Giles Co Cemetery Listing
of all Barlars





Other Inscriptions

BCC Lee G. (Gusta) Barlar 1856 1932 Son of William Henry &
Susan Frances Phillips Barlar
BCC Blance V. Gordon Barlar 19 Jun 1864 24 May 1910 Listed as a Cherokee Nation
marriage to W. W. Barlar
BCC Willie Jones 19 Jan 1864 14 Mar 1886 Wife of William W. Barlar
who migrated to OK and struck oil.
OCG Susie Mae Barlar 1894 1916 Dau. of Jefftus Smith and Rilla Phillips Barlar
GC Cora T. Barlar 1879 1941 Wife of Leonard Barlar, Sr. who bore 3 children.
GC Leonard Barlar 1877 1973 Son of Alfred Jordan Barlar
GC Sallie Jean Barlar 1898 1971 Sallie Jean Stevenson,
Wife of Leonard Barlar, Sr.
GC Frances Lawhorn Barlar 1852 1887 Wife of Alfred Jordan Barlar, and Dau
of Thomas & Mary White Lawhorn.
GillC J. N. Barlow 1870 1888 Could this be John N. Barlow, b. 1842, son of John & Elvira Barlow?
LC Annie Barlar 1886 1937 Wife of Clarence Bernie Barlar
Brown Barlar is her son
LC Clarence Bernie Barlar abt 1885 unknown son of John S. Barlar
LC Della (Barlar) Ray 14 Jul 1893 15 Dec 1965  
LC Ruby O. Barlar 11 Aug 1906 30 Nov 1974 Dau of John Maultsby Marlar & Zana L. Coker Barlar
LC Era Gertrude Barlar 26 Nov 1898 28 Jul 1902 Dau of John Maultsby Barlar & Zana L. Coker Barlar
LC John Maultsby Barlar 23 Dec 1861 23 Jan 1949 Son of William Henry and Susan Frances Phillips Barlar
LC Nathan Thomas Barlar 1864 1916 Son of William Henry and Susan Frances Phillips Barlar
LC Claxton Barlar 9 Nov 1914 22 Jan 1963 Son of Thomas J. & Lela Mae Coffee Barlar
LC Akemore Elias, Sr 2 Oct 1914 No Date Spouse of Doris Barlar
LC Doris (Barlar) Elias 28 Apr 1914 No Date Dau of John Maultsby Barlar
LC Allene B. Barlar 4 Dec 1921 20 Dec 1999 Dau of Floyd & Ora (Sands) Bonds
LC Brown W. Barlar 16 Apr 1919 28 Apr 1969 Son of Clarence Bernie Barlar
MC Jeptha Smith Barlar 16 Feb 1868 5 Nov 1936 Son of William Henry Barlar
MC Harold Dennis Barlar 18 Aug 1954 2 Jul 1979 Son of William Jennings Bryant Barlar, Sr.
MC Hattie Barlar 1879 1959  
MC Katie Bowen Barlar 1889 1966  
MC David D. Barlar 17 Feb 1905 16 Jan 1951 Son of Jefftus Smith Barlar
MC George L. Barlar 17 Nov 1907 No Date Private
MC Betty Lou Barlar 12 Apr 1948 No Date Private
MC Jesse F. Barlar 13 Oct 1910 12 Dec 1949 Son of James Monroe and Nellie Kate Pinkston Barlar
MC Willie Mae Barlar 14 Aug 1920 1 Mar 1966 Willia Mae Colbert Blair Wife of Woodrow Wilson Barlar
MC Floyd Barlar 20 Jun 1898 10 Apr 1973 Jefftus Floyd Barlar, Son of Jefftus Smith Barlar
MC Lois S. Barlar 17 Oct 1901 Dec 1991 Lois Maetta South, Wife of Jefftus Floyd Barlar
MC Jack Ray Barlar 26 Dec 1958 26 Dec 1958  
MC Hillyard H. Barlar 31 Aug 1912 13 Nov 2002 Son of John Cahal & Verna Eloise Willams Barlar
MC Hallie F. Barlar 26 Jun 1910 25 Mar 2002 Wife of Hillyard H. Barlar & Dau of Lee Roy and Georgia R. Fogg
MC John Cahal Barlar 17 Apr 1881 28 Nov 1966 Son of Alfred J. & Frances Lawhorn Barlar
MC Verna E. Barlar 11 Sep 1889 24 Jul 1969 Wife of John Cahal Barlar & Dau of Henry Harrison and Mary E. (Burch) Williams
MC Bryant Barlar, Sr. 25 Dec 1896 11 Sep 1965 William Jennings Bryant, Sr. Son of Jefftus Smith & Rilla Phillips Barlar
MC Irene P. Barlar 25 Dec 1911 No Date Evelyn Irene Porterfield, Wife of William Jennings Bryant, Sr.
MC A. Braden Barlar 18 Jan 1903 2 Feb 1994 Son of Jefftus Smith & Retta Rilla Phillips Barlar
MC S. Lucell Barlar 28 Nov 1910 23 May 1966 Wife of Alexander Braden Barlar
MC James Monroe Barlar 19 Oct 1870 20 Oct 1965 Son of William Henry Barlar
MC Nellie Kate Barlar 22 Jun 1884 9 Aug 1964 Nellie Kate Pinkston, Wife of James Monroe Barlar
NZC Susan Frances (Phillips) Barlar 7 Nov 1831 14 Jun 1913 Wife of William Henry Barlar, Dau of Alfred & Mary Masey Phillips
NZC Pink F. Barlar 1866 1949 Son of William Henry & Susah Frances Phillips Barlar
NZC M. (Mary) Bell Barlar 1879 1967 Mary Isabel Roberts, Wife of Pinkney Fields Barlar
SJF William Henry Barlar 1828 *March 23, 1897 *Son of John Barlow; Husb. Susan Frances Phillips.
OBCC Ruby Lee Barlar Austin 21 Sep 1912 8 Jul 2000 Dau of Thomas J. & Lela Mae Coffee Barlar, Wife of Paul D. Austin
RHC Thomas Jefferson Barlar 29 May 1884 1 Aug 1968 Son of Alfred Jordan Barlar, Spouse of Lela Coffee Barlar
RHC Lela Mae (Coffee) Barlar 2 Mar 1893 6 Aug 1950 Wife of Thomas Jefferson Barlar, Dau of William Coffee
AC Alfred Jordan Barlar 1857 1934 Son of William Henry Barlar, Husb. of Frances Lawhorn & 2nd Martha Hollingsworth
AC Mattie (Hollingsworth) Barlar 1865 1944 Martha Hollingsworth, 2nd wife of Alfred J. Barlar
SHC Ophelia Barlar 1885 1905 Dau of Alfred Jordan & Frances Lawhorn Barlar



BCC Brick Church Cemetery
OCGC Old Chestnut Grove Cemetery
GC Gibsonville Cemetery
GillC Gilliam Cemetery
LC Lynnwood Cemetery
MC Maplewood Cemetery
NZC New Zion Cemetery
SJF *destroyed cemetery, Scrapper Jones farm
(called Hayward Cem in 1897 Obit.)
OBCC Old Brick Church Cemetery, East of Muscle Shoals, AL
RHC Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia, TN
AC Arlington Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, TN
SHC Spencer Hill Cemetery, Maury County, TN

*Updated information, 18 Dec 2008.

Submitted by Wayne Austin.

Please consider this listing as an on-going project for any Barlar anywhere who descended from the Barlars of Giles County, TN. Send your updates or corrections to Wayne Austin.