Giles Co Cemetery Listing
of all Pitts





Other Inscriptions

ALB Bud Pitts     (no dates)
BMB Richard Pitts 1919 1947  
BMB Pattie Pitts 1889 1958  
GMG Evans D. Pitts 16 Mar 1932 10 Mar 1973  
MOB Mina Pitts     (no dates)
MTP Infant dau of Jul 1842 Jul 1842 Anaias & Mary Pitts
NZ Sarah Ann Pitts Newton 18 Feb 1852 27 May 1892  
NZ Elizabeth Ann Pitts 18 Feb 1820 27 Aug 1893  
OGB Molle Bell Pitts     (no dates)



ALB Aymett / Leatherwood Creek (black)
BMB Buford / Maxwell (black)
GMG Giles Memorial Garden
MOB Maplewood (old black section)
MTP Mt. Pisgah (black & white)
NZ New Zion
OGB Oak Grove (black)

Extracted from Cemetery Records of Giles County, Tennessee
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