Paisley Descendants

            C 8-10 JOHN ANDERSON PAISLEY, b. 14 May 1801, Guilford Co N.C.
                      Son of C 7-1 James Paisley & Hannah Denny.
                      1860 census Nancy in son, James Newton's household, Giles Co Tn.
                      1850 census: Giles Co Tn.  Buried Mt. Carmel Cem., Tenn.; died 27 Sep
                      1850, Giles Co Tn. Married Guilford Co N.C., 2 Aug 1826: Nancy Steele.
                      (LDS entry says married Giles Co Tn.) Children:
                         James Newton Paisley FAMILY [email protected]
                         Robert Steele Paisley FAMILY 9-2.
                         Archibald Jackson Paisley FAMILY 9-3.
                         Mary Elizabeth Paisley FAMILY 9-4.
                         William D Paisley FAMILY q-5.
                         John Milton Paisley FAMILY 9-6.
                         Martha Jane Paisley FAMILY 9-7.

            C 8-11 ELEANOR PAISLEY, b. 4 July 1805, Guilford Co N.C.
                      Dtr of r' 7-2 James Paisley & Hannah Denny.
                      Died 5 May 1857 Mt. Carmel, Tn.; buried Mt. Carmel Cem., Stella, Giles Co.

            G B-12 JAMES DENNY PAISLEY, b. 24 Aug i8lO, Guilford Co N.C. (From LDS I.G.I. entry).
                      Son of G 7-2 James Paisley & Hannah Denny.
                      1850 census: Giles Co Tn. 72, 643.
                      1860 census: Giles Co Tn. 157-181,
                      Died 28 Jan 1881; buried Mt. Carmel Cem., Stella, Giles Co Tn.
                      Married Giles Co Tn., 10 March 1846: Martha Ann Beasley. (b. cl8l9 Tn.)
                      Children:  Archibald W Paisley FAMILY 9-8.
                                 Elijah D Paisley FAMILY  9-9.
                                 Thomas Kidd Paisley FAMILY 9-10.
                                 Mary Elizabeth Paisley FAMILY 9-11.
                                 Martha Paisley FAMILY   9-12.
                                 Erma R Paisley FAMILY   9-13.
                                 James Archie Paisley FAMILY 9-14.
                                 Williar, A Paisley FAMILY   9-15.
                                 William Kidd Paisley, b. c1841 (was 9 on 1850 census).

            C B-13 MARY ANN PAISLEY, b. 12 May 1813, Giles Co Tn.; died 1 Aug 1850, Tn.
                      Dtr of 0 7-2 James Paisley & Hannah Denny.
                      Buried Mt.  Carmel Cem, Stella, Giles Co Tn.

            G 8-14 HANNAH MARTHA PAISLEY, t. 5 Feb 1816, Ciles Co Tn.
                      Dtr of C 7-2 James Paisley & Hannah Denny.
                      Married riles Go Tn., 29 Nov 1841: Joseph Helm Jones (b. 27 Sep 1815,

                     Giles Co Tn.; died 25 Feb 1891, Giles Co Tn.; buried Mt.  Carmel Cem.,
                      Stella, Giles Co Tn. ) Hannah died 6 Aug 1850, Giles Co Tn., & buried 9
                      Aug at Mt. Carmel Cem., Stella, Giles Co Tn.
                      Hannah was Joseph's first wife, his 2nd being Elizabeth Amanda Reagin,
                      whom he married 15 Apr 1851, Giles Co Tn. (His parents were David Jones
                      Dicey Helm.) Some. of this information comes from: Douglas M Jones, 2750
                      Ridgehill Dr.; Sumter, South Car. 29154-7045.  Hannah & Joseph had 3
                      children: Mary Ann, Eliza Jane & Elizabeth.

           C 8-15 FRANCES PAISLEY, b. 19 July 1820, Giles Co Tn.
                      Dtr of G 7-2 James Paisley & Hannah Denny.  Died 28 June 1892, Giles Co Tn.
                      Married clB4O: James A Jones; buried Mt.  Carmel Cem., Stella, Giles Co Tn.

           G 8-16 WILLIAM ROBERT DONNELL PAISLEY, b. 4 March 1822, Giles Co Tn.; farmer.
                      Son of G 7-2 James Paisley & Hannah Denny.
                      1860 census: Giles Co Tn. 1870 census: Civil Dist. 13, Giles Co Tn.  Pq 52.
                      1880 census: Dist. 13, Giles Co Tn.
                      Died 31 July 1891; bur.  Cumberland Churchyard, Pulaski, Giles Co Tn.
                      Married Giles Co Tn., 1851: Ann M Bea.-ley (b. 2 Oct 1838, Mississippi:
                      taken from LDS I.C.T.) Children:
                      Mary Elizabeth Paisley FAMILY 9-16.
                      John M Paisley FAMILY 9-17.
                      William Addison Paisley FAMILY 9-18.
                      Newton Paisley FAMILY 9-19.
                      Donne] Paisley FAMILY 9-20.
                      Martha Paisley FAMILY 9-21.
                      James M Paisley  FAMILY 9-22.
                      Anna Paisley, b. 21 Aug 1868, Giles Co Tn. (From LDS I.G.I. entry.)
                      Sarah A Paisley, b. 1852

           G B-17 MARY ANN MCLEAN PAISLEY, b. 1800, Guilford Co N.C. Died 1845.
                      Dtr of C 7-4 John Paisley & Hannah Donnell.
                      Married 1818 to: (Colonel) Joel McLean/McClean, merchant in Greensboro,NC.

           G 8-18 MARGARET spollyn PAISLEY, b. 25 Jan 1803, Greensboro, Guilford Co N. C.
                      Dtr of 0 7-4 John Paisley & Hannah Donnell.
                      This family found on LDe World Family Tree, Vol. 1: 13107.
                      Polly transferred to 0 8-4, Line 6-3 upon her marriage, Greensboro,
                      Guilford Co N.C. to:
                      JOSEPH PAISLEY, her cousin: see children there.  Jos. b. 4 Feb 1797, Guilford Co N.C.;
                      died 1857.  Margaret died 2 Dec 1836, Donnellson, Illinois.

                     On this Family Grouping, IRE 4-001: Joseph is listed Line 3, C 8-4.

           0 B-19 ELIZABETH PAISLEY, b. 1805, Guilford Co N.C.
                     Dtr of 0 7-4 John Paisley & Hannah Donnell.
                     1850 census,  North Div., page 276, Guilford Co NC, a Nancy Pasley born
                     cl820, Guilford Co NC, Residing in Wmls household.  Who are the parents
                     of this Nancy?  See G B-25 note.
                     Died 3 Feb 1857; bur.  Creensboro Presby.  Churchyard, Greensboro, N.C.
                     Married Guilford Co N.C., 21 Feb 1828: William S Rankin (b. c1806,
                     Guilford Co N.C) HE, was a merchant in Creensboro, Guilford Co N.C.

           G B-20 JANE S PAISLEY, b. 1807, Guilford Co N.C. Died 1841.
                     Dtr of G 7-4 John Paisley & Hannah Donnell.
                     Married Guilford Co N.C., 29 Aug 1839: David McLean/McClean (1/2 brother
                     of [COLONEL] Joel McLean/McClean.)

           G 8-21 JOHN PAISLEY, Ill., b. 5 Nov 1809, Guilford Co N.C.
                     Son of G 7-4 John Paisley & Hannah Donnell.
                     Died 13 Aug 1845, Hillsboro, Orange Co N.C.; bur.  Alamance Presby.  Church-
                     yard, Guilford Co N.C. Died in an epidemic of Erysepeles, along with his
                     father; John Christopher Paisley; & Hannah (Denny) Paisley.
                     (The PAISLEY FAMILY RESEARCH AND NEWS-Fall/Winter 1998 had an article on
                     Rev.  John, where it stated he died of typhoid fever, His surviving son,
                     William McLean Paisley, was only 3 years old at the time.)         Occupation:
                     Presby.  Reverend; he was educated & preached a few years in the west
                     part of N.C. Married 16 Apr 1839: Elizabeth D. velizas Bradshaw (b. 1821
                     N.C.; died 3 Sep 1880, Dobyville, Clark Co Ark.) Children:
                     John Christopher Paisley PAMILY 9-23.
                     William McLean Paisley FAMILY 9-24.
                     Maryanna Paisley FAMILY 9-25.
                     Hanna Paisley, b. 5 Dec 1844.

                     Following John's death, Eliza married Lorenzo Dow Liscomb 27 Feb 1847,
                     Orange Co N.C. Lorenzo was b. N.C., occupation: tailor.
                     The family moved to Dobyville, Clark Co Ark.  In the 1850 census:
                     Lorenzo & Elizabeth, with her children, found Smith Twp., Dallas Co Ark.,
                     page 52.

                     ED Rindeikis, a member of The Paisley Family Society, has the line of
                     John m. Elizabeth Bradqtiaw.  Address: 5310 Shadow Lake Dr.; San Antonio,
                     Tx. 78244-1641.  He sent 3 sheets of info on his line.

            G B-22 WILLIAM PAISLEY, b. 1811, Guilford Co N. C. Died 1836, Bond Co 111.
                     Son of G 7- John Paisley & Hannah Donnell.
                     An acclt states he went to Bond Co 1836/37 & taught school a few years
                     and died there.

            G 8-23 THOMAS D PAISLEY, b. 18i4, Guilford Co N. C. Died 1866, Clay, Missouri.
                     Son of G 7-4 John Paisley & Hannah Donnell.  Farmer.
                     1850 census; South Div.  Pq 292 Guilford Co NC, with Sikes & Coffin's in
                     household; Melissa b. cl825 Cuilford Co NC.
                     Married 3 Dec 1846: Melissa Cooper, Guilford Co N.C. (From LDS
                     1850 census: Thomas, 29, in Guilford Co NC, also there Melissa with him
                     (b. Guilford Co N.C.) They should have had a 2-yr old son, John, with
                     them on the census in 1850 --- where was he?  Have I got Thomas that married
                     Melissa in the wrong family grouping?

            G 8-24 JAMES PAISLEY, b. 3 Jan 1816, Guilford Co N.C. Farmer.
                     Son of G 7-4 John Paisley & Hannah Donnell.
                     1850 census: James South Div.  Pq 291 Guilford Co NC, with negro servant
                     in household. 1860 census: Greensboro, page 225, Guilford Co NC.
                     1870 census: Jefferson Twp., page 181, Guilford Co NC. with Minerva head.
                     Married first: 3 Sep 1840, Guilford Co NC: Elizabeth J Scott, had 1 child:
                     William M Paisley  FAMILY 9-26. (Scott entry from LDS I.G.I.)

                     1850 census: Guilford Co N.C., 34, farmer;         Minerva, 26, b. Guilford Co NC.
                     Married 2nd: Guilford Co N.C. 30 July 1846: Minerva Wharton (b. 10 July
                     1824, Guilford Co N. C.)
                     Elizabeth Jane Paisley FAMILY 9-27.
                     Martha W Paisley FAMILY  9-28.
                     John W Paisley  FAMILY  9-29.
                     James Porter Paisley FAMILY  9-30.
                     Drury Lacy Paisley FAMILY 9-31.
                     Mary Annie Paisley FAMILY  9-32.

                     (Father) James died 30 Aug 1868; buried Alamance Piesby.  Churchyard,
                     Guilford Co N.C. He resided near the 'Old Paisley Homestead.' Was an
                     Elder in the Alamance Church.  He was a strong Rebel of the Civil War
                     was very bitter against their pastor, Dr. Carruthers, because he would not
                     publicly pray for the success of the Rebellion (1861-65.)

            0 B-25 NANCY PAISLEY, b 4 Nov 1818, Guilford Co N. C, (Ed Rindeikis states 1825.)
                    Dti of C 7-4 John Piisley & Hannah Donnell.

                   Died 11 Feb 1853, bur.  Alamance Presby.  Churchyard, Guilford Co N.C.

          G B-26 HANNAH C PAISLEY, b. 12 March 1834, Guilford Co N. C. tEd Rindeikis states 1824.)
                    Dtr of G 7-4 John Paisley & Hannah Donnell.
                    Died 7 July 1857; bur.  Alamance Presby, Churchyard, Guilford Co N.C.

          G B-27 MARY ANN PAISLEY, born cl8l2.
                    Dtr of G 7-6 George Paisley & Elizabeth obetsys Freeland.


          F 9-1 JAMES NEWTON PAISLEY, b. 26 Oct 1828, Giles Co Tn. (From LDS I.C.I. entry).
                   Son of C 8-10 John Anderson Paisley & Nancy Steele.
                   1850 census: Giles Co Tn.
                   1860 census: Giles Co Tn,, with his mother, Nancy, in his household,
                   plus his brother, John M. Paisley; & sister, Martha J. Paisley.
                   Died 30 Oct 1863.  Married cl858; Sophionia/Sofionia A Bodenhamer
                   (b. 18 March 1829 Giles Co Tn.; died 22 Sep 1891).  There is an Internet
                   Genealogical Program on the Steele'5 and Bodenhamer's.  Children:
                   Mary Elizabeth Paisley, 0 10-1.      Sarah Steele Paisley, 0 10-2.

          G 10-1 MARY ELIZABETH PAISLEY, b. 73 Dec 1858, Giles Co Tn.; died 31 July 1859.
          G 10-2 SARAH STEELE PAISLEY, b. 9 March 1860, Giles Co Tn. (LDS IGI entry.) Died 6 Aug 1865.
                   Dtrs of F 9-1 James Newton Paisley & Sophionia/Sofionia A Bodenhamer.
                   1850 census: Giles Co Tn.

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