1900 Giles County Census
District 20

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The 1900 Giles County Census, District 20 was transcribed by Joe Max Williams. He completed the project in April 2004. The information was set up for web page viewing by Dave Worsham. The buttons to the left will take you to the indicated pages.

The best effort possible was made to transcribe the various pages. Any entries in red or with question marks indicate that is was difficult to read and it is the best guess by the transcriber. The pages are presented "as is."

The page numbering system used was the "stamped" number that was found on the upper right corner of every other page. The stamped page and the following page make up one transcribed page. In other words, the page stamped "1" and the following page make up Page 1.

The best source is always the original, so if in doubt, you should always look at the original microfilm.

If you find that we may have misread the Census and transcribed someone improperly, please contact:

Joe Max Williams,
Census Transcriber.