Giles Co Cemetery Listing
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Other Inscriptions

NB Grace Meredeth 27 Sep 1843 24 Jan 1918 wife of George W. Newbill
NB George W. Newbill   21 Jan 1880 son of John H & Mary A. Newbill
NB Harriet E.   14 Apr 1879 dau of Thomas & Grace Newbill
NB Mary A.   10 Mar 1874 wife of John H. Newbill
NB John H. Newbill   1 Jan 1891  
NB Fannie Newbill   18 Jan 1932  
NB M. Amelia   6 Oct 1887 dau of JH & MA Newbill<br>(only date)
NB Grace   May 1856 wife of Thomas Newbill
NB John Thomas   16 Jan 1858 son of John H & Mary A. Newbill<br>(only date)
NB William Stokes   26 Jan 1894 son of John H & Mary A. Newbill
NB Eugenia C.   18 Feb 1916 wife of WS Newbill
NB Josephine L.   19 Apr 1916 dau of John H & Mary A. Newbill



NB Newbill

Extracted from Cemetery Records of Giles County, Tennessee
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