Giles Co Cemetery Listing
of all Yorks





Other Inscriptions

CC Thomas M. York 1861 1939  
CC Sarah E. York 1867 1948  
CS Martha York 1887 1972  
CS Claude E. York 1883 1963  
ICB Sam York     (no dates)
ICB Pomp York     (no dates)
ICB Solon York     (no dates)
ICB Zeke York     (no dates)
MNB Buddy York 1906 26 Sep 1984  
YK John S. York 10 Feb 1861 30 May 1925  
YK Rhoda T. Tomberlin 16 Feb 1851   wife of John S. York; (only date)



CC Choates Creek
CS Cool Springs
ICB Indian Creek (black)
MNB Maplewood (new black section)
YK York

Extracted from Cemetery Records of Giles County, Tennessee
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