McNairy Cemetery




Other Inscriptions

Mary C. McCormack 15 Mar 1852 13 Dec 1862 dau. of John T. & Caldonia McCormack
Francis L. McNairy 26 Jul 1802 21 Sep 1837  
A. E. McCormack 16 Mar 1862 18 May 1862 dau. of J.T. & C. McCormack
Hortense McNairy 26 Aug 1867 8 Dec 1868 dau. of John F. & Martha A. McNairy
John R. Harwell 23 Dec 1831 18 Sep 1835  
Robert McNairy 21 Jun 1789 4 Sep 1831  
Anne Hamilton McNairy 21 Sep 1775   (No other date)
Catherine W. Tarpley 3 Aug 1837 18 Mar 1838  
Michael M. Dickson 16 Feb 1815 14 Aug 1855  
W.J.C.S. McCormack 15 Aug 1858 13 Mar 1861 son of J. & C. McCormack
W. J., G. S. M.
and A. E. M.
    Stones with only Initials.
Catherine McNairy Harwell   2 Jan 1833 Age 34 yrs, 13 days
Elizabeth McNairy 22 May 1793 *23 Jun 1876 (only date) w/o David Dickson
*from her will.


1.  Mary C. McCormack-  dtr. of Caladonia Adaline Wilson who married John T. McCormack.  Caldonia (Wilson) McCormack was the daughter of Caroline Bell McNairy who was the daughter of Robert McNairy and Anne Hamilton.  The Wilsons have several children buried in the cemetery.

2.  Francis L. McNairy- Francis Lee McNairy son of Robert and Anne Hamilton McNairy.

3.  A. E. McCormack- see above

4.  Hortense McNairy- Francis Lee McNairy had a son named John F. McNairy.

5.  I cannot identify John R. Harwell.  He died as a young child.  Catherine McNairy m. Samuel Harwell.  Sarah (Sallie) McNairy m. Hubbard S. Harwell.  ????

6.  Robert McNairy's year of birth says 1789; I think it should be 1767.  I feel SURE this is a typo....

7.  Anne Hamilton McNairy- only the date of birth is listed.  I believe she died December 24, 1853
!Shorter Bible records: marriage date of July 23, 1790 and a date of death for Anne Hamilton McNairy being  24 DEC 1853.
Documented by "Shorter Family Bible of Madora Shorter Ragland, Title: Family data, Shorter Family Bible. Originally owned by Medora Shorter Ragland. Contributed by descendant of Medora Shorter Ragland, Barbara Denise Garcia."  I do have digital copies (POOR copies) of these Bible records giving these dates.  Mary Ann McNairy, youngest child of Robert & Anne McNairy married Henry Ambrose Shorter.

8.  Catherine W. Tarpley- I'm not sure where she fits in...  Anna Jane Dickson married Thomas Ira Tarpley.  If this was their child, they named a later daughter Catherine A.  ????  This would fit within their marriage range as an early child.

9.  Michael M. Dickson- Michael Moulton Dickson was the son of David and Elizabth McNairy Dickson.

10.  W. J. C. S. McCormack- see number 1

11.  The stones with initials... GUESSING McCormack triplets
W.J., G. S. M., and A. E. M. ?????????

12.  Catherine McNairy Harwell- dtr. of Robert McNairy & Anne Hamilton. Married Samuel Harwell.  age 34 yrs, 13 days
(Computer program used to find her date of birth as Dec. 20, 1798.)

13.  Elizabeth McNairy Dickson   I got her death date (June 23, 1876) from her will


Extracted by Pat Kinsey from Cemetery Records of Giles County, Tennessee.
If "(only date)" is entered in the comment field, it is uncertain whether date is born or died date.