Giles Co Cemetery Listing
of all Brunsons





Other Inscriptions

AD Mary C. 12 Mar 1839 24 Jul 1883 wife of J.S.R. Brunson & J.W. Golightly;
dau of W.T. & C. Adams
MOW Anne Gladish Brunson 1875 1946  
MOW Robert J. Brunson 1873 1958  
MOW Rosa Jane 28 Sep 1844 2 May 1921 wife of R.J. Brunson Sr
MTM William Brunson 26 Nov 1844 14 Feb 1863  
MTM Abdallah Brunson 26 Feb 1802 20 Jul 1884  
MTM Dorcas S. Brunson 15 Apr 1805 4 Jul 1889  
RMB Alf Brunson     (no dates)



AD Adams
MOW Maplewood (old white section)
MTM Mt. Moriah
RMB Rocky Mt. (black)

Extracted from Cemetery Records of Giles County, Tennessee
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