Giles County Photo Album
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Courthouse Under Construction

My grandfather Evans was a farmer and carpenter and one of the stories I remember as a child was about him working on the court house during its construction. I was also told he was involved with the installation and later the maintenance of the clocks in the tower. Obviously I don't have documents or witnesses to prove the accuracy of the stories, but I'm proud to think he did have a part in the court house construction.

Submitted by: Eddie Evans

courthouse Courthouse Eagle

The man on the left, holding the tip of the eagle, is Dayton Birdsong. This picture was probably taken in the late 1930's or early 1940's.

Submitted by: Rita Birdsong

Hays Home Campbellsville home of
Alfred Monroe and
Adne Etta (Abernathy) Hays

Submitted by: Donna Parker

Campbell English Store

Campbell English Store
ca. 1912
Campbellsville, TN

Submitted by: Donna Parker

Picnic on the Elk River
ca. 1912
Notice the Coca-cola carton
in the foreground.

Submitted by:
Cindy Lambert

Campbell English Store

The Ellard Home
Ellard home in Giles Co., TN.

This is the house that was on the farm "in the hollow" that John Ellard and his wife, Lillie Belle Cathcart Ellard bought in Giles Co., TN. somewhere around Stella by the Hannah place. Their son, Arthur Lindsey Ellard, was born here in 1907. The family lived here until they moved to Texas in 1911. Photo taken 1958.

Submitted by: Joyce Williams Blackman

Elkton United Methodist Church
Elkton United Methodist Church
On U.S. Highway 31S. Photo taken November 2006.

Submitted by: Wayne Austin