Mary and Charles Millican

Mrs. Mildred Jones of New Mexico has furnished the majority of the
information on many of these descendants in Georgia, particularly
those having LDS references.  She has been exceedlingly helpful in her
thorough and endless research and I cannot express my gratitude.  She
has also furnished all the data regarding the family of William MILLICAN 
who married the daughter of Robert MILLICAN, who came from SC
through KY to Texas c. 1824.  The town of MILLICAN, TX was named for a
son of Robert.  It is our opinion William was a full brother of Mary
Ann, descendants following, and of Jane MILLICAN who married James

John Milllican d. 1818 in Madison Co., GA.  He and his first wife, to
the best of my knowledge had 4 children, one being Jane "Jennie"
Millican who Mar. James Cochran.  They moved to Giles Co., TN early on
and later moved to Maury Co., TN and then to Polk Co., MO.  See
Cochran Genealogy.

John Millican and his 2nd wife Mary Cleghorn Moore, widow, were
parents of my ancestor, Elizabeth Ann Millican who Mar. John Martin
about 1818 and they moved to Giles Co., where there are still some
descendants living, now most being from the Martin/Coker lineage.

I believe the following Mary Ann was a full sister of Jane Millican
Cochran, and that when something happened to Mary and her 2nd husband,
several of her children also came to Giles and Maury Counties, TN.

MARY ANN MILLICAN, b. c. 1790, d/o John MILLICAN and 1st Wife? mar. 1)
c. 1808 Charles MILLICAN, Will written 3-2-1818 Madi. Co., GA, s/o
Andrew MILLICAN and Lettice CLEGHORN.  They were 1st cousins mar. 2)
10-12-1820 Elbert Co., GA Asa COKER.

I have not been able to find her in any census records and could only
guess at her age.  She may have married at a very young age and the
birth dates of her children and the death date of her first husband
are the only evidence on which to approximate her birthdate.

Ordered that the last will and testament of Charles MILLICAN deceased
be granted to Mary Ann MILLICAN and Andrew MILLICAN as executors.
Inferior Court Records of Madi. Co., GA, p 21.  LDS Roll No. 351783.

Ordered that the return of the estate of Charles MILLICAN deceased by
Andrew MILLICAN executor for 1818 be recorded.  Inferior Court Records
of Madi. Co., GA. p 30.  LDS Roll No. 351783.

1820	Andrew MILLICAN recorded for Charles MILLICAN deceased.
Inferior Court Records of Madi. Co., GA, p 37, LDS Roll No. 351783.

This indenture made the 14th day of Jan. in year 1822 between John
SCOTT, Sheriff of Madi. Co., and Archer Moon.  Witnesses that whereas
two executions heard from Superior and Inferior Courts of said county
for sum of $95.50 besides interest and costs in favor of Robert Moon
against the goods and chattels lands and tenements of Charles MILLICAN
deceased and dated 8 Apr 1820 and 23 July 1821 a tract of land
containing 300 A on Broad River adjoining John Moon which was
advertised to sell and Archer moon was highest bidder at $25.00.  John
SCOTT, Shff.  Madi. Co., GA, Bk D, p 39, LDS Film No. 351772.

1840 Hall Co., GA Federal Census:
Asa COKER1M 40/491M 0/40M 10/142M 15/19
  1F 40/491F 0/43F 10/142F 15/19
1791/18001836-40 1826-30 1821-25 (Charles ch.)
I. John MILLICAN, b. 1800 II. William Montgomery MILLICAN, b. 11-24-1811 III. Sarah E. MILLICAN, b. 1813 mar. John F. COCHRAN, cousin IV. Peggy (Margaret) MILLICAN V. James MILLICAN (James Newton MILLICAN?) VI. Jane MILLICAN, b. 1-1-1818 VII. Lettice (Elizabeth) Ann MILLICAN, b. 4-1-1820 VIII. John Malachai COKER, b. c. 1824 IX. Rebecca S. COKER, b. c. 1829-30 I. John MILLICAN, b. c. 1804, Madi. Co., GA, mar. 12-10-1822, Madi. Co., GA Malinda SMITH, b. c. 1807, GA, d/o Peter SMITH and Margaret POWELL, both born TN (John’s birthyear is questionable as well as the children that appear in the 1850 and 1860 census records. (MJM) Note from Willie West: Mildred WATKINS of East Point, GA wrote that her g-g-grandmother was a sister of Malinda SMITH who married John MILLICAN 12-10-1822. They had a daugheter Rebecca Susan who married Hilliard FINDLEY and lived in Barton Co., GA. 1826-12-18 John MILLICAN and Seaborn SMITH, both of Madi. Co., GA, for sum of $400 paid to John MILLICAN, tract or parcel of land on Bluestone Creek containing 133 1/3 A. Part of tract originally granted to John MACKIE. Madi. Co. Deed Bk, BDE, p 561. LDS Film 351771. 1831-5-17 James B. BOND mar. Eliza SMITH 1833-6-11 This indenture made 11 June 1833 between John MILLICAN, Jr. of Madi. Co., GA and James B. BOND of same, for sum of $400. paid by said James B. BOND ... payment acknowledged ... sells all tract of land on North fork of Bluestone creek containing 30 A, being same whereon said John MILLICAN's mill now stands. Beginning at a post oak on the N. side of Bluestone creek below said mill , across creek to post oak near MERCER'S still house, along line agreed upon on south side of said creek to a dogwood near head of the mill pond so as to enclose the water in the mill pond at high water mark thence from said dogwood SSW as agreed about 100 yards to first line marked on Seaborn SMITH’S line. MACKIES old house, with SMITH'S line to a red oak on the N side of said creek about 2 chains east..... to beginning. s/John MILLICAN. Wit. James LONG and Elisha WARE. Madi. Co. D.B. F, p 168, LDS Film No. 351773. 1834 James Bond asked for letters of dismissal as gdn. of Seborn SMITH. 1834 Seborn SMITH guardian of Peter SMITH (his son) 1835-3 Citation granted for Margaret SMITH Estate to John MILLICAN. (Margaret probably widow of Peter and parents of Malinda. Comment of Mrs. Mildred Jones.) Madi. Co., GA, LDS Film #351757, p 43. 1835-7-6 John MILLICAN, Jr. and John SCOTT, bond for estate of Margaret SMITH. Recorded 7-7-1835, Madi. Co., GA, LDS Microfilm 351757, p 58, 1835-7 Ordered that the adm. of all and singular the goods, chattels, rights, credits of Margaret SMITH, dec'd, be granted to John MILLICAN, Jr. and he sworn according to law and John SCOTT came into court and bound himself for $400. or the faithful performance of above trust and Elisha WARE, Wm. CARITHERS and Ephraim STRICKLAND. James SCOTT and James WARE were appointed appraisers of the estate of deceased. Book B, Madi. Co.,GA Inferior Court, p 43, LDS Roll 351783. 1836-1-23 John MILLICAN, Jr. and James SCOTT both of Madi. Co., GA, for $200., 40 A on waters of Bluestone Creek, perimeters a Line agreed upon between John MILLICAN, Jr. and James B. BOND, adj. Seaborn SMITH's line, Andrew MILLICAN, James Long, James B. Bond. Recorded 5-23-1851. Madi. Co., GA D.B. J, p 44, LDS Film No. 351774. 1836-3 John MILLICAN, admr. of estate of Margaret SMITH, deceased, vs Seborn SMITH and James B. BOND. Jury for the defendants the cost of suit. Book C, Madi. Superior Court. LDS Film No. 365204. 1836-9-13 John MILLICAN admr. of Margaret SMITH, deceased, vs James B. BOND, trover. Jury finds for plaintiff $75. which may be discharged by the delivery of the horse within 10 days with cost of suit. Book C, Madi. Superior Court. LDS Film No. 365204. 1836-9 John MILLICAN vs Seaborn SMITH and James B. BOND: Bill for special performance. Jury finds that John MILLICAN, admr. of Margaret SMITH, deceased, is entitled to 1/4 of land described in bill and contained in the deed from him to Seaborn SMITH and that Seaborn SMITH do execute a deed of relinquishment for one undivided fourth thereof to said John MILLICAN as adm. as aforesaid within 10 days and cost of suit. 1838-11-7 Deed John MILLICAN, Jr. of Cass Co., GA to James SCOTT of Madi. Co., GA for $40.00 8 A on Bluestone Creek, adj. Andrew MILLICAN and others, granted to John MILLICAN, Jr. on 12-8-1837. Wit. Wm. C. CARUTHERS and James ANDERSON, JIC. Reg. 5-17-1851. Madi. Co. GA D.B. J, p 44, LDS Roll No. 351774. 1830 Madi. Co., GA, p 108 John MILLICAN, Jr. 1M 0/4, 1M 15/19, 1M 20/29, 2F 0/4, 1F 20/29 1840 Cass Co., GA, p 111 John MILIGAN 001.011-321.001 1850 Cass Co., GA, p 222, 12 CD - HH 1696-1710 John MILLICAN 50 GA Fmr (Age?) Malinda 43 GA Pamela 24 GA Oliver C. 22 GA To Hood Co., TX? Eliza 18 GA Sarah F. 16 GA Emily 12 GA mar Milton C. JACKSON George A. 10 GA Harriet 7 GA Rebecca 5 GA 1860 Dade Co., GA (Trenton) (Is this the same family?) John MILLICAN 40 (Age?) Malinda 34 Jessa 14 Newton 12 Mary R. 11 Ellen 8 Lucinda 6 George 3 Allen 1 (I must have copied this from a book, probably Rockette's.) 1880 Hood Co., TX, Pct 5, HH 53 O. C. MILLICAN 26 TN TN TN Susan 22 TX Luther 8/12 TX John PATRICK 40 MO (Is he a son of the following?) 1900 Hood Co., TX, ED 93-SH 10-Line 19 Oliver C. MILLICAN 72 GA Ellie E. 39 MS Parker Co., TX Marriages: Oliver C. MILLICAN to Ella C. Norman Hood Co. Marriages, Bk A294 Oll C. MILLICAN, Jr. & S. G. Dillahunty (Sarah) 1-26-1879 (If this is a cousin of Wm. M. MILLICAN, brother of John, perhaps this will explain his grand-son being named Oliver?) 1900 Hood Co., TX (Granbury) ED 12-3-1 Susan MILLICAN 64 GA (Alone) (Is she same as next person? How related? Wife of James, the other son of Mary and Charles?) 1870 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, HH 637 Sarah MILLICAN 30 GA WHO IS SHE? Lena 13 Josephine 9 William W. 7 William GRADY 29 GA (I need to do more research on these people in earlier census records and complete readings.) 1880 Erath Co., TX, JP 8, ED 150, Sh 28,Ln 21 Ira MILLIGAN 38 GA GA GA 1850 GA? Georgia 28 TX IND AL Jake 10 TX GA AL Rosa A. 9 TX GA AL Sallie 7 TX GA AL Arthur 2 TX GA AL N. B. BRYAN 24 AL SC AL J. R.SHULER 30 NC NC NC 1900 Erath Co., TX Pct 8, ED 79-14-87, HH 242-244 Ira MILLICAN 58 9-1841 GA GA GA Georgia 48 11-1851 TX IND AL CSA Pension Application: Ira MILLICAN, No. 23268, Erath Co., TX, Bk 3 STEPHENVILLE WEST END CEMETERY, Section 10 Ira MILLICAN 9-4-1841 4-10-1922 Georgia A. MILLICAN 11-22-1851 2-16-1908 SCHOOL CEMETERY NO. 2, Erath Co., TX (12 miles NW of Lingoville) Samuel Arthur, s/o Ira & Georgia MILLICAN 10-15-1877 - 10-34-1884 1900 Hood Co., TX ED 96-2-42 John MILLICAN 38 TN 5-1862 (TN 1870?) Jane 32 TN 5-1868 Ella 14 TX 4-1886 Etta E. 12 TX 12-1887 1900 Erath Co., TX, ED 79-14-83, HH 241-243, Pct 8 Jacob MILLICAN 30 8-1869 TX GA TX mar. 7 yrs Nannie P. 28 9-1871 AL AL AL Inez 6 5-1894 TX TX AL Ira Thomas 1 8-1898 TX Marriages, Erath Co., TX Jacob MILLICAN & Nannie HEAD 7-30-1893 by J. F. BLACKMAN, M.G. Georgia Caldonia MILLIGAN to T. P. BOWEN 4-9-1896, by John STEPHENS LOWELL CEMETERY - Winona, d/o J. C. & N. P. MILLICAN 5-6-1896-5-11-1896 DUFFAU CEMETERY, Hood Co., TX - Ira T. MILLIGAN 8-2-1898-9-14-1908 THURBER CEMETERY, Erath Co., TX - Georgie MILLIGAN, d/o W. H. & N. A. MILLIGAN 5-16-18?? 1-18-1909 OLD DUBLIN MEMORIAL PARK CEMETERY, Erath Co., TX - H. S. Milliman 4-30-1833 9-27-1911 Unidentified II. Peggy (Margaret) MILLICAN, mar. 7-12-1822, Maury Co., TN., Will BRADSHAW BM, Joshua GLOVER 1809-5-25- Joshua GLOVER on Doublehead's Reservation, North Alabama, Cherokee Lands 1830 Maury Co., TN Census p 349: Howell GLOVER 00001-00001 1840 Maury Co., TN - None (I need to pursue this family.) GLOVER DEED INDEX, MAURY CO., TN GRANTEE VOL/BK PG ACRES GRANTOR Jesse 1H 209 72 B. HARDEMAN Thomas 1O 271 50 W. HARDEMAN Vol. 2 None GRANTOR GRANTEE Joshua GLOVER 1B 232 Sale David LOVE WAS HE SELLING OUT TO MOVE? Jesse 1M 488 36 Robert McNutt Jesse 1N 126 105 J. H. HULLIGER III. William Montgomery MILLICAN, b. 11-24-1811, GA, d. 7-1886, Luling, Caldwell Co., TX, mar. 1) 10-4-1837, Gi. Co., TN, Violet Parthena (CROCKETT) Sawyers, widow of Ethan Sawyers, b. 12-11-1803 NC, d/o Archibald CROCKETT & Elizabeth Parker, d. 9-12-1868, bur. Old Prairie Lea Cem., Caldwell Co.,TX (She lies next to John M. MARTIN, a cousin of her husband) (Only record of Ethan Sawyers was when he was appointed a constable in Gi. Co., TN. I gave this citation to Mrs. Ruby SMITH and she can give the county court minutes date, volume and page number.) mar. 2) Mrs. Jane Cartwright - said to have died in Pearsall, Frio Co., TX in "MILLICANs of Southern States".) (William is only child mentioned in the will of his father, "all my other children" not named. Violet died soon after they arrived in Caldwell Co., TX and is buried next to John M. MARTIN, a cousin of her husband.) 1822-7 Ordered that William MILLICAN orphan of Charles MILLICAN deceased be bound unto John MILLICAN to learn the art of a farmer. Isaac Vincent and James MILLICAN came into court and bound themselves in the sum of $500 for the faithful performance of the above trust. Inferior Court Records of Madi. Co., GA, p 44, LDS Roll No. 351783. 1830-(I do not find William M. or any of his unmarried siblings in 1830 or 1840) 1839-2-2 Archibald CROCKETT writes will, mentions dau Dovey F. COCHRAN (wife of William W. COCHRAN, s/o William and Mary COCHRAN), dau Violet P. MILLICAN, (wife of William M. MILLICAN, s/o Mary and Charles MILLICAN of GA), land that adj. John COCHRAN's SW corner to son Robert C.; land adj. Violet P. MILLICAN's corner to son David G. Gi. Co., TN Wills. 1846-William M. MILLICAN from William P. Brown, 25A, Gi. Co., TN Deed Bk S, p 343 1848-William M. MILLICAN from M. Spivey, 8A, Gi. Co., TN Deed Bk T, p 23 1848-2-2 William M. MILLICAN to John M. COKER, for $256., 25A, in 15th CD, adj. H. W. Thompson, John Caskey. Wit. I. A. Beal & Matthew Spivey. Gi. Co., TN Deed Bk T, p 24 (I believe John M. COKER is a half-brother of W. M. MILLICAN.) 1850 Federal Census, Gi. Co., TN, 15th C.D., p 845, hh 244-846 William MILLIGAN 38 GA Violet P. (CROCKETT SAWYERS) 46 NC Archibald 11 TN John M. 8 TN William E. 4 TN Johnson COCHRAN 32 TN Parthena 21 TN Asenith E. A. SAWYERS 2 TN (Listed as Smith E. Sawyers) 1856-1-13 John C. & Jemima COCHRAN sell 78 A to Ira B. MARTIN, adj. Matthew Spivey, John M. MARTIN & James Wilson. Gi. Co. D.B. AA, p 340 1858-9-9 Case: James Wilson & wife & others vs. Dovey C. A. Osborne & others: W. M. MILLIGAN takes old negro man Gabriel about 75 or 80 years old offered for sale in estate of Elizabeth CROCKETT. No bids given, W. M. MILLIGAN takes and will provide for. Gi. Co., TN Chancery Court Minutes, V. 5, Roll 13, p 172. same case: Drawing of land survey, p 173, W. M. MILLICAN $100 for care of negro Gabriel. 1860-1-21 Power of Atty. from Dovey F. COCHRAN of Shelby Co., TX, widow of Wm. W. COCHRAN, appoints James D. Freeland of Shelby Co.,TX to represent her interest in estate of her aunt Rachel CROCKETT, dec'd. Wm. MILLICAN and James Adm. & Exors. of Rachel CROCKETT. Wit. S. W. Weaver & N. J. Pacton. Gi. Co., TN D.B. AA, p 341. 1860-3-2 Power of Atty. from Ellen McClure & Jane Davis appointing S. G. Calvert, Atty. in Fact, to collect from James Wilson, William MILLICAN & James McCallum, Clerk & Master of Chancery Court, Gi. Co. from estate of Rachel CROCKETT. Wit. W. J. Griffis, Barnabas McCollum. Signatures of grantors attested to in Gi. Co. Gi. Co., TN D.B. AA, p 340 1860-3-3 Power of Atty. from David G. CROCKETT of Polk Co., MO to Wm. M. MILLICAN of Gi. co. to collect his share of estate of Rachel CROCKETT, dec'd of Gi. Co., TN. Gi. Co., TN D.B. AA, p 340 1860-3-12 Power of Atty. from Robert C. CROCKETT of Hickory Co., MO to James Wilson to represent his interest in estate of Rachel CROCKETT. Wits. G. W. Wyatt & W. M. Murray. Gi. Co., TN D.B. AA, p 376 1860-3-17 Case: Same as 1858-9-9: Jane A. Wilson, wife of James Wilson, and Violet MILLICAN, wife of William M. MILLIGAN ... their shares of estate of mother Elizabeth CROCKETT: Jane to have her money paid to her and at her death money to go to her children by 1st husband to wit: Felix N. McKnight & Sarah A. Haynes, w/o James W. Haynes. William MILLIGAN and Jane A. Wilson execute receipts. Gi. Co., TN Chancery Court Minutes, Vol. 9, Roll 13. 1860-12-6 Power of Atty. from Robert C. CROCKETT of Hickory Co., MO to James Wilson to represent his interest in estate of Elizabeth CROCKETT, dec'd. Wit. G. M. Wyatt & N. Holland. Gi. Co., TN Deed Bk BB, p 112. 1860 Gi. Co., TN Federal Census, 15th C.D., Fam 169 Wm. MILLIGAN 48 GA $3100/$4500 Violet P. 56 NC John M. 18 TN William E. 14 TN Smith E. 12 TN (Asenith E. Mitchell, grdau of Violet) 1860-11-20 David G. CROCKETT of Polk, Co., MO appoints William M. MILLICAN of Gi. Co., TN his power of atty. to collect his interest in estate of mother Elizabeth. Gi. Co., TN D.B. BB, p 123 1861-1-23 Dovey F. COCHRAN, widow of William W. COCHRAN, of Monroe Co., AR appoints Samuel W. Weaver (he mar. grand-dau. of Wm. W. COCHRAN and Dovey F. CROCKETT) of Monroe Co., AR her power of atty. to collect her interest in estate of mother Elizabeth. Gi. Co., TN D.B. AA, p 121 1861-3-11 Dovey F. COCHRAN of Monroe Co., AR appoints William MILLIGAN of Gi. Co., TN her power of atty. to collect her interest in estate of mother Elizabeth. She acknowledges receipt of $140 paid her agent S. W. Weaver on 2-18-186, also payment of $371 paid her agent James D. Freeland on 3-6-1860, being her share in proceeds of slaves of Rachel CROCKETT. Wit. C. J. Harris & S. W. Weaver. Gi. Co., TN D.B. BB, p 123 1861-3-11 Power of Atty. from David G. CROCKETT of Polk Co., MO to William M. MILLICAN of Gi. Co., TN To demand and sue from Clerk & Master of Chancery Court for his share of estate of Elizabeth CROCKETT. Gi. Co., TN D.B. BB, p 326. 1865-William MILLICAN from D. G. CROCKETT, Gi. Co., TN Deed Bk CC, p 326, power of atty. for above purposes. (NOTE: William M. MILLICAN was appointed administrator of the estate of Rachel CROCKETT, a maiden aunt of Violet, who died 1858 in Gi. Co., TN. There were many powers of atty. given him in these settlements. There were also settlements in the County Court Minutes for the estate of Elizabeth (Parker) CROCKETT, mother of Violet. The D. G. CROCKETT is David G. CROCKETT, and D. F. CROCKETT is in fact Dovey Frances COCHRAN, younger sister of Violet.) 1865-William MILLIGAN from J. A. MARTIN, T.D., Gi. Co., TN Deed Bk CC, p 196 1868-William M. & C. MILLICAN to R. B. Jones, 102A, Gi. Co., Deed Bk DD, p 352 (When William M. MILLICAN moved to Caldwell Co., TX he bought land for the 3 sons. I do not have the deeds. It appears A. C. and J. M. MILLICAN stayed in Caldwell Co., TX. William E. "Dee" is reported in the "Rockette" book that William E. returned to TN in 1872 and then went back to TX in 1877. I do not know where this came from unless it was from descendants.) 1870 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, p 990, hh 636 A. C. MILLICAN 30 TN Farmer $300 Mary C. 30 TN John William 4 TN MONTGOMERY MILLICAN 60 GA $1100/300 (father) 1880 - I do not have this census record for Wm. M. MILLICAN (I have this incomplete census record and have not identified who she is or if she is connected to this line.) 1870 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, HH 637 Sarah MILLICAN 30 GA WHO? Lena 13 Josephine 9 William W. 7 William GRADY 29 GA Children of Violet Parthena (CROCKETT) and Ethan Sawyers 1. Martha A. Sawyers, b. 3-30-1827, mar. c. 1846, Gi. Co., TN Jacob Hugh COCHRAN, b. Nov 1822, TN, d. 1869, Guadalupe Co., TX 2. Elizabeth Parthena Sawyers, b. 1-12-1828, Gi. Co., TN, d. c. 1895, Guadalupe Co., TX, mar. 1) Thomas Sidney Mitchell, mar. 2) c. 1849, Gi. Co., TN, Josiah Johnson COCHRAN, b. Nov 1818, Gi. Co., TN, d. Nov 1870, Guadalupe Co, TX (These two married cousins of their step-father. The COCHRAN men were sons of Jane MILLICAN who married James COCHRAN. She was the oldest dau. of John MILLICAN and his first wife. I suspect Mary MILLICAN, mother of William Montgomery MILLICAN was full sister of Jane.) A. Archibald CROCKETT MILLICAN, b. 11-4-1839, Gi. co., TN, d. 12-11-1917, Caldwell Co., TX, bur. Luling Cem., mar. 12-28-1860, Marshall Co., TN, Mary C. COCHRAN, by H. K. SHIELDS, M.G., d/o Levi & Elizabeth (Bivens) COCHRAN, b. 6-7-1840, TN, d. 1910+, Caldwell Co., TX, bur. Luling Cem. (Archibald was named for the father of his mother, and was known as CROCKETT MILLICAN. Rev. Hugh K. SHIELDS raised the wife of John M. MILLICAN, son of William M. MILLICAN.) 1860 Marshall Co., TN Federal census, 27/135. Record lost. In hh of another of a different surname. 1870 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, p 990, hh 636 A. C. MILLICAN 30 TN Fmr $300 Mary C. 30 TN John William 4 TN Montgomery MILLICAN 60 GA $1100/300 (father) 1870 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, hh 643 Leonides BYRD 22 TX (black) 2 black children ages 6 & 8 Annie MILLICAN 8 TX (white) d/o Archibald & Mary 1880 Guadalupe Co., TX Federal Census, ED 72, p 62, line 26 A. C. MILLICAN 41 TN GA GA M. C. 40 TN NC NC William 14 TN TN TN Jessie 6 TX TN TN Orean 2 TX TN TN 1900 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, ED 110, p 14, line 18 Archibald MILLICAN 60 TN GA NC 11-1839 mar. 39 ys Fmr Mary C. 60 TN NC NC 6-1840 mor 4 ch, all liv Jessie D. (f) 26 TX TN TN 10-1873 Oren E. (f) 22 TX TN TN 12-1877 1910 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, ED 28, p 13, line 19 A. CROCKETT MILLICAN 70 TN Mary C. 69 TN Obituary, paper unknown: "Mr. A. C. MILLICAN died at his home on South Guadalupe Street a half past ten o'clock Tuesday night December 11th. "Some months ago, he suffered a slight stroke of paralysis from which he never fully recovered. "So patient was he in the suffering which he endured that all except his closest friends supposed him to be in fairly good health. "The funeral was held from the residence Thursday afternoon December 18th. Religious services, conducted by Rev. R. A. McCurdy, pastor of the Lockhart Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. M. Purcell, a former pastor an intimate friend of Mr. MILLICAN, and Rev. A. H. McCurdy, former pastor at Luling, were held at the Presbyterian Church. Each speaker eulogized in befitting manner the life and work of Mr. MILLICAN. "At the conclusion of the services at the church, the Luling Lodge of Odd Fellows, assisted by members of the Fentress Lodge, took charge of the body and buried it in Lockhart Cem. The burial service was read by H. L. King, acting Noble Grand, and a talk was made by Rev. McKinney, pastor of the Methodist Church at Luling, Chaplain. "A large number of friends and relatives were present from different portions of the county to pay the last tribute of respect, and many beautiful floral offerings bore further testimony of love and esteem. "Mr. MILLICAN was born in Marshall County, Tennessee November 4, 1839. There on November 8, 1860, he was married to Miss Mary C. COCHRAN. Together they came to Texas, arriving at a place near Prairie Lea on January 22, 1868. "For many years that community was their home. From Prairie Lea, Mr. MILLICAN and his family moved to a farm near Luling where they lived until he moved to the town to become Justice of the Peace of Precinct No. 2, which office, together with that of city tax assessor and collector, he filled acceptably to the people for a number of years. "A few years ago Mr. MILLICAN and his family moved to Lockhart and continued a resident until the time of his death. "In boyhood, Mr. MILLICAN united with the Presbyterian Church. He was for nearly fifty years an elder in this church, and the greater (copy folded over) "At the age of 21 he was made an Odd Fellow and stood high in the counsels of the order. He was favorably known in the Grand Lodge and was one of the leaders in establishing the Odd Fellows Orphanage at Corsicana. He often visited this institution and his work was to him a source of great pride. Much of the time he was district deputy of the order in this section. He was one of the charter members of the lodge at Luling. "Until his health failed some months ago, Mr. MILLICAN was remarkable active for his years. He loved the society of his fellow-men and was present at almost every gathering, taking an active part in what was being done. "He was a lover of good music and was active in promoting it in the church, lodge and community. "The chaplain of the Odd Fellows said that since Brother MILLICAN had been away from Luling there had been very little singing in the lodge." 1. Ann E. MILLICAN, b. 9-21-1861, TN, d. 2-7-1937, Caldwell Co., TX, bur. Luling Cem., mar. 1-27-1879, Guadalupe Co., TX, Lawrence W. "Cut" MCMILLAN, b. 4-11-1857, TN, d. 3-12-1934, bur. Luling Cem., CSA Marker - 6 sons, 4 daughters. Son Archibald b. Apr 1880. 1880 Guadalupe Co., TX Federal Census, ED 72, p 62 L. W. MCMELLAN 22 TN -- -- Annie E. 18 TN TN TN Archibald 2/12 TX TN TN 1900 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, ED 116, p 3A L. W. MCMILLAN 43 NC NC NC 4-1867 Fmr mar. 21 yrs Annie 39 TX NC TN 9-1861 or of 8 ch, liv Claud M. 20 TX NC TX 5-1880 Rubie M. 13 TX NC TX 8-1887 Leonora 10 TX NC TX 11-1890 Willie 9 TX NC TX 9-1891 Pearl 5 TX NC TX 8-1894 Beulah 3 TX NC TX 8-1897 Mabel 1 TX NC TX 6-1899 2. John William MILLICAN, b. 1-15-1866, d. 12-15-1942, bur. Luling Cem., mar. 1893 Dora R. Wells, b. 11-2-1871 MS, d. May 1916, bur. Luling Cem. 1900 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, ED 117, p 28 J. W. MILLICAN 34 TN TN TN 1-1866 mar. 7 yrs D. R. 27 MS 11-1872 mor 2 ch, liv Effie 5 TX MS TX 2-1895 Earl 3 TX MS TX 1-1897 1910 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, ED 25, p 5A J. W. MILLICAN 42 TN TN TN mar. 18 yrs Dora R. 37 TX MS TX mor 4 ch, 3 liv Effie 15 TX TN TX Earl 13 TX TN TX Cress 9 TX TN TX a. Earl C. MILLICAN, b. 1-18-1879, d. 10-13-1916, bur. Lockhart Cem., American Legion marker. b. Effie MILLICAN mar. H. H. Page. She was a music teacher and was in a rest home in Sequin in 1980. c. Deceased child d. Cress MILLICAN, b. 1901 TX 3. Jessie L. MILLICAN, b. 10-7-1873, TX 4. Orean Eliza MILLICAN, b. 12-13-1877, TX, mar. 1900+ J. W. Foster, Jr. She went to Houston with her son after her husband died. She was a teacher. B. John M. MILLICAN, b. 3-11-1842, Gi. Co., TN, d. 1-10-1890, Caldwell Co., TX, bur. Luling Cem., mar. 2-28-1866 Gi. Co., TN, by O. B. BLACKWELL, Martha Jane MADDEN, b. 12-16-1843, Maury Co., TN d. 10-27-1921, Caldwell Co., TX, bur. Luling Cem., d/o Count A. MADDEN & Sarah J. JOHNSON (I became especially interested in Martha J. MADDEN and have collected quite a bit of information about her ancestry, etc. Her father married a second time and moved to Pulaski where he was a carpenter. Martha appears to the only child of the first marriage of Count MADDEN. There are a number of court entries regarding settlement of his estate, including John and Martha into the 1880's.) CSA Pension Application: Martha J. MILLICAN, No. 00602, Bk 1, Caldwell Co., TX 1851 Joseph JOHNSON died testate, names daughters Eliza JOHNSON, Hugh K. SHIELDS her guardian (see 1850 census to impairment?), son-in-law Hugh K. SHIELDS, daughter Elizabeth SHIELDS, grand daughter Martha Jane Madden. (Chancery Court Loose Papers published in enclosed) I would recommend sending for copies of these to the Old Records Dept. of Gi. County Courthouse. It would also be well to see if Joseph's will was probated in Maury Co., TN. (These are SHIELDS names in Gi. Co., TN, lived close to our COCHRANs and MARTINs. Two of the SHIELDS boys in Gi. Co., TN. went with Archibald CROCKETT to settle the estate of his uncle David CROCKETT who died c. 1824 in Bibb. Co., GA.) 1850 Cherokee Co., GA, p 1314 William E. MILLICAN 30 SC (Illeg.) 25 SC * Samuel A. 7 SC * Leander W. 5 SC * Harvey 3 SC * These are names used in the SHIELDS families of Gi. Co., TN. 1862-11-28 - Citation granted to L. B. SHIELDS to obtain letters of adm on est of Saml. O. SHIELDS, dec'd Madi. Co., GA Probates 1870 Gi. Co., TN Federal Census, 16th CD, HH 44 John M. MILLICAN 28 TN Martha J. 26 TN William H. 3 TN Cora B. 1 TN 1873 John M. MILLIGAN from J. B. Stacy, C&M, 38 97/160A, Gi. Co., TN Deed Bk HH, p 97 1878-11-14 John M. MILLICAN, Martha J. MILLICAN his wife and Elizabeth SHIELDS to Joseph Coffey, for $500 38 97/160 A in CD 15, surveyed by J. M. Bass 1872, adj. John M. COKER. s/J. M. MILLICAN, M. J. MILLICAN, Elizabeth SHIELDS, wit. Shadrack Kellum and J. M. COKER, Notary Public Each of the women were examined separately and privately. (I believe this is when he and Elizabeth SHIELDS sell out and go to TX. Gi. Co., TN Deed Bk LL, p 467 1880 Guadalupe Co., TX Federal Census, ED 72, p 62, l 34 John MILLICAN 39 TN TN TN M. J. 36 TN TN TN Hugh 13 TN TN TN Cora 12 TN TN TN Robert 6 TN TN TN James 4 TN TN TN Clarence 1 TX TN TN Elizabeth SHIELDS 67 TN TN TN Aunt 1900 Caldwell Co., TX (Luling), ED 121, p 9, line 24 Mattie MILLICAN 54 TN TN TN mor of 8 ch, 7 liv Clarence 20 TX TN TN Lona 17 TX TN TN Lula 14 TX TN TN 1. William Hugh MILLICAN, b. 2-2-1867, d. 7-21-1939, Caldwell Co., TX, bur. Luling Cem., mar. 1898 Caldwell Co., TX M. Elizabeth Couly, b. 5-17-1864 IL, d. 7-21-1929, bur. Luling Cem. 1900 Caldwell Co., TX, ED 121, p 13, line 22 Wm. H. MILLICAN 33 TN TN TN 2-1867 Blksm mar. 12 yrs Bettie M. 36 IL TN TN 5-1864 mor 6 ch, 5 liv Chester 11 TX TN IL 6-1888 Nenna (f) 9 TX TN IL 4-1893 Aubrey 7 TX TN IL 4-1893 Maciel (f) 3 TX TN IL 7-1898 Willow (f) 1 TX TN IL 7-1898 1910 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census W. Hugh MILLICAN 43 TN TN TN mar. 22 yrs Martha E. 45 IL TN TN mor of 6 ch, 5 liv Nena 20 TX TN IL Aubrey J. 17 TX TN IL Maciel 13 TX TN IL Willo 11 TX TN IL a. William Chester MILLICAN, b. 6-30-1888, d. 9-18-1948, bur. Luling Cem., mar. Nonie W. 1910 Guadalupe Co., TX Federal Census, ED 58, p 290, l 63 (from soundex) Chester MILLICAN 21 Nonie W. 22 Albert 7/12 i. Albert MILLICAN, b. 12-1899 ii. Baby Perth MILLICAN, b. 10-9-1902, d. 10-13-1966, bur. Luling Cem. b. Norma MILLICAN, b. 12-1890. d. 1940, bur. Luling Cem., mar. 1900) Quillbert Peers STAGNER, b. 1889, d. 1961, bur. Luling Cem. (she was 2nd wife) c. Victor E. MILLICAN, b. 5-27-1891 TX, d. 12-30-1895, bur. Luling Cem. d. Aubrey J. MILLICAN, b. 4-1895 TX, mar. Pearl Clay e. Marcie MILLICAN, b. 7-1896 f. Willow MILLICAN, b. 7-1898, mar. Robert Bond 2. John C. MILLICAN, son of John M. & Martha Jane Madden MILLICAN: 6-13-1871 - 8-1-1873, buried in Elkridge Cem. next to Rev. Hugh K. SHIELDS. 3. Cora Bell MILLICAN, b. Feb 1879, TN, d. 7-29-1951, bur. Luling Cem., mar. 1889, Caldwell Co., TX R. B. "Leroy" SHADE a. Carrie L. SHADE, b. 2-1890 b. Vernon SHADE, b. 2-1893 4. Robert J. MILLICAN, b. 12-13-1873, d. 1-19-1954, bur. Luling Cem., mar. 1-10-1900 Sopha BEVERSDORF 5. John C. MILLICAN, b. 6-13-1871, d. 8-1-1873, bur. Elkridge Cem., Gi. Co., TN 6. James M. MILLICAN, b. 6-5-1878, TX 7. Clarence C. MILLICAN, b. 6-5-1878, TX, d. 11-29-1942, bur. Luling Cem. 1910 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, ED 29, p 6, l 19 In hh of Quill Stagner, brother in law Clarence MILLICAN 29 8. Martha Lona MILLICAN, b. 9-27-1882, d. 4-2-1910, bur. Luling Cem., mar. Quillbert Peers STAGNER (1st wife) 1910 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, ed 29, p 155 Quillbert Peers STAGNER 27 TX KY AR Vivian 3 TX Evelyn 1 TX Lee WHITE 34 TN TN TN mar. 6 yrs Lula 23 TX TN TN 2 ch, 1 liv Melvin 3 TX Clarence MILLICAN 29 TX TN TN b/l 9. Lula L. MILLICAN, b. Sep 1885, TX, mar. Robert Lee White a. Infant Daughter, b. 10-1895, bur. Luling Cem. b. Melvin White, b. 1907, TX C. William E. MILLICAN "Dee", b. 12-18-1845, Gi. Co., TN, d. 3-4-1901?, Fort Worth, TX?, bur. Pioneers Rest Cem.?, mar. 11-29-1865, Gi. Co., TN, by O. B. Caldwell, Mary C. BARRETT, b. 4-25-1849, TN, d/o Wm. T. BARRETT, M.D., d. 7-3-1912, Fort Worth, TARR Co., TX? NOTE: There is a tombstone in Pioneers Rest Cem., Fort Worth, with his name but no dates. He bought 2 plots and there are MILLICAN and POE children buried in one of them. I do not know of a POE connection. I have not found a death record for he or his wife. A descendant of John M. MILLICAN (#2 above) said she had found record in Guadalupe Co., TX where Mary was committed for insanity.) (Following copied from the Giles Co., TN WEB Page. JM) Journal of Henry Wade Barrett (This journal was begun by Henry Wade Barrett, son of Dr. William Thomas BARRETT and his first wife, Nancy Jane BEATY Barrett. Later additions were made by his son, Madison Luther Barrett and Madison’s son, Madison Leroy Barrett. It is now in the possession of Johnnie Barrett, Madison Leroy’s wife.) Left Tenn. For Tex. Sep 17, 1877. Went back to Tenn. Jul. 11, 1906. Started back to Tex. landed home Aug. the 12, 1906 after being in Tex. nearly 29 yr. John and Rosa Martin came to see us June the 27, 1912. Jessie Martin & Daughter came June 29, 1912. All left July 9, 1912. BIRTHS William T. Barrett borned March 20th 1829 Nancy Jane Barrett borned April 3rd 1831 Louisa A. Barrett borned April 11th 1839 Mary C. Barrett borned April 25th 1849 Henry Wade Barrett borned Oct 9th, 1853 changed to Sep 13th 1853 Madison M. Barrett borned Aug 11th 1857 Sarah A. L. Barrett borned Oct 2nd 1866 Virginia E. T. Barrett borned July 9th 1870 William T. Barrett borned Oct 18th 1872 Mary Jane Barrett borned Sept 12th 1851 Thomas Donald Barrett borned Oct 28th 1875 Sallie Beatrice Barrett borned Dec the 10th 1878 William Henry Barrett borned Jan the 25 1881 Madison Luther Barrett borned Sept the 9, 1885 Died June 72 Loretta Irene Barrett borned Sep 5, 1889 DEATHS Nancy J. Barrett Died 27 yrs 4 mo Aug 1858 William T. Barrett Died June 30, 1872 43 yer 3 mo 18 day Thomas Donald Barrett Died Oct the 5, 1876 Age 11 mo 7 days Mary C. Millican Died July the 3, 1912 Age 63 years 2 mo 8 days Mrs. M. J. Barrett died June 15, 1921 age 69 yrs 9 mo 3 days; Mother died June 15, 1921 at one o’clock and was buried at 10 o’clock on the 16 at Salado Tex HWB Submitted by: Carol Sue Gibbs. 1870 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, hh 639 Wm. E. MILLICAN 24 TN $275/200 Mary C. 21 TN William O. 3 TN Violet C. 1 TN 1880 Federal Census - I have not found him 1894-5 Fort Worth City Directory - W. E. MILLICAN, Farmer, residence 12 Wilderman, Rt. E, Belknap Bluff 1896-7 Fort Worth City Directory - Wm. E. MILLICAN, Farmer, Res. 108 Loney, Glenwood Phone No. - Edward L. driver Natatorium Laundry, same address 1899-1900 Mrs. Mollie C. MILLICAN, res. 301 Vickery Blvd., Glenwood 4 Phone No. (Did they separate or divorce?, based on information regarding her mental health and the number of children she claims to have borne in 1900, I wonder what the problem was? 1900 Tarrant Co., TX Federal Census, pct 4, ED 116, p 1, l4 W. E. MILLICAN 54 TN GA TN 12/1845 Fmr mar. 33 yrs Mary C. 51 TN TN TN mor 3 ch, liv Arthur 14 TX TN TN Lillie P. 9 TX TN TN Morgan E. 3 TX TN TN 1901-2 Fort Worth City Directory - Mollie C. MILLICAN, widow of W. E., res. 301 Vickery Blvd. Daughter Daisy, school teacher, resides same place. 1902-3 Fort Worth City Directory - Mrs. Mollie C. MILLICAN, widow of W. E., res. 301 Vickery Blvd., Miss Daisy, school teacher, same residence. 1. William Oliver MILLICAN, b. 11-2-1866, Gi. Co., TN, bur. Greenwood Cem., Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX, mar. 7-1-1893, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX, Elizabeth Evans, d/o Capt. Samuel Evans, b. 2-16-1869 "The Rev. MILLICAN was b. near Lynnville, Gi. Co., TN. He took literary courses at Baylor University after which he served as pastor of the Lake Avenue Baptist Church in Dallas, TX for 18 months, a position he resigned to attend a course of lectures in the Theological Seminary at Louisville, KY where he was located in 1894. He is connected with the Missionary Baptist Church of which his parents were members." Rockette Book. (I was told by a descendant William Oliver MILLICAN was pastor of the Broadway Baptist Church. He became disillusioned about religion and quit the ministry. He owned a large 2 story house in the near west part of Fort Worth on several A which contained a gravel pit. This descendant said he drove a truck hauling gravel that was used in most of the major construction done in down-town Fort Worth in the early 1900's. The home on west side burned. The area is now located somewhere I calculate to be just south and west of the Montgomery Ward building, or they may have bought his property to build there. I have not continued research in this regard. The descendant was not interested in genealogy and gave me the address of a sister who was living in California. I wrote her and got no response. I believe she was in a nursing home and may have been incapacitated.) 1890 William Oliver is listed in the Fort Worth City Directory of 1890, residing at 415 N. Live Oak, 2 blocks N. of Beach St. 1900 El Paso, TX Federal Census, ED 21, p 1, l 84, 608 McGoffin Ave. W. O. MILLICAN 33 TN TN TN 11-1866 mar. 9 yrs Lizzie 31 TX KY TX 5-1869 mor 4 ch., 3 liv Daisy 19 TX TN TN TN 5-1881 Sister Pauline 6 KY TN TX 1-1894 W. Oliver, Jr. 3 KY TN TX 9-1896 Hannah OLSEN 36 Servant a. Pauline MILLICAN, b. 1-1894,KY, 2 sons lived in Florida b. William Oliver MILLICAN, Jr., b. 9-1896, KY, mar. ? I. George E. MILLICAN, lived 100%9 Wessex, Fort Worth, TX 76133, ph 293-2448 ii. David J. MILLICAN, lived 3832 Carolyn Rd., Fort Worth, TX ph 924-6640 c. Samuel Evans MILLICAN, b. 6-1899 TX, has son in California d. Gertrude MILLICAN, b. after 1900, mar. Mr. Williford, lived in California William Oliver MILLICAN was a minister of the Broadway Baptist Church for some time, became disillusioned and went into the business of selling and hauling gravel from his property in near West Ft. Worth. He furnished a good portion of the gravel used in the construction of many buildings in down-town Ft. Worth. His son told me he drove a truck for him. William owned about 25 A with a large 2 story house that sat to the west of the current Montgomery Ward 8 story building. It burned. 2. Violet C. MILLICAN, b. 1-12-1869, Gi. Co., TN, bur. El Paso, TX, mar. 8-27-1890, Caldwell Co., TX, John B. Lane, s/o C. B. Lane of Lockhart, TX (They lived in Prairie Lea but are buried in El Paso. When did they move?) 1900 Caldwell Co., TX Federal Census, ED 118, p 11, l 62, Lockhart, Pct. 1 (soundex) John Lane 33 TX b. 8-1866 Violet 30 TX b. 1-1870 3. Edward L. MILLICAN, b. 7-31-1871, TX 1894-95 Fort Worth City Directory - Edward is driver for Natatorium laundry, residence same as William E., above 1896-7 Fort Worth City Directory - Wm. E. MILLICAN, Farmer, Res. 108 Loney, Glenwood Phone No. - Edward L. driver Natatorium Laundry, same address 4. Ammit Z. MILLICAN, b. 8-1-1873, TN, d. 1952, Fort Worth, TX, bur. Pioneer's Rest. Cem., mar. Grace Almeda ?, b. 3-1875, d. 1954, bur. Pioneers Rest Cem., Ft. Worth, TX 1896-7 Fort Worth City Directory - Ammit Z. residence 507 Samuels, empl. Parrish & MILLICAN Blacksmith at 502 W. Weatherford. John H. Parrish res. 434 N. Harding 1899-1900 Fort Worth City Directory - Ammit Z. blacksmith, shop corner E. 1st & Pendery, Res. E. Sylvania 1/4 mi N. of 1st St. - Morton (bro), occupation Huckster, resides with Ammit) 1900 Tarrant County, TX Federal Census (Fort Worth), Pct 1, ED 82, p 12/653, hh 228 Ammit Z. MILLICAN 27 TN TN TN b. 8-1872 mar 6 years Blacksmith Grace A. 25 NJ NJ NJ b. 3-1875 1 child, living Ruth V. 3 TX TN NJ b. 1-1897 1905 Fort Worth City Directory, Ammit Z. MILLICAN, rooms Birdville Rd., 3 blocks E. of Sylvania Ave., ph Riverside 5 1910 Tarrant Co., TX Federal Census, ED 90, p 735 (from soundex) Ammit G. MILLICAN 36 TN Grace 34 TN Violet 13 Ammit Jr. 9 Mary 7 William 4 a. Violet MILLICAN, b. c. 1897 b. Ammit MILLICAN, Jr., b. c. 1901 c. Mary MILLICAN, b. c. 1903 d. William MILLICAN, b. c. 1906 5. Thomas Morton MILLICAN, b. 5-14-1876, TN, mar. Bellezonia, b. Nov 1877, MO 1896-7-Fort Worth City Directory - Thomas M. Clerk for Herbert Wagner, res. 423 N. Harding (see Ammit same date) 1899-1900 Fort Worth City Directory - Ammit Z. blacksmith, shop corner E. 1st & Pendery, Res. E. Sylvania 1/4 mi N. of 1st St. - Morton (bro), occupation Huckster, resides with Ammit) 1900 Tarrant County Federal Census, Ft. Worth, Pct. 1, ED 82, p 12, hh 226/231 Tom M. MILLICAN 24 TN TN TN 3-1876 mar. 5 yrs Blksm, mortg. on home Bellezonia 22 MO MO MO 11-1877 mor 3 ch, 1 liv Sam E. 1 TX TN MO 5-1899 NOTE: House between Tom and Ammit 1900 Tarrant County Federal Census, Ft. Worth, Pct. 1, ED 82, p 12, hh 226/231 Luther Law 29 TN TN TN 12-1870 mar. 5 yr Blksm Bibbie F. 21 TN TN TN 12-1870 mor 3 ch, liv Bibbie L. 4 TX TN TN 10-1895 Nugent L. 3 TX TN TN 8-1896 Hershel H. 1 TX TN TN 11-1898 1905 Fort Worth City Directory, Thomas M. MILLICAN, Grocery and Market at SW Corner of Elm & Peach, res 411 Evans Unidentified: Albert G. MILLICAN, res 413 Evans John MILLICAN, res 413 Evans Charles A. MILLICAN, res 413 Evans a. Sam E. MILLICAN, b. 5-1899, TX 6. Daisy MILLICAN, b. 5-9-1881, TX 1900 El Paso, TX Federal Census, ED 21, p 1, l 84, 608 McGoffin Ave. W. O. MILLICAN 33 TN TN TN b. 11-1866 mar 9 years Daisy 19 TX TN TN b. 5-1881 Sister 1901-2- Fort Worth City Directory - Mollie C. MILLICAN, widow of W. E., res. 301 Vickery Blvd. Daughter Daisy, school teacher, resides same place. 1902-3- Fort Worth City Directory - Mrs. Mollie C. MILLICAN, widow of W. E., res. 301 Vickery Blvd., Miss Daisy, school teacher, same residence. 7. Roland Arthur MILLICAN, b. 6-9-1886, TX 1901-2-Fort Worth City Directory - Arthur MILLICAN, waiter at Tennessee Hotel, and resides there 8. Lilly Pearl MILLICAN, b. 4-11-1891, TX 9. Morgan E. MILLICAN, b. 7-1896, TX IV. Sarah E. MILLICAN, b. 1813, GA, mar. 12-29-1832, Maury Co., TN, William COCHRAN, BM, John Finley COCHRAN, b. 6-7-1811, GA, d. 3-2-1857, Polk Co., MO 1840 Federal Census Gi. Co., TN, p 136 J. F. COCHRAN 10011-10001 John F., Sarah, W. A., Mary J and an unidentified male 16/20 years old. 1850 Federal Census, Gi. Co., TN, 15th Civil Dist., p 845, hh 243 John F. COCHRAN 39 TN Sarah E. 9 TN Sarah (MILLICAN) 37 GA Jefferson M. 5 TN W. A. 16 TN James C. 6/12 TN Mary J. 12 TN 1860 Federal Census, Polk Co., MO, Mooney Township, Pleasant Hope P.O., hh 1187 Sarah COCHRAN 42 GA Jefferson 15 TN Farmhand William 26 TN James 10 TN Mary 20 TN Family of John Finley COCHRAN and Sarah MILLICAN 1. William A. COCHRAN b. ca 1836, Gi. Co., TN 2. Mary J. COCHRAN b. ca 1838, Gi. Co., TN 3. Sarah E. COCHRAN b. 1 May 1842, Gi. Co.,TN d. 3 Apr 1863 mar. 12 Oct 1857 W. Hugh KERR b. 23 Dec 1834 4. Jefferson M. COCHRAN b. ca 1845, Gi. Co., TN 5. James C. COCHRAN b. ca Jan 1850 BIBLE RECORD (Quoted here as copied) Mrs. A. Lucille Chrisman, 900 S. Douglas Springfield, MO 65806, on 22 Oct 1979 wrote: Dear Frances, I found this record in Sept. 1959 , in a Bible that my cousin Blanche (Mrs. Fred) Love, whose mother was Janie KERR, was discarding because it was all to pieces and she didn't think her son Walter Wallis Love, of Springfield, would want it. I asked her to let me save the family record. Deaths were recorded first, then marriages, then births. I have re-arranged them. John F. COCHRAN b. June 7, 1811 (John F. COCHRAN mar. Sarah MILLICAN Dec. 29, 1832 MJM) John F. COCHRAN d. Mch. 2, 1857 William A. COCHRAN b. Sept. 26, 1834 William A. COCHRAN d.May 9, 1863 Mary J. COCHRAN b. Oct. 1, 183- (1, 7, or 9?) Mary J. COCHRAN d.Dec. 22, 1865 Sarah E. COCHRAN b. May 1, 1842 Sarah E. COCHRAN d. April 3, 1863 Jefferson M. COCHRAN b. June 17, 1845 Jefferson M. COCHRAN d. Aug 15, 1860 James C. COCHRAN b. Jan 23, 1850 Marriages: Sarah E. KERR, Dec. 10, 1857 Births: W. H. (Hugh) KERR, b. Dec. 23, 1834 Hannah Jane KERR b. Apr. 17, 1861 Note: Hannah Jane KERR mar. Charles L. Wallis, (son of Allen Wallis & Mira Eveline Bed ... Wallis) who was b. Dec. ll, 1864 in Greene Co., MO. and had daughter Blanche who mar. Fred Love) (End of Bible Record) (It would appear that James C. COCHRAN is the only child to survive beyond the death of Sarah E., who appears to have been the owner of the bible.) I came by the information that this record was on file in the Ozarkin Genealogy Quarterly. On 3 January 1988 I called Mrs. Chrisman and asked her if she knew any descendants I might contact. She told me that was about all she knew about the COCHRANs except that some went to Oregon and one had gone to Fort Coffee, AR to teach Indian children. She also said she knew some of the COCHRANs had gone to Oregon. I have had a little correspondence about 2 years ago with Mr. Robert COCHRANE of Oregon who had written to the Giles Co. Quarterly regarding some of the Laird/EVANS genealogy. Mr. COCHRANE sent me copies of the two letters written by William W. COCHRAN to Charles Woodson COCHRAN, Mr. COCHRANE's ancestor. He said he had gotten the letter copies from Mr. Virgil COCHRAN of Texarkana. I contacted Virgil in early January this year and he was delighted to learn I was interested in the COCHRANs. He is gratefully praised for preserving these documents and sharing them. Without his doing so several connections would have gone unanswered and unproven. I inquired at our local library and there was a Fort Coffee in LeFlour Co., AR. It was later abandoned and became Fort Coffee Academy. It was established 1834 at Swallow River and abandoned 1838, a school for Choctaw boys. LeFlore Co., OK. is just across the River from AR. References: Coffee Academy, Chronicles of OK, Quarterly (2 volumes of index), Oklahoma Trails, Arkansas Presbytery 1812-1894 - Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma) Since Mrs. Chrisman had sent the bible record of John Finley and knew some of the COCHRANs had gone to Oregon, I now wonder if some of John Finley's descendants did not also go to Oregon, since we know some of Charles Woodson's descendants are there?) V. Jane MILLICAN, b. 1-1-1816, GA, d. 9-16-1880, bur. Evergreen Cem., Maury Co., TN, mar. 12-28-1837, Maury Co., TN, William G. BRADSHAW, b. 3-2-1806, d. 2-2-1880, bur. Evergreen Cem., Maury Co., TN 1830 Census, Maury Co., TN p 343 Joseph T. BRADSHAW 10001-2001 p 328 Solomon BRADSHAW 00001001-000011001 (I suspect William & Jane are living with him here.) p 328 Eli G. BRADSHAW 001001-00101 (Next door to Wm. W.COCHRAN, s/o James and Jane (MILLICAN) COCHRAN) 1840 Census, Maury Co., TN p 322 Americus BRADSHAW 000001-30011 p 321 Edward BRADSHAW 00001-0 p 303 Eli G. BRADSHAW 0000001-01000001 p 311 Hugh BRADSHAW 0-0 p 303 Solomon BRADSHAW 100010001-0001100001 (I suspect William & Jane are living with him here.) p 335 Wm. BRADSHAW 00001-0 1850 Census, Maury Co., TN, p 655, HH 1199/655 William G. BRADSHAW 44 TN (Deaf & Dumb) Jane (MILLICAN) 31 GA Sarah 6 TN Mary 3 TN Elizabeth 81 NC Rebecca COKER 22 GA (half-sister, see Rebecca below) 1860 Maury Co., TN Federal Census, CD 6, p 3580/145083-341 William BRADSHAW 55 NC Fmr deaf & dumb Jane 44 GA James N. 20 TN John W. 6 TN 1870 Maury Co., TN, Federal Census, p 286 W. G. BRADSHAW 64 TN deaf & dumb Jane 52 GA William 17 TN Fmr Sam CROSSLIN 24 IRE Huckster 1870 Maury Co., TN Federal Census, hh 288/289 James R. BRADSHAW 31 TN Fmr M. E. 24 TN Ella 3 TN Frank B. 4/12 TN b. Feb W. M. EVANS 21 GA 1880 Maury Co., TN Federal Census, 6 CD, p 183D, hh 143/149 James BRADSHAW 41 TN NC GA Mary E. 39 TN TN TN Ella 12 TN TN TN Frank B. 10 TN TN TN Anna B. 5 TN TN TN Dora M. 2 TN TN TN 1880 Maury Co., TN Federal Census, 6 CD, p 183D, hh 144/150 John W. BRADSHAW 27 TN TN TN Elizabeth 26 TN TN TN Rufus 6 TN TN TN James C. 3 TN TN TN Brainard 2 TN TN TN Jane 64 TN TN TN Mother (William d. Feb) DEED INDEX MAURY CO., TN (There are 18 entries of Wm. for land, trusts, sales and lots. I doubt this is our William G. BRADSHAW, but may be. The older William was sheriff of the county for a while, which would explain why he was involved in so many deeds. It was the job of Sheriff to hold public sale of lands for various legal reasons.) Vol. 1 1807-1843 GRANTEE VOL/BK PAGE ACRES GRANTOR William BRADSHAW 1L 71 124 Henry Robertson Eli G. BRADSHAW " 589 52? Permenas Howard (Permanas Howard was a neighbor to the William COCHRAN families) Eli G. BRADSHAW 1Y 95 36 Permenas Howard William BRADSHAW 1Z 43 Sale Americus BRADSHAW William BRADSHAW " 303 Trust John Lamar William BRADSHAW " 63 Henry SMITH Vol. 2 (First half) 9/1843 - 6/1860 W. G. BRADSHAW 2D 85 44 Ballanfant & Hunt BRADSHAW & Wilson " 366 " Wm. Voorhies Wm. G. BRADSHAW " 417 3 Hewett & Bellafont BRADSHAW, Mayes & Francis " 420 Agreement Wm. G. BRADSHAW " 396 26-104 Parmenas Howard GRANTOR GRANTEE William BRADSHAW, Shff 1B 125 Sale William T. Lewis William BRADSHAW 1E 37 3000 McLean & Corithers Americus BRADSHAW 1Z 43 Sale William Elizabeth BRADSHAW 2B 461 GIFT Wm. G. Coffey Wm. G. BRADSHAW 2L 249 Right Central Southern RR Co. Vol. 3 1876-1892 Wm. G. BRADSHAW 3E 589 77 J. N. & J. W. BRADSHAW J. N. BRADSHAW & wife 3J 578 30/108 J. W. BRADSHAW J. W. BRADSHAW & wife " 583 46-58 J. N. BRADSHAW J. W. BRADSHAW & wife 3K 142 30/108 A. W. A. McDonald J. N. BRADSHAW & wife 3M 240 46/58 G. F. & J. N. Kennedy VI. Lettice Ann MILLICAN, b. 4-1-1820(?), GA, d. 11-30-1889, Gi. Co., TN, bur. Elkridge Cem., mar. 10-19-1831, Madi. Co., GA Please note: I was convinced the Thomas Fitzpatrick and his wife Eliza Ann were my lateral line because so many of the children of Mary Millican came to Giles Co., apparently after their parents died. I have eliminated the Giles Co. Thomas Fitzpatrick family due to the fact that there is so much questionable about whether or not the wife is Lettie using other names. VII. James MILLICAN (Is this James Newton MILLICAN?) VIII John Malachai COKER, b. c. 1824, GA, d. 1880+, mar. c. 1847, Sarah A. WILKES, b. c. 1836 1839-6-3 Ordered that Washington ARMOR to whom John M. COKER was heretofore bound apprentice be from this time released from the obligation of the indenture entered into by him with the Chairman of this Court for that purpose. (Vol. begins 3-1837) Gi. Co., TN Court Minutes, p 351 Ordered that John M. COKER be bound apprentice to Thomas BARRETT whereupon he entered into an indenture with Alexander BLACK, Esquire Chairman of this Court as the law directs. (Due to the fact that John M. COKER was apprenticed out in 1839, and before, I suspect the mother was possibly still living but the father was deceased. I also am remembering it is possible Mary Ann married again after Asa COKER died if she did survive him. If this is the case, she could very well have been in Maury and/or Gi. County during her lifetime.) Is John M. COKER in hh of another surname 1840? 1859-11-26 Henry SPIVY to John M. COKER $50.00 and note of $250 due 12-25-1859 on waters of Robertson's Fork of Richland Creek adjoins M. SPIVY, J. M. BEAL'S, THARP, for 30 A, another tract adjoining above 3 A & 145 poles, adjoins BRADON, a stake in the road, made 26 Nov 1859. signed Henry (X) SPIVY, wit. Matthew SPIVY and Henry J. WALKER. Gi. Co. D.B. AA, p 53l 1860 Census, Gi. Co., TN, 15th CD, p 13, H 76 John M. COKER 36 GA Sarah A. (WILKES) 24 TN William 17 TN Louisa 15 TN John 13 TN Charles 11 TN Sarah 8 TN Margaret 1 TN 1863-4-20 John M. COKER to M. L. WILLS for $1,000, $700 cash in hand and note due 12-25-next, adjoins BEAL, THARP, 30 A and another tract adjoining for 3 145/160 A. Signed with seal, Wit: Matthew SPIVY, W. L. VICK. Gi. Co. D.B. BB, p 533. (Note from a Maury Co. Book: N. T. COKER of Gi. Co., mar. Nancy P. BRANCH.) 1870 Gi. Co., TN Federal Census, CD 15, p 43-316, hh 304/307 John M. COKER 48 GA Farmer $1400/1000 Sarah 31 TN Margaret J. 11 MO Matthew L. 9 TN married d/o N. E. MARTIN, s/o Eliz. Ann MILLICAN MARTIN Bramentis 5 TN married d/o N. E. MARTIN, s/o Eliz. Ann MILLICAN MARTIN Mary L. 2 TN 1880 Gi. Co., TN Federal Census, CD 15, p 19-290, hh 180-188 John M. COKER 58 Fmr GA GA GA Sarah A. (WILKES) 44 wife TN TN TN Matthew L. 18 son TN TN TN Lewetta 12 dau TN TN TN Bramentes 14 son TN TN TN Izora 5 dau TN TN TN Sarah WILKES 21 cousin TN TN TN IX. Rebecca S. COKER, b. c. 1828 GA, d. WW 7-24-1880, 1852, Gi. Co., TN, James A. MARTIN, s/o John MARTIN & Elizabeth Ann MILLICAN, b. 1-1-1823, GA, d. 2-3-1890, Gi., Co., TN, bur. Elkridge Cem. (Will written 7-24-1880), d/o Mary (MILLICAN) MILLICAN & Asa COKER) 1854 J. A. MARTIN to J. M. COKER, Gi. Co., TN D.B. X1854, 342, 53 110/160A 1860 Federal Census, Gi. Co., TN, Northern Subdivision, p 26-13, hh 162 James MARTIN 38 GA Farmer $3,000/1500 Rebecca S. 30 GA Anna J. 6 TN John J. 4 TN William J. 2 TN Henry BEARDEN 25 TN Farm Laborer 1860 Gi. Co., TN Federal Census, p 27, 15th CD, hh 173 William Cross 24 NC Sarah 17 NC Babe 4/12 TN 1865 J. A. MARTIN to Wm. MILLIGAN, Gi. Co., TN D.B. CC1865, p 196 1868 James A. MARTIN from S. D. Reynolds, Gi. Co., TN Deed Bk. DD1868, p 559 1870 Gi. Co., TN Federal Census, CD 15, p 30-309, hh 219 James A. MARTIN 50 GA Fmr $4500/2520 Charles M. 3 TN Rebecca 41 GA Mary E. 1 TN Anna J. 15 TN Att school Amy J. OSBORN 13 TN (blk) serv. John J. 13 TN " Sela Richardson (b. f) 25 TN Farm lab. William J. 11 TN " Richardson, Vira 2/12 TN Nathaniel 5 TN 1870 Gi. Co.,TN Federal Census, 15th, p 24, hh 168 James Cross 46 TN *William 7 TN Sarah 27 NC Deaf & dumb John 3 TN Mary A. 11 TN Charlie 1 TN James 9 TN Deaf & dumb 1871 James A. MARTIN from John G. MARTIN, Gi. Co., TN Deed Bk. FF1871, p 573 1880 Gi. Co., TN Federal Census, CD 15, p 13-287, hh 115-120 James A. MARTIN 59 Farmer GA GA GA Rebecca S. (COKER) 50 wife GA GA GA James 22 Farmer TN GA GA Nathaniel E. 16 wks farm TN GA GA Charles M. 14 att sch TN GA GA Mary E. 11 at home TN GA GA Milton MCCALLUM(b) 45 wks farm TN TN TN 1880 Gi. Co., TN Federal Census, CD 15, p 19-290, hh 181-189 John J. MARTIN 21 Farmer TN GA GA (s/o James A. MARTIN) Lucy 20 wife TN TN TN 1880 Gi. Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, hh 81/86 William Cross 58 NC NC NC Sarah 37 NC NC NC deaf & dumb James J. 18 TN NC NC deaf & dumb *William M. 16 TN NC NC John 14 TN NC NC Charles 12 TN NC NC Ira B. 8 TN NC NC Anna 6 TN NC NC (Ira Brown CROSS b. 1872, d. 1938, bur. Marrs Hill Cem., now Marshall Co., TN) * CROSS, W. M. mar. Lillie MARTIN, 1884, sol. 7/20, by J. M. LOCKE, M.G. 1884 J. A. MARTIN from J. J. WALKER, Gi. Co., TN D.B. PP1884, p 127, 109A J. A. MARTIN to J. J. WALKER, Gi. Co., TN D.B. PP1884, p 137, 121P 1885 J. A. MARTIN from E. R. DAVIS & wife for $332.34 80A in 15th CD on Roberson Fork. N. E. MARTIN security of note 3-12-1887. Gi. Co., TN D.B. QQ1885, p 232, 80 135/160A 1887 James A. MARTIN & wife to M. L. COKER for $765.97, 54A, CD 15, on waters of Robertson Fork, beginning at a stone set north of residence of John MARTIN, deceased. Gi. Co., TN D.B. RR1887, p 260, 54 114/160A 1888 James A. MARTIN from J. B. Stacy, C&M, Gi. Co., TN D.B. SS1888, p 273, 135 53/160A 1889 James A. & wife MARTIN to Robert B. Wilson, Gi. Co., TN D.B. TT1889, p 25, 26 19/160A 1890 James A. MARTIN & wife to Andrew J. Trigg, Gi. Co., TN D.B. UU1890, p 97, 60 9/10A A. Anna J. MARTIN, b. 11-29-1854, Gi. Co., TN, d. 9-2-1912, bur. Elkridge Cem. mar. Lic 12-30-1870, sol. 12-30-1870 by F. J. Tyler, John B. JAMES, b. 5-31-1844, d. 8-6-1913, bur. Elkridge Cem. 1880 Gi. Co., TN Federal Census, CD 15, p 12-287, hh 111-116 John B. JAMES 30 Fmr TN NC NC James T. 4 son TN TN TN Anna J. 25 wife TN TN TN Nancy R. 3 dau TN TN TN E. 5 dau TN TN TN Monroe F. 1 son TN TN TN Thomas 75 fa VA VA VA deformed James T. JAMES 1875 1948, bur. Elkridge Cem. Jessie Lee JAMES 12-3-1888 11-27-1968, bur. Elkridge Cem. Jim Jackson JAMES 2-12-1882 3-15-1966, bur. Elkridge Cem. Mary Ann JAMES 4-18-1880 5-24-1948,bur. Elkridge Cem. William Ebb JAMES 3-18-1885 3-28-1940, bur. Elkridge Cem. B. John Jackson MARTIN, b. 5-1-1856, Gi. Co., TN, d. 6-24-1916 Lynnville, Gi. Co., TN, bur. Elkridge Cem. mar. Lucy D. ?, b. 4-16-1861, d. 4-28-1929, Lynnville, Gi. Co.,TN, bur. Elkridge Cem. 1. Claude S. MARTIN, b. 1-10-1884, d. 2-4-1888, bur. Elkridge Cem. 2. Ray MARTIN 3. Rex MARTIN 4. Rena MARTIN, mar. a Mr. Black? C. William James MARTIN, b. 3-1858, Gi. Co., TN, d. 1921, Lynnville, Gi. Co., TN, bur. Elkridge Cem. mar. c. 1880 Sallie (Sarah) Wilkes, b. Nov 1859, TN, d. 1934 Lynnville, Gi. Co., TN, bur. Elkridge Cem. Living in 15th CD of Gi. Co., TN in 1900 - mother of 7 children, all living 1. William T. MARTIN, b. 10-26-1881, d. 5-5-1908, bur. Elkridge Cem. 2. Annie May MARTIN 3. James Monroe MARTIN, b. 9-17-1887, d. 7-22-1934 mar. 4-14-1912 Anna Mae SPIVEY, d/o John Allen SPIVEY & Mary Elizabeth MARTIN - cousins b. 1-16-1883, d. 4-9-1959, bur. Elkridge Cem. a. James M. MARTIN, deceased b. Mary W. MARTIN, mar. Wilkes, living Lynnville, TN c. William B. MARTIN, deceased d. Elizabeth MARTIN, lives in Nashville 4. Jesse MARTIN, b. 11-1892, mar. Gilliam, lived in Pulaski, moved to Texas 5. Kelley MARTIN, b. 2-18-1901, d. 1-27-1913, Albert Holt, Grigsby Baptist Church, minister, bur. Elkridge Cem. Ref. Record book of Rev. Albert Holt, Maury Co., TN Quarterly. D. Nathaniel E. MARTIN, b. 1865, Gi. Co., TN E. Charles M. MARTIN, b. 1867, Gi. Co., TN, 8-23-1890, Gi. Co., TN by R. D. Cameron, J.P., Euna Dodson F. Mary E. MARTIN, b. 1869, Gi. Co., TN mar. 12-3-1885 by J. M.Locke, M.G., John Allen Spivey 1. Annie Mae Spivey mar. James Monroe MARTIN, s/o William James MARTIN, above PLEASE NOTE: An Asa Coker came to the area by 1860 and had married a local wife. I have been in recent correspondence with a descendant who has caused me to doubt he is a part of this family.

Submitted by Janell McCann (Deceased 1 Jul 2007)