 west of Elk River (120 acres). He sold this land to Simpson B. Flanagan in 1836.

In the 1830 census of Limeston Co. Gabriel Long had one son less than 5, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 5-10, 2 10-15, and 1 20-30. (P.25). His son Wm. P. Long had married and was also listed (P.25). Aaron Long was listed on p. 26. A Philip and Darling Long were listed on p. 11. They did not appear to be related.

Margaret Long a duaghter of Gabriel Long married Abner O. Paine Jan 1, 1839 and Elizabeth married James Coleman on the 21st of September 1835. (Limestone Co. , marriage records).

The will of Gabriel Long was probated in 1836. (Wills Bk.4, p. 619). He gave his wife Elizabeth a tract of land on which he was living and five negroes. He had three small children, Melissey, Milton, and Rebecca. He had children William, Ann, Matilda, Margaret, Elizabeth, Margaret, Elizabeth, Melissey, Mileton and Rebeccah. He named William P. Long and Samuel ?lannagan as executors. John C. Harrison and Richard J. Andrews.

Elisabeth the wife of Gabriel Long lived until about 1853. In that year Wm. P. and Milton P. Long were administrators of her estate.

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