Giles Co Cemetery Listing
of all Clacks





Other Inscriptions

GSB Ezra Spurgeon Clack 14 Nov 1926 21 Aug 1927  
GSB Ezra Clack 1885 1956  
GSB James Roy "Buck" Clack 14 May 1910 12 Aug 1976  
GSB Colie Clack 1914 1964  
GSB Lelia Clack 1886 1965 Our Mother
MTM Maj. John Clack 1757 1833  
SP William Clack 1919 1942  
SP Edward Allen Clack 1917 1967  
SP Mattie Clack 1887 1974  
SP Fannie Clack     (no dates)
SP Vinie Clack     (no dates)
SP Minor Clack     (no dates)
SP Georgia Clack     (no dates)
SP Isiah Clack     (no dates)



GSB Good Springs (black)
MTM Mt. Moriah
SP St. Paul's at Agnew (black)

Extracted from Cemetery Records of Giles County, Tennessee
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