Descendants of Capt. Thomas Graves
of Virginia, 1608

CAPT. THOMAS1 GRAVES: To VA in the Mary & Margarett, settled at Jamestown in 1608.
m. __________
JOHN2 GRAVES: Eldest son of Capt. Thomas 1, was prob. born by 1605.
m. __________
RALPH3 GRAVES: b. c1625-6, will probate 7-2-1667
m. Rachel, dau/o Maj. Joseph Croshaw ca 1654, son of Capt. Raleigh Croshaw, of Jamestowne, VA, 1608.
RALPH4 GRAVES: b. c1653; d. intestate
m. Unity White (his 1st cousin), dau. of Mary Croshaw by her m1 Henry White. Mary was the dau. of Major Joseph Croshaw of Queen's Creek, York Co., VA.
HENRY5 GRAVES: of Hanover Co., VA removed to Granville Co., NC. m2 Mary, dau. of John ("The Wealthy Welshman") Williams & his wife Mary (both born in Wales, 1679 and 1684, respectively)
WILLIAM6 GRAVES*: Of Hanover/Louisa Co., VA and subsequently,
Granville Co., NC (by 1758). William6 Graves will in Granville Co., NC, 1786 named (among others) "Lidy"7 [Lydia] as daughter. m. Mary ________
m. THOMAS STEELE, Nov. 18, 1789 Granville Co., NC & the couple
removed to Giles Co., TN. Thomas's gravestone in Giles Co., TN declares he was born in Cumberland Co., England, the 29th May AD 1761 and died 24th July 1835. His wife's gravestone: Sacred To the memory of M. Lydia Consort of Thomas Steele Who was born August 3d 1768, and died June 21st 1845.

Others of the same family in the Old Cemetary Pulaski, Giles Co., TN: Nathaniel T. Steele, son of N. & E. N. Steele d. 26 Jan 1834 in his 5th year;

Safrona Steele, dau. of N. & E. N. Steele d. 8 June 1832 [N = Nathaniel Steele and E. N. Steele = Elizabeth N. Steele];

R. G. Steele died 28 Mar 1831 in his 37th year.

Thomas Steele left a deed in 1817 in Giles Co., TN attesting his children:
Robert G. Steel (sic), Nathaniel Steele, David Steele, Graves
Steele, Alexander Steele, Thomas Steele & Rosey Chisolm Steele.

Tax lists of Giles Co., TN indicate that by the 1812 Tax, Thomas and Robert Steele of this family were taxables, with Graves, Robert and Thomas, taxables 1819. There was only one Thomas Steele listed in Giles Co. 1820 and 1830 Census readings. Graves W. Steele was listed, "overseer at Hermitage, 1829" (Bassett: the Correspondence of Andrew Jackson).

Col. Nathaniel Steele, prob. b. c1792 (NC? TN?) died in Mashall Co., AL as did his brother, Graves Steele, both in 1837.

Elizabeth N. Steele's Inventory & Appraisal of Estate were in Marshall Co., AL Court Mts., Sept 28th, 1841 (which would indicate an earlier date of death than the tombstone), with James H. Moore named administrator. John M. Scott was made guardian of the minor heirs of Nathaniel Steele decd: Ann Jane, Virginia and Nathaniel G. Steele.
COL. NATHANIEL8 STEELE, d. Guntersville, AL, 1837
m. ELIZABETH N. ________ *
m. John M. Scott of Wythe-Smyth Cos., VA who came to Guntersville,
AL about 1836.
m. William Bradley Duke Kimbrough, CSA, son of Jacob Carlock Kimbrough, son of Rev. Marmaduke Kimbrough of Mossy Creek Iron Works, Jefferson Co., TN, previously of Rowan-Guilford Co., NC, son of Bradley Kimbrough of Louisa & Orange Cos., VA & Guilford Co., NC, son of John Kimbrough of VA, son of John Kimbrough of VA.
KATHERINE ISABELLE11 KIMBROUGH b. 1879 Guntersville, AL ("Big Spring
Valley"), d. 1952 San Antonio, TX
m. Lovard Lycurgus Lee, Jr., M. D., b. 1877 TX, d. 1936 San Antonio, TX, son of Lovard Lycurgus Lee, Sr., CSA, of Barbour Co., AL and Thorndale, TX, son of Needham Lee, Jr. b. Aug. 28, 1813 Briar Creek, Jefferson Co., GA who d. Barbour Co., AL, son of Needham Lee, Sr., son of Godfrey Lee, son of Robert Lee, son of John Lee, Sr. (Esq.) of Johnston Co., NC
KATIE BELLE12 LEE d. 2002 New Braunfels, TX
m1 Louis Alexander Wrage (issue)
m2 Charles Thomas Brown, M.D., Lt. Col. USAMC (no issue)
LIVING DAUGHTER13 OF M1 (issue to gen. 14 & 15)

The foregoing line was accepted by The Jamestowne Society for my membership #3206, 1983.

* An offering made to The Graves Family Association makes claim that NATHANIEL STEELE m. ELIZABETH ("Betsy") (8) GRAVES, a daughter of DAVID (7) GRAVES, son of Henry (6) GRAVES, full brother of WILLIAM (6) GRAVES (Cf. above) i.e., married a cousin. However, I have not as yet seen any proof records for the pre-marital identity of Elizabeth. I do know that Henry (6) Graves died testate Granville Co., NC 1797, naming (among others), wife Rachel and dau. "Betsy N." (7) and son David (7) Graves, which latter David (7) m. Dec. 19, 1796, Nancy Hunt in Granville Co., NC (claimed dau. of Memucan Hunt and wife Mary ("Polly") Wade). I also know that there was a considerable exodus among these Granville Co. Graves and their relatives into Giles Co., TN, some at least as early as 1812. (Ref. Pp 793-4-5-6 "The Graves Family of York County" By Mrs. P. W. Hiden, 2nd Installment, as reproduced in Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol II, William & Mary Qtly.) As Henry (6) Graves named in his will a daughter, "Betsy N." Graves [sister of David (7)], it would be at least consistent for David to have named a daughter after his sister. >From the estate papers of Elizabeth Steele (nee?) wife of Nathaniel Steele, her name was rendered, "Elizabeth N. Steele," which readily converts to "Betsy N." Presently, that's as far as actual records take me on validating a 2nd Graves line in Giles Co., TN, except that there was "a" DAVID GRAVES listed on the 1820 Census of Giles Co., TN: 010101/21010/(17), which indicates the oldest male in the household as "over 45" - 1m10-16, 1m16-26, 1mo45; 2fu10, 1f10-16, 1f16-26/17 slaves. A Graves Assn. offering also claims that DAVID (7) GRAVES died in Giles Co., TN. This is as far as my present studies have carried me, 6-15-03.
K. Gunn

Submitted by K. Gunn