Ancestors and Children of Nancy Graham Turner Kersey


1.  John GRAHAM was born about 1764 in Inverary, Argyleshire, Scotland.  He 
died about 1835 in Richmond, NC.  He was buried in Montrose, Montrose, Richmond, NC.

He was married to Esther BORDON on January 2, 1789 in Greene, TN.  
Esther BORDON was born about 1768 in Greene, TN.  John GRAHAM and Esther BORDON had 
the following children:

	2	i.	John D GRAHAM was born about 1793 in NC.
	+3	ii.	Samuel M GRAHAM (born about 1796).
	4	iii.	Esther GRAHAM was born about 1796 in NC.
	5	iv.	Thomas Jefferson GRAHAM was born about 1802 in NC.
	6	v.	Joseph L GRAHAMwas born about 1804 in TN.
	7	vi.	George Washington GRAHAM was born about 1806 in TN.
	8	vii.	John GRAHAM Jrwas born about 1809 in GA.


3.  Samuel M GRAHAM was born about 1796 in NC.  He died after 1850 in TN.

He was married to Phoebe STANFIELD (daughter of John STANFIELD and Sarah 
DILLON) on September 5, 1814 in Greene, TN.  Phoebe STANFIELD was born about 1800 in 
Greene, TN.  She died before 1850 in TN.  Samuel M GRAHAM and Phoebe STANFIELD had 
the following children:

	9	i.	Polly GRAHAM was born about 1816 in TN.
	10	ii.	Elizabeth GRAHAM was born about 1818 in TN.
	11	iii.	Thomas S GRAHAM was born on August 20, 1820 in TN.
	12	iv.	John GRAHAM was born about 1822.
	13	v.	Prudence GRAHAM was born about 1826 in TN.
	+14	vi.	Nancy GRAHAM (born about 1832).
	15	vii.	Henry GRAHAM was born about 1833 in TN.  He died on 
                     January 7, 1903 in Franklin, Warren, OH.
	16	viii.	James GRAHAM was born about 1836 in TN.
	17	ix.	Mary A GRAHAM was born about 1837 in TN.
	18	x.	Stephen H GRAHAM was born about 1841 in TN.


14.  Nancy GRAHAM was born about 1832 in TN.  She died in TN.

She was married to Hardin TURNER about 1853 in Marshall Co., TN.  Hardin TURNER 
was born about 1810 in NC.  He died in TN.  Nancy GRAHAM and Hardin TURNER had the 
following children:

	19	i.	Martha D TURNER was born about 1854 in Marshall Co., TN.
	20	ii.	Nancy J TURNER was born about 1855 in Marshall Co., TN.
	21	iii.	Sarah H TURNER was born about 1858 in Marshall Co., TN.
	+22	iv.	Margaret F "Puss" TURNER (born in March 1859).
	+23	v.	Stephen "Bud" TURNER (born about 1860).
	+24	vi.	Harriett Ann "Hattie" TURNER (born on January 18, 1864).
	+25	vii.	George Hardin TURNER (born in February 1867).
	+26	viii.	John Robert TURNER (born on March 30, 1869).
	+27	ix.	James Crawford TURNER (born about 1872).
	+28	x.	Daisy Beulah TURNER (born on August 21, 1877).

She was married to Francis Marion KERSEY CSA (son of David B KERSEY 
War 1812 and Sarah "Sallie" Oners ONEY) on October 20, 1889 in Giles Co., TN.  
Francis Marion KERSEY CSA was born on December 22, 1822 in Giles Co., TN.  He was 
buried in Diana, Giles Co., TN.

Submitted by Joe Hardiman