The Case of Parentage of Campbell Graves

Campbell Graves was born 1801 in TN, probably in Giles Co. He is thought to have been a son of John Graves and Ann Campbell. Ann [Campbell] Graves was daughter of Alexander Campbell and Amy Eaton, daughter of John Eaton of Maryland.

Children of John Graves and Ann Campbell are thought to be;
1. Campbell Graves b 1801, died abt 30 July, 1865 Athens, Limestone Co, AL.
2. Adisa/Dicey Graves b Jan. 12, 1802, died Sept. 1840, married Cornelius Ennis.
3. Leonard H. Graves b 1806, died in MO after March 1866 married first
Miss Wallace of AL and second Catherine B. Keith.
4. Alcie Graves b ca 1807, d Mar. 19, 1882, married Powell Perry.
5. Alexander Graves b 1808, married Martha H. Fuller.
6. John Mims Graves b Jan 13, 1812, Giles Co., TN d April 29, 1879 Maury Co TN., married Rosanna Collier.
7. and 8. children - not found yet.

Since so many early records of Giles Co were lost during fires and the Civil War, there is no absolute proof that all of above children were John and Ann's. Ann [Campbell] Graves was a widow in Giles Co census in 1820 with 8 children still at home.

There is no proof that John was the husband of Ann Campbell as she is only known to have married Mr. Graves. However, in 1811,Giles Co, a deed conveying 500 acres from John Yancey to John Graves dated March 15, 1811 is recorded; Giles Co. Roll 70, Book Vol. A, pp 317-318 found at TN State Library Archives. His name was used in the children of Ann Campbell Graves so he likely was her husband? There is no mention of this John Graves near 1820 census time when Ann was found to be a widow. Children of John Graves were given same names that were used for the grandchildren for several generations through the sons I have listed above. Some of these children carried the name Crockett which was Ann Campbell's grandmother's name, Leticia Crockett. Lack of a Bible in so many cases requires the family historian to follow the obviously leads as outlined above.

Campbell Graves and his [unknown to me] first wife were my direct ancestors. She died after the birth of her last child, Edwin 'Alexander' Graves ca 1844, and before the 1850 Giles Co census when Campbell is listed with just his children . Children of Campbell and his first wife were all born in Giles County and were;

1. Martha Graves b ca 1826, married Andrew Nichols. [her sister, Alcy Caroline, was living in her household in 1850 census].
2. daughter, died infancy
3. Alcy 'Caroline' Graves b Dec. 1829,died April 28, 1920 Florence, AL and buried at Bethel in Giles Co. She married Henry M.C. Abernathy [my great grandparents] on December 25, 1852 Giles Co. [Henry was son of Matthew Abernathy and Eliza J. Dickson].
4. William H. Graves b Sept. 1830 [in 1850 Giles Co census, at age 20, he was living in household of Robert Dickson and wife Rowena].
5. John Riley Graves b ca 1833, died Mar, 5, 1869 New Madrid, MO in gun fight, married Amanda Anne Brown and Mary E. Morrow.
6. James Anselm Graves b 1834 married Mary Frances Brown
7. Elizabeth A. Graves b 1838, md Ezekiel Norris Rose
8. Crockett C. Graves b 1839
9. Joel L. Graves b 1842, wounded Confederate soldier, married Margaret E. Allen.
10. Eva D. Graves b ca 1843 married Mr. Burchill. Lived MS
11. Edwin 'Alexander' Graves b ca 1844, d August 10, 1864?

Campbell married second shortly after 1850 census in Giles Co TN to Mary ___. Their children were both born in Giles Co.

1. Ralph G. Graves b Oct. 3, 1851 d Oct. 25, 1912, Limestone Co AL, married Permelia Emma Summers.
2. Mary C. Graves b ca 1853, lived in Limestone Co AL, married Jonathan Henry Sides. Both of these children were minors when Campbell was killed in July of 1866 in Limestone Co AL. He was listed as a preacher. Campbell had his horse stolen from him in Athens, AL. It was at the end of the Civil War with Yankees having taken over the town. He went to them to file a complaint. They accompanied him all over town to gather witnesses against Mr. Moore who took his horse. A military trial sent Mr. Moore to Nashville Prison for several years. The townspeople were angry that Campbell took his problems to 'those Yankees'. The following morning , Campbell was found lying in the street with two bullet holes in his forehead. Limestone Co. AL Court Records show Mr. A.L. McKinley administering Campbell's estate and listed all his children and where they lived at that time giving us the names of the spouses I have listed above for his daughters.

Leonard H. Graves born 1806 and his first wife, Miss Wallace, children;
1. William J. Graves b 1828 AL married Martha Eveline Inman.
2. possibly Alexander Mimos Graves- but not proven.

Children of William and Martha [Inman]Graves were;
1. Margaret Graves b 1847
2. John David Graves b Dec 29, 1848 Campbellsville, Giles Co TN d 1924, Fannin Co TX, married Susan Hazel T. Cummings
3. Jackson Graves
4. Mary M. Graves b 1853, Giles Co. married Andrew Henry Brown

Children of John David Graves and Susan H.T. Cummings were;
1. John William Graves b April 7, 1873 Lawrence Co TN, md Jennie Barbara Fields, lived in Fannin Co TX.
2. Mary H. Graves b ca 1870 Law Co TN, m William Ernest Hill
3. Martha J. Graves b 1874, md Robert W. Fox
4. Margaret V. Graves b Mar 18, 1876 Law Co TN , died Fannin Co TX
5. Luzanna A. Graves b ca 1878, d TX, married O.L. Young
6. Robert Graves b 1880 Law Co TN
7. Albert Ross Graves b Mar 22, 1882 Giles Co, d Dec 12, 1957 Roxton, Lamar Co TX, married Ruby Clair
8. ALEXANDER CAMPBELL Graves b March 1884 Giles Co TN, d June 7, 1912, Fannin Co TX, married Julia Irine Cathey.
9. Samuel D. Graves b Dec 1885 Giles Co TN, d Dallas, Dallas Co, TX.

Children of John William [Bud] Graves born April 7, 1873 and Jennie Barbara Fields were;
1. James Leonard Graves b May 27, 1897 married Easter Antham Abernathy
2. JOHN CAMPBELL Graves b Nov 20, 1898, d Dec 10, 1921 Fannin Co TX married Juanita James
3. Maudie Graves died age 16
4. Namon CAMPBELL Graves b Aug 8, 1903, married Vista Yarborough
5. Willie N. Graves b Feb 13, 1911, Fannin TX
6. Pauline Graves b July 16, 1912, Fannin Co TX married Jack Chaney
7. Dewey Lee Graves b Dec 3, 1914 Fannin Co TX married Edna Frances Turman.

These children of Leonard H Graves and his first wife, Miss Wallace, carried the Graves family names.

Leonard H. Graves and Catherine B. Keith's children, born in Giles Co. were;
1. Caroline Jane Graves married James Beckham
2. Henrietta Graves, died infancy
3. Nancy Catherine Graves b 1834, married William F. Brown, Conf. War
4. Newton B. Graves b ca 1835, d 1875
5. ALEXANDER Graves b 1837, married Petty
6. Martha Grave b 1839
7. Mary Graves b ca 1842 married John H. Brown
8. David A. Graves b 1844

Hopefully, some of Giles Countian Researchers will recognize some of these Graves family members and be able to further our climb up this elusive Graves tree. The connection between John Graves and John Yancey leads one to consider John Graves came from Caswell Co NC.

Submitted by Virginia L. (White) Keefer