Children of Peterson McGill

(b. TN abt. 1816, d. AL 1888)

Presented below, in tabular form, is a list of the (17!) children of Peterson McGill. Most of the McGill's in Giles & Limestone County today can trace their roots back to him.
Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Mother First Known Spouse
Robert 1837   Mahala Long Laura ______
Aaron 1839   "  
James W. 1842   " Martha A. Prince
Sarah E. 4/20/1842   " Samuel A. Jackson
Eli F. 1844   "  
Nicholas 1846   "  
George Washington 8/1/1849   "  
Nancy J. 1852   Eodus (Oda)Everline Marbut William B. Tiplon
Lydia N. 1855   " William York
David 1858   " Sallie Adams
Joseph Munroe 03/12/1861   " Eliza Jane Pinson
Rebecca Ann (Becky) 5/12/1867   " John L. Kennemer
Oda 1870   "  
Mahala Melissa 9/19/1875   Catherine Daly Joseph Cal Morrison
Ira "Sis" (daughter) 1875 (?)   " Carl Sylvester
Dora 1873   " ________ Kellum
Henry 1885   " Tommie Thornton


1. Most dates of birth approximate, taken from census returns. More specific DOB's are from headstones and/or obituaries.

2. Places of birth taken from census returns. Those older children born in Alabama were probably born in Limestone County, while the younger ones (Catherine Daly's children) were probably born in Lauderdale County. Robert and Aaron, the oldest sons, were probably born in Lawrence Co. TN, while most of the later Tennessee-born children were probably born in Giles County.

Submitted by James H. Davis