1860 Giles County Census

Surname Index

Northern Subdivision

Lynnville (pgs 1-10)
Lynnville (pgs 11-20)
Lynnville (pgs 21-30)
Lynnville (pgs 31-42)
Lynnville (Cornersville)
Lynnville (Campbellville)
Lynnville (Pulaski)
Lynnville (Bradshaw P.O.)
Lynnville (Cornersville 2)
Lynnville (Pulaski 2)

Southern Subdivision

Bodenham (part 2)
Vale Mills
Pulaski (part 3)
Oakflat (part 2)
Pulaski (part 4)
Elkmont Springs
Poplar Hill
Poplar Hill 2
Oakflat 2
Prospect 2
Bethel 2
Oakflat 3
Hammonds Store

The 1860 Giles County Census consisted of 197 pages and were dated from June 1, 1860 to September 15, 1860.

Unlike other Census years, the 1860 Census is not listed by Civil Districts. Just the Northern Subdivision and the Southern Subdivision. So the Table of Contents (to the left) is listed by those two subdivisions and then the Post Offices within those subdivisions. In the Southern Subdivision you will notice some post offices listed more than once (Oakflat, Prospect, etc). This is how they were aranged on the census pages.

The best effort possible was made to transcribe and proof the various pages. Any entries in red indicates that is was difficult to read and it is the best guess by the transcriber and proofer.

A Surname index is also provided to help you find your ancestors.

The best source is always the original so if in doubt you should always look at the original microfilm.

A special thanks to all the volunteers who worked long and hard transcribing and proofing this Census:

  • Darlene Cole
  • John DeHart
  • Becky Ferguson
  • Judy Fox
  • Marilyn Hare
  • Joyce Lunsford
  • Debra Miller
  • Lyn Rose
  • Gladys Shannon

Dave Worsham, Census Transcription Coordinator