Old Phillips-Bowers-Reeves Farm
Elkton, Tennessee

Transcription of the original survey of the Elizabeth Philips grave Yard:

This is to certifiy that I have Surveyed the grave Yard lot, known as the Elizabeth Philips grave Yard, bounded as follows, Beginning at a Stone, the North East corner of Said Lot, thence S, 13, E 10 3/4 poles to a Stone, thence S, 77, W, 15 1/4 poles to a point in a gully, thence N. 13, W, 10 poles to a point in another gully, thence N, 75, E, 15 1/4 poles to the begining, Containing one acre.

this the 6th day of October 1880.

J. M. Bass, Surveyor




Comment or Other Inscriptions

William Phillips*   22 Nov 1818 Age 50 yrs.
Elizabeth Bowers Phillips* 28 Mar 1771 28 Dec 1865  
Eleanor B. Phillips* 1 Dec 1807 28 Jun 1825 Was murdered by the
unprincipaled villian,
Joachim D. Lindsay
Capt. George Bowers 27 Nov 1801 5 Jun 1882  
Nancy Brookes Bowers 9 Feb 1802 16 Aug 1881  
Sarah Miller Bowers Reeves 11 Sep 1823 1905 Daughter of George Bowers and Nancy Brookes Bowers
Atlas Jones Reeves 24 Jan 1827 28 Jun 1900 Husband of
Sarah M. Bowers Reeves
Margaret Cassandra Phillips Reeves 15 Aug 1855 21 Sep 1878 Wife of
Atlas Montazoma Reeves
Mother of
Georgie C. Reeves Fogg
Edward D. Bowers 19 Dec 1827 7 Jul 1872  
Ann E. Bowers 1 Apr 1835 20 Feb 1869  
Eleanor P. Morrell 25 Sep 1824 6 Jul 1882 Wife of Jacob B. Morrell
Allen P. Morrell 7 Sep 1846 28 Sep 1846  
J. B. Morrell 8 Nov 1820 18 Dec 1905  
Mahlon J. Osborn 18 Nov 1826 8 Apr 1890  
Infant Morrell     Infant of
P. L. and G. M. Morrell
Samuel M. Beaty     (No dates)
Martha Beatty 1861 1864  
Columbus (Lum) M. Beatty 14 Jul 1826 21 Jan 1868  
Ida T. Beatty 24 Dec 1875 13 Jul 1878  
Charlette Wyene 1820 1891  
Sarah Ann Dogan 1 Feb 1842 19 Oct 1892  
Ida Paysinger 1894 Sep 1894  
Infant girl Paysinger 31 Aug 1903   (No Other Date)
J. C. Butler     (No dates) Husband of
Elizabeth A. Bowers Butler
Elizabeth Ann Butler 4 Dec 1821 6 Mar 1901  

* The first three burials listed here will also be found listed in the "Phillips" family listing. Click on each name to see the Phillips file.

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Additional notes:

Capt. George Bowers was the son of Elizabeth Ann Foster Bowers Phillips. My Grandmother Fogg said she remembered seeing him (her great grand father) in his casket, wearing his military uniform and long white gloves. He was Captain in the militia in the Civil war.

Elizabeth Ann Phillips is the daughter of Elizabeth Watkins & John Hamblen of Prince Edward County, Va.

Nancy Brooks Bowers, wife of George Bowers, is the daughter of William Byrd Brookes, born in Va, and Sarah Paine Brookes, born in Va.

Edward D Bowers is son on George Bowers.

Ann Bowers is the wife of Edward Bowers.

Elizabeth A. Austin Butler is daughter of George Bowers.

Margaret Cassandra Phillips Reeves' parents are buried in the Elliott Cemetery BUT now their tombstone is missing. Mother and I visited it many times and thankfully have copied the information down as only his name has made the cemetery list. Her father is Thomas Phillips, b. 25 Sept 1830, d. 27 Mar 1905. She is Ellezaney Finley Phillips, b. 20 Oct 1831, d. 23 April 1905. Found Ellezaneys name in a census record as Elvira, could be a middle name? Also found Mother-in-law Mable Finley living with them.

Submitted by Emily B. Tribino