Giles County Photo Album
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Elisha White, Sr. Home
Elisha White, Sr. House, Old Lynnville,
Giles Co., Tennessee

This was the home of Elisha White, Sr. and his wife Catherine Jane Walker. It is still occupied.

Submitted by: Janet Ferris.

White House Today
Elisha White, Sr. House
as it looks today.

Historical Medalion
National List of Historical Places Medallion
displayed on the Elisha White house.

Submitted by: Janet Ferris.

Elisha White, Sr. Home
Elisha White, Sr. House
This home was constructed by slave labor in 1811.

Submitted by: Janet Ferris,
GGGG Granddaughter of Elisha White, Sr.

Chestnut Grove Church
Chestnut Grove Methodist Church

This is an old picture of the Chestnut Grove Methodist Church. It was on the site where the Chestnut Grove cemetery is located near Anthony Hill in Giles County. The Chestnut Grove Methodist Church is now a newer brick building less than a mile from the cemetery.

Submitted by: Bob Wamble

Mount Pleasant Church
Mount Pleasant Methodist Episcopal Church South

Submitted by: Betty Moss