Descendants of John Alexander Perry

Generation No. 1

Francis1) was born April 08, 1822 in Tennessee, and died October
1894 in Pleasant Hill (McCalle) Alabama.  He married DORCAS
ELIZABETH WITHERSPOON August 19, 1841 in Columbia, TN, daughter
of DAVID WITHERSPOON and Penelope Gee.  She was born January 26, 
1824 in Maury County, TN, and died July 31, 1886 in Pleasant
Hill (McCalle) Alabama.

John Alexander Perry was my great grandfather.  He was born in
Weakley County, TN, His parents came to Tennessee when new land was
sought by cotton farmers in the early nineteenth century. The family
settled in the area near the Tennessee River along the border with
Kentucky. Later, the area became Weakley County.  The 1830 census
taken in that area reveals that among the family assets were a number
of slaves. The 1850 census has him still in Weakley County, married
with children. He married Darcas Elizabeth Witherspoon. Children in
the household are, Elizabeth (9), William (5) and Sarah (2). In 1860,
the census reveals that the family has grown, and John Luther Perry
(Grandfather) is now seven years old. They are now located in Giles
County.His father, Francis, had died and his mother, Rhoda, was
living with John.  By 1870, the family had been ravaged by the Civil
War. At some point, they left for Alabama.  John A. worked on the
farm of a Colonel McAdory not far outside of what is now Bessemer,
AL.  In 1880, he and Darcas are in the household of their oldest
daughter, Elizabeth Perry Vancleave in Springville, St. Clair County.
On a Concrete grave monument in an old cemetery eight miles southwest
of Bessemer, AL(Pleasant Hill Methodist Church).,are the names of
John A. Perry, Dorcas E. Perry, John L. Perry, and William VanCleave
(Son of Elizabeth Perry VanCleave), Jasper Arnold.  On a marble slab
adjacent to the monument is inscribed Fannie, wife of H.D. Calhoun
May 11, 1832-July 14, 1903. {part of these notes are incorporated
with research done by William S. Perry}

In 1850 Census Weakley County, TN - John A. Perry is listed in
District 13 with wife Eliza, 25, daughters Elizabeth-9, and Sarah-2,
and son William -5. His estate is valued at $3500.00.

Individual: Perry, John A.
County/State: Giles Co., TN
Location: Northern Subdivision
Page #: 41
Year: 1860

This individual was recorded as the head of household.

These are notes sent to me by Tommy Stephenson, in Texas.
Application for Homestead and a years support.  Louisa Perry, widow
of William Perry, Sr. making application for Widow's dower and years
support from the late husband's estate. Hume R. Steele was
Administrator of the Perry Estate.  William Perry left surviving
besides his widow, children James S. Perry, Nancy V. Perry, Rhoda A.
(wife of D. M. Daugherty), and Emily, wife of D. H. Jones all of whom
were residents of Giles Co.  At the time of his death, William Perry
was the owner of two houses and lots in the town of Lynville, l5th
Civil District. Note: William Perry was married at least three times
in 1850 his wife was Nancy, born in Virginia age 52. Children: Giles
N. 19, James S. l5, Nancy V. 11, Rhoda A. 9. Giles N. died about 1895
without issue. The Nancy would be Nancy Harris, born 1796.

File Box V. August 30, 1870:  R.S. McCord and wife Sarah ets als &
others Vs. John A. Perry and others.  Complainants represented to the
court that Francis S. Perry dies intestate in the year 1854, He left
surviving his widow Rhoda and Sarah, wife of Robert S. McCord,
Lucinda, wife of B.G. Abernathy, Mary J., wife of L. Hensly Grubbs,
Ann, wife of E.B. Brown, John A., Francis A. James T., Isabel S. and
Wiley T. Perry. Also grandchildren, Mary E. wife of George E. Ligon,
Ann J., James R., Francis S., Martha Inez, William and James
Wilkinson, children of Elizabeth Perry deceased who married Frank L.
Wilkinson in Maury County, TN Feb. 8 1832. She died Sept. 23, 1853.
Frank Wilkinson at the time of this Cause and Desposition that he was
a resident of Buckingham Co. Va. He was 67 years old. The land of
Francis S. Perry lay in the 16th district on the waters of Richland
Creek. Son James T. Perry died during the Civil War and left widow
Lucy T. and three sons: Wiley D., Dudley, and Thomas J. Perry of
Hardin Co. TN.  Widow Lucy later married Iverson Smity. Dudley Perry
died Dec. 29, 1879 left surviving widow Mary Jane and two small
children Edgar, and James Alphonzo resided in McNairy Co. TN. L.
Hensley and wife Mary Jane Grubbs lived in Morgan Co. AL.  Ann J.
Wilkinson lived in Pembrooke Christian Co., KY. Francis A. Perry of
Lafayette Co., MS gave his son Thomas F. Perry his interest in the
Perry lands in Giles Co. TN. Isiah Perry died in 1861 or 1862 leaving
a widow Fanny who later married John G. Combs and lived in Hardin Co.
TN Fanny was Frances S. Wilkinson. Robert L. McCord and wife Sarah
lived in Marshall Co., TN

Page 64 & 65 Giles County 1860 Tenn. Census Book:
Household# 567
John A. Perry 38 Farmer Val/RE 4000 Val/PP 10300  Born Tennessee
Darcas E. 36 F  Born Tennessee
Elizabeth 17 F Born Tennessee
William 14M Born Tenn.
Sarah 12 F born Tenn.
Thomas 10 M, born TN
Luther 6 Mos., born Tenn.
Bell 1 F born TN.
Rhoda  64 F. Domestic born TN. ( this is John A.'s mother)

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12 October 2002
John A.s father, Francis Stead Perry was in
Tennessee early part of the 1800's- He married in 1812. He was
apparently a rather wealthy man and married into an early
Tennessee family, Thompson, that were wealthy landowners around
the area of Nashville, Davidson County.  John Alexander had
wealth valued at around $15,000.00 in 1860 just before the
outbreak of the war. The Civil War and the Reparations destroyed
most of his wealth.

In 1880, he's in the census in St. Clair County, Springville, AL in
the household of his oldest daughter Elizabeth Perry Vancleave along
with his wife Darcas.

Census: 1850, District 13, Weakley County, TN
Fact 1: County/State: Giles Co., TN
Fact 2: Location: Northern Subdivision
Fact 3: Page #: 41
Fact 4: Year: 1860
Military service: 1862, 53 Tn. Infantry Company D- 2nd Lieutinant

Individual: Perry, Darcas E.
County/State: Giles Co., TN
Location: Northern Subdivision
Page #: 41
Year: 1860

Fact 1: County/State: Giles Co., TN
Fact 2: Location: Northern Subdivision
Fact 3: Page #: 41
Fact 4: Year: 1860

+	2	i.	Elizabeth5 Perry, born April 1843 in
Tennessee; died February 19, 1926 in Bessemer Jefferson County, AL.
	3	ii.	William T. Perry, born October 24, 1845 in
Tennessee; died June 14, 1884 in Giles County, Tennessee.  He married
Sarah A..

Notes for William T. Perry:
Individual: Perry, William
County/State: Giles Co., TN
Location: Northern Subdivision
Page #: 12
Year: 1860
This individual was recorded as the head of household.

More About William T. Perry:
Burial: Mount Pleasant/Diana Cemetery
Fact 1: County/State: Giles Co., TN
Fact 2: Location: Northern Subdivision
Fact 3: Page #: 12
Fact 4: Year: 1860

+	4	iii.	Sarah Maranda Louisa (Sallie) Perry, born
1848 in Giles County, TN; died 1909 in Maury County, Tennessee.
+	5	iv.	Thomas J. Perry, born August 10, 1850 in
Giles County, Tennessee; died October 08, 1912 in Walker County,
+	6	v.	JOHN LUTHER PERRY, born December 17, 1853 in
Giles County, TN; died October 20, 1886 in Pleasant Hill (McCalle),
Jefferson County, Alabama.
	7	vi.	Bell Perry, born 1859.

Generation No. 2

	2.  Elizabeth5 Perry (JOHN ALEXANDER4, FRANCIS STEAD3,
WILLIAM2, Francis1) was born April 1843 in Tennessee, and died
February 19, 1926 in Bessemer Jefferson County, AL.  She married John
M. Vancleave, son of Thomas Vancleave and Julia McClure.  He was born
May 08, 1833 in Tennessee, and died November 09, 1887 in Alabama.

Notes for Elizabeth Perry:
The following are from the notes of William S. Perry and the obituary
notice: Elizabeth Perry was the oldest sister of John Luther Perry,
both of whom were from Giles County, TN. She married a John
VanCleave. She had the distinction of being the first white woman to
live in Bessemer.  She was a tall slim woman, who stood six feet tall
in her stocking feet.  She was one of the first school teachers in
the city of Bessemer, and taught school for a number of years.
She passed away on February 19, 1926, and is buried in the family
plot in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery at McCalla, AL.

Obit:   Bessemer Pioneer   Mrs. Elizabeth Perry Van Cleve, a pioneer
citizen of Bessemer, died here Saturday. She was a native of Giles
County, Tennessee, and was married to E.F. Van Cleve, a West Point
Graduate.  Mrs. Van Cleve and family came to Bessemer where the first
furnace was being built at Woodward. The house built for her, in a
pine thicket, was located where the city of Bessemer now stands.  She
had the distinction of being the first white woman here.  She is the
last of her immediate family, survived by numerous nieces and
nephews, and a daughter-in-law with whom she made her home for
several years, one granddaughter, Mrs. Claude Gunn, and a great
Funeral services were to be held Saturday from the house, 1820
Arlington Avenue. Interment to be Pleasant Hill.  Six nephews will
act as active pallbearers.
  CORRECTIONS: 10 January 2003 - With the exception of her
description, date of death, place of birth, burial, and survivors,
this obiturary is not correct.  Elizabeth did not marry E.F. VanCleve
- she married John M. VanCleave.  His Grandfather was E.F. Vancleave
(Ebeneezer Frost VanCleave). In 1900 Elizabeth is listed as a Hotel
Proprietor in Bessemer, AL., and living with her are her son, John P.
VanCleave and his wife, Eddie Randle.
  In the 1910 Census, Elizabeth Vancleave can be found living with
Ella Calhoun Leeper. Ella was a sister to Elizabeth's sister-in-law,
Velma Calhoun Perry/Long.   Ella Calhoun Leeper was the only school

More About Elizabeth Perry:
Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery. McCalla, AL
Census: 1870, Alabama
Occupation: 1870, Keeping House

Notes for John M. Vancleave:
John M. Vancleave served in Company B, 41 Tennessee Infantry during
the Civil War. where he served with the rank of 1st Lieutinant. He
was later promoted to Captain with the 5th Tennessee, was wounded and
discharged.  This is from Civil War Service Records of the 41st.
Tennessee.  He is listed in the 1850 Census of Giles County, TN in
his father's household, and then again in 1860  Lynnville
(Cornersville) TN.

In 1870 They are in Alabama John M. is 31, Elizabeth is 27, and the
following people are shown in the household - Willie W. (5), P.John
(8), Susan (23), John is listed as a Dry Goods Merchant.  In the 1880
United States Census, he is listed with Elisabeth S., his wife,
and the following household:  Ida, age 17, Willie W., age 14, John T.
age 12.  John A. and Darcus Perry, are also in his household.  They
were in Springville, St. Clair, Alabama. He is listed as a hotel

From the Chamber of Commerce in Springville, the Hotel was the
Herring Hotel, it was on Main Street across from what is now the
Library.  The hotel burned in the late 50's-early 60's.
John VanCleave's line connects back to Daniel Boone.  Boone's second
wife was a VanCleave  I believe a sister to his grandfather,
Ebeneezer Frost VanCleave.

More About John M. Vancleave:
Burial: Pleasant Hill (McCalle),Jefferson County, Alabama
Census: 1870, Frierson, Tuscaloosa, Roll 43, Page 439A
Occupation: 1870, Dry Goods Merchant

Children of Elizabeth Perry and John Vancleave are:
	8	i.	Ida6 Vancleave, born 1863 in Tennessee.
	9	ii.	William W. Vancleave, born February 12, 1865
in Tennessee; died June 10, 1886 in Jefferson County, Alabama.

More About William W. Vancleave:
Burial: Pleasant Hill (McCalle),Jefferson County, Alabama

	10	iii.	John P. Vancleave, born April 1867 in
Tennessee; died Bef. 1910 in Alabama.  He married Eddie L. Randle in
Alabama; born October 1878 in Carroll County, Mississippi; died 1935
in Bessemer Jefferson County, AL.

More About John P. Vancleave:
Census: 1900, Prect. 33, Ward 1 ED 120, Bessemer City, Jefferson
Cnty, AL Occupation: 1900, Locomotive Fireman

Notes for Eddie L. Randle:
In 1910 Eddie Vancleave is in the household of Clemmie Randle -
Female - Head of household. I believe this must be her mother.(this
is actually Timmie Randle)  A brother E.G. Randle is also listed.  A
daughter, 9 years old - Ruth Vancleave also resides in the household.
This is on Berkley Avenue.  James B. Randle and wife Mattie live two
doors down, this is probably a brother.  Eddie is 22 years old at that
time.  By 1920, she is on Arlington Avenue, and Ruth has married but
still in the same household.  Ruth married Louis Hoadly Eastham. He's
a machinest at a rolling mill.  They have a son 1 year and 7 mos old,
Kenneth Eastham. By 1930 - Eddie Vancleave is still on Arlington
running a boarding house.  She is 52.  She died in 1935.

More About Eddie L. Randle:
Census: 1880, Carroll, MS
Occupation: Dressmaker

	4.  Sarah Maranda Louisa (Sallie)5 Perry (JOHN ALEXANDER4,
FRANCIS STEAD3, WILLIAM2, Francis1) was born 1848 in Giles Co., TN,
and died 1909 in Maury County, Tennessee.  She married Carson Thomas
Orr October 10, 1867 in Giles County, TN, son of Samuel Orr and Mary
Kerr.  He was born February 19, 1845 in Mt. Pleasant, TN, and died in
Maury County, Tennessee.

Notes for Sarah Maranda Louisa (Sallie) Perry:

Individual: Perry, Bell
County/State: Giles Co., TN
Location: Northern Subdivision
Page #: 41
Year: 1860

More About Sarah Maranda Louisa (Sallie) Perry:
Fact 1: County/State: Giles Co., TN
Fact 2: Location: Northern Subdivision
Fact 3: Page #: 41
Fact 4: Year: 1860

Notes for Carson Thomas Orr:
Carson Orr was in the Confederate Army Co. B 11th Tennessee Col.
Calvary, Bells Brigate, Jackson division, Forrest Corps. Columbia, TN

More About Carson Thomas Orr:
Census: 1891, Giles County, TN Dist. 16 Voters List Pg. 176
Military service: Civil War,
Children of Sarah Perry and Carson Orr are:
	11	i.	Annie Belle6 Orr.  She married Harvey
	12	ii.	Minnie Grace Orr, born September 18, 1872 in
Pulaski, Tennessee; died April 15, 1962 in Mesa City Cemetery, Mesa,
AZ.  She married (1) Robert Carson Rockett May 21, 1890.  She married
(2) John Harris Buchanan October 22, 1895; born November 16, 1854 in
Giles County, TN; died September 17, 1917 in Barstow, Ward Co. Texas.
	13	iii.	Walter Harvey Orr, born September 01, 1875.
He married Georgie Anne McMurry December 24, 1902; born Abt. 1878 in
Mount Pleasant, TN.

More About Walter Harvey Orr:
Census: 1900, Mr. Pleasant, Maury County, TN. 12 Dist. Ward 3 ED 82
Occupation: 1930, Mail Carrier
Residence: 1910, Hay Long Street, MT. Pleasant, TN

More About Georgie Anne McMurry:
Census: 1910, Mt.Pleasant, TN, Maury County, Dist. 7 ED 117
Occupation: 1910, Keeps House

	14	iv.	Samuel Perry Orr, born December 22, 1877; died
January 03, 1947 in Jefferson County, AL.  He married Kathleen Breen
May 17, 1905; born in Georgia; died April 30, 1942 in Jefferson
County, Alabama.

Notes for Samuel Perry Orr:
Listed in the 1920 Census as Sam P Orr, Wife Katie, occupation
Automobile Machinist. There are no children listed.  Most likely he
was born in Mt. Pleasant, TN

More About Samuel Perry Orr:
Census: 1910, Sheffield, Colbert Cnty, Al. ED 172, Roll 8 Book 1
Occupation: 1930, Machinist, Steel Plant

	15	v.	Virgil Brown Orr, born January 22, 1880 in
Tennessee; died November 1963 in Leeds, Jefferson County, AL.  He
married Ava Rose Kidd Pence July 14, 1909; born Abt. 1881 in
Sheffield, AL; died July 02, 1948 in Jefferson County, AL.

More About Virgil Brown Orr:
Census: 1920, Jefferson County, AL
Occupation: 1930, Pattern Maker

Notes for Ava Rose Kidd Pence:
>From the History of Judge John Pence.  Abner Willian Pence married
Miss Ava R. Kidd on December 26, 1901 in Henryville, TN.  She was an
assistant postmaster and a Republican. He died September 3, 1905 in
Lawrenceburg, TN.  Ava Rose Kidd Pence remarried Virgil B. Orr. - I
don't know when this history was written, but it also states they were
living in Oklahoma City, OK with one child.  This child was Margaret
Pence; however, Alabama records show she died July 2, 1948 in
Jefferson County, AL.

More About Ava Rose Kidd Pence:
Census: 1930, Birmingham, Jefferson County, AL 21st Precinct Dist. 23
Occupation: 1930, Keeps House

	16	vi.	James Dale Orr, born October 12, 1881 in
Tennessee; died January 1974 in Birmingham,. Jefferson County, AL.  He
married Margaret D.; born December 14, 1892 in Alabama; died April 03,
1989 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, AL.

More About James Dale Orr:
Census: 1920, Leeds, Jefferson Cnty., AL
Occupation: 1930, Molder, Iron Furnace

More About Margaret D.:
Census: 1930, Birmingham, Jefferson County, AL, Dist. 59
Occupation: 1930, Keeps House

	17	vii.	Florence Velma Orr, born November 27, 1886.
She married Robin M. Webb July 25, 1909; born 1878.

More About Florence Velma Orr:
Census: 1920, Mobile, Alabama
Occupation: Housekeeper

Notes for Robin M. Webb:
1920 Federal Census - Robin Webb is listed with Wife, Florence (36)
born Tennessee, Daughter Louise (12) born Alabama and daughter Etoyle
(10) born Mississippi. It lists his parents as having been born in
Georgia.  There is a discrepancy in the names of the daughters in the
Census and the names that were provided to me by another reasearcher.
Etoyle is probably correct, just the spelling is different.

More About Robin M. Webb:
Census: 1920, Mobile, Chikasaw, AL
Occupation: Machine Engineer, Shipyard

	18	viii.	Bedford Blake Orr, born November 27, 1886 in
Tennessee; died February 1966 in LeFlore,Greenwood, MS.  He married
(1) Sarah B Matthews; born Abt. 1906 in Mississippi.  He married (2)
Lema McDonnell May 1909; born in Columbus, MS.

More About Bedford Blake Orr:
Census: 1910, Meridian, Lauderdale, MS WD -1
Occupation: 1930, Electrician, Public Wiring

	19	ix.	Rockett Langford Orr, born August 27, 1892.

Francis1) was born August 10, 1850 in Giles County, Tennessee, and died 
October 08, 1912 in Walker County, Alabama.  He married Maryett Miller, 
daughter of Samuel Miller and Sarah A.  She was born May 13, 1855, and 
died February 28, 1875 in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, AL.

Notes for Thomas J. Perry:

Individual: Perry, Thomas
County/State: Giles Co., TN
Location: Northern Subdivision
Page #: 41
Year: 1860

In the 1880 Census - Sarah A. Miller, Mother-in-law, born in Georgia, is in 
the household of Thomas J. Perry

In the 1900 Census, Thomas J. Perry is in the household of his Mother-in-law,
Sarah Miller  along with two of her grandsons, Stephen Miller Henagan and 
Samuel Perry Henagan, sons of James Madison Henagan and Laura Miller.

More About Thomas J. Perry:
Census: 1880, Blockers, Tuscaloosa County, AL
Fact 1: County/State: Giles Co., TN
Fact 2: Location: Northern Subdivision
Fact 3: Page #: 41
Fact 4: Year: 1860
Occupation: 1900, Meerchant General Merchandise
Residence: 1910, Fifth Street, Carbon Hil, AL
Children of Thomas Perry and Maryett Miller are:
	20	i.	Samuel M.6 Perry, born February 
1874 in Walker County, Alabama; died February 1924 in Jefferson County, 
Alabama.  He married Addie E.; born April 1877; died January 13, 1915 in 
Jefferson County, Alabama.

More About Samuel M. Perry:
Census: 1910, Carbon Hill, Walker County, AL Prec. 5
Occupation: 1900, Physician
Residence: 1910, Fifth Street, Carbon Hil, AL

More About Addie E.:
Census: 1900, Cottondale, Tuscaloosa County, AL ED. 122
Occupation: 1910, Teaching School

	21	ii.	Ett Perry, born February 19, 1875 in
Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, AL; died July 02, 1875.

WILLIAM2, Francis1) was born December 17, 1853 in Giles Co., TN,
and died October 20, 1886 in Pleasant Hill (McCalle),Jefferson Co.,
Alabama.  He married MARTHA FRANCES VELMA CALHOUN November 30,
1875, daughter of Henry Calhoun and MINERVA WOODRUFF.  She was 
born November 1855 in Centreville, Bibb County, AL, and died June 
1924 in Bessemer, Jefferson County, Alabama.

In 1880, John Luther Perry is listed in the Perry County, Alabama
census as married to Martha Frances Velma Calhoun and has one child.
Individual: Perry, John
County/State: Giles Co., TN
Location: Northern Subdivision
Page #: 41Year: 1860

Listed in the household are his son, John, his mother-in-law Fannie
(Frances Woodruff) Calhoun. In this same household are Jasper Arnold
and Houston Wyatt, both working on the farm. These two gentlemen are
also buried in the Perry Plot at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in McCalla,

John Luther Perry died in 1886 at a time when Bessemer was just
beginning to embark upon an economic rise.  He left his wife, Velma
Calhoun, widowed with three small children.  See more in notes, Martha
Frances Velma Calhoun.

Census: 1880, Old Town, Perry, Alabama Pg. 365C
Occupation: Farmer

 The Civil War ravaged the home of my Grandmother, and Cholera took
her father.  Upon learning the plight of his brother's family, John C.
Calhoun sent for Grandmother and her sister, Libbia Lorena, to come to
live with him in Arizona, La. Libbia died there in 1870, and is buried
there. Grandmother stayed for some time, and went to school there
before returning to Alabama. Not sure when she returned, but she was
married by 1875. In the 1880 Census she is living in Perry County, AL.
After the death of John Luther Perry, my Grandmother, Martha Frances
Velma Calhoun (Called Velma) helped her mother run a boarding house on
Carolina Avenue in Bessemer, AL.  This was located near the train
station.  The region, with its vast resources for making steel, became
a great center for commerce. One wise man with vision came to the
area. He came from Redkey, Indiana and boarded at my great
grandmother's boarding house.  His name was William Jacob Long. He
married my grandmother and took on the responsibility of raising her
children.  On October 8, 1891, he became the father of another son,
Charles Allen Long.  The family prospered and grew in strength.  By
the time the 20th century rolled around, much of what he had
established was on solid footing.  The name of his first venture was
The Bessemer Cornice Works. This was started in 1887 on the corner of
2nd Avenue and 23rd. Street. A few years later, a Mr. Lewis, owner of
Lewis Hardware, needed some financial help, so Granddaddy Long bought
out 51% of the company, and later bought out Mr. Lewis altogether.
This became Long-Lewis Hardware Co.  Sullivan-Long-and Haggerty came
into being in 1890 when two Irishmen needed money to build sewers.
Later, in 1906, he started Long-Lewis Ford, car agency.
[My research incorporated with research done by William S. Perry]

 Last Will and Testament of Velma W. Long [not sure why she wrote the
  Know All Men by These Presents:             State of Alabama
					      Jefferson County

  That I, Velma W. Long of Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama,
being of sound mind and disposing memory, and realising the
uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, and desiring while is
the full possission of all my mental faculties to so order and arrange
my earthly affairs as not to leave any uncertainty or confusion as to
my wishes concerning the disposition of my earthly estate, do hereby
make, publish and declare this instrument to be my last will and
testament, expressly revoking and annulling any and all other wills by
me previously made.  
It is my wish, desire and will that after my death the following
things be had and done, to-wit:
1st. I desire all my just debts paid with all possible promptness and
dispatch, including my expense of last illness and funeral.
2nd.  I do name, nominate and appoint my beloved son Charles A. Long,
as the Executor of this will and of my estate, and request that he be
not required to execute bond in any sum to any court, not to make
reports thereto.
3rd.  I do give an bequesth unto my beloved friend, Mrs. Elizabeth
Anne Mitchell, all amounts remaining unpaid upon a certain mortgage
indebtedness owing, or formerly owed, by her to me in the sum of
$2500.00 and also all amounts that my remain unpaid upon a certain
note originally in the sum of $1000.00 executed by her to me.
I do further give and bequeath unto the said Elizabeth Anne Mitchell
all of my household effrects and furnishings, jewelry, linens, rugs,
library, silver, and plate, china, and bric-a-brac of whatever kind or
description of which I may die possessed, whether specifically
mentioned or not, including my Franklin Automobile, but excluding my
Edison Victrola which I desire shall be had by my beloved son, Charles
A. Long.  I make these bequests to Elizabeth Anne Mitchell because of
my admiration for her and my very great appreciation of her kindness
and care displayed towards me on all occasions.
4th. I do give and bequeath unto my three beloved children, John C.
Perry, LaValle Perry McCampbell, and Henry David Perry, the sum of one
dollar each and my blessing.  I make no more substantial bequests to
the children because of advancements and gifts made by me to them, and
because of their large residuary interests in the estate of my
deceased husband, W. J. Long.
5th.  All the rest and residue of my property not specifically
bequeathed here in, I do give and bequeath to my beloved son, Charles
A. Long, the same to be had, held, and used by him as he may see fit,
expressly giving to him all moneys, credits, and funds held or owned
by me or in which I may have an interest at the time of my death,
whether in my possession or under my control or not.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal on this 1st
day of May, 1924.  

Velma W. Long

Witness  Vassar L. Allen    Lillie Haney

In the 1920 Census, there is a female, M.V. Woodruff, age 50, living
with Velma and Jacob Long as a boarder on Carolina Avenue. She was
born in Alabama, father in S. Carolina, and mother in Alabama. I
believe this to be the daughter of Samuel and Martha Portlock

Census: 1870, Ward 4, Arizona, Claiborne Parish, LA
Occupation: 1870, At School
Residence: 1888, Arlington Ave., Between 18th and 19th, Bessemer, AL
Children of JOHN PERRY and MARTHA CALHOUN are:
	22	i.	John Calhoun6 Perry, born July 1877 in Old
Town, Perry County, AL.; died 1943 in Birmingham, Jefferson County,
AL.  He married Angela Aby May 10, 1899; born July 14, 1880 in Amite,
LA; died May 17, 1946 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, AL.

More About John Calhoun Perry:
Census: 1900, Ward 1, Birmingham, Jefferson County, AL ED 120
Occupation: 1930, President, Hardware Company

	23	ii.	Elizabeth LaValle Perry Long, born December
15, 1880 in Old Town, Perry County, AL.; died March 1966 in Bessemer,
Jefferson County, AL.  She married Andrew Jackson McCampbell September
18, 1901 in Bessemer, Alabama; born November 27, 1874 in Jackson,
Alabama/Jackson Co., AL; died February 22, 1947 in Annapolis,Maryland.

Notes for Elizabeth LaValle Perry Long:
After the marriage of her Mother to Mr Long, Aunt LaValle changed her
last name to Long. She was the only one of the children that did this.

More About Elizabeth LaValle Perry Long:
Census: 1900, Bessemer City, Jefferson Cnty., AL ED 120 Roll 22 Bk. 1
Pg. 24

Notes for Andrew Jackson McCampbell:
According to the 1880 Census  His father, William, was born in
Alabama, and his mother, Martha, was born in Alabama, his father was
a farmer.

More About Andrew Jackson McCampbell:
Census: 1880, District 99 Jackson, Alabama

	24	iii.	HENRY DAVID PERRY, born July 26, 1883 in
McCalla, Jefferson County, Alabama; died April 14, 1944 in High
Point, Guilford County, North Carolina.  He married (1) Marquerite
Campbell 1906 in Bessemer, Alabama; born 1890 in Pennsylvania; died
October 29, 1952 in Brielle, New Jersey.  He married (2) Mary Margaret
Suppler June 30, 1921; born 1898 in West Virginia; died 1931 in High
Point, North Carolina.  He married (3) Edith Gilmer Harrison December
12, 1931 in High Point, North Carolina; born June 04, 1902 in High
Point, Guilford County, N.C.; died March 23, 2000 in High Point,
Guilford County, N.C.

Henry Perry was the second son of Velma (Gee-Gee) Calhoun Perry, and
John Luther Perry. He was born in McCalle, AL on the McAdory property
in Alabama where his grandparents, John Alexander Perry, and Dorcas
Witherspoon settled.  Also, living there was his maternal grandmother,
Frances Calhoun, wife of Henry David Calhoun. He went to a one room
school house near his home. After his grandfather died,  his paternal
grandmother, Frances Calhoun, opened a boarding house in Bessemer, AL.
Henry, his brother, sister, mother, and father went to live with her
and help with the boarding house. His father died in Bessemer. His
mother later remarried Joseph Long. He made it possible for Henry to
go to Trinity College where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. Mr. Long
opened up Long-Lewis Ironworks which branched off into Long-Lewis
Hardware and Sullivan-Long and Haggerty Construction. Henry and his
brother John went to work for their step-father. After the death of
his step-father, and because of sibling rivalries and in-fighting,
Henry left the firm, and went out on his on. His first marriage,
Marguerite Campbell, ended in divorce. From this marriage came Joseph
Long Perry, and his son. Reverend Joe Perry, Jr. His second marriage
to Margaret Suppler ended upon her death. From this marriage came
Bill, Margaret, Dorcas, and John. His third marriage was to Edith
Harrison Raymond Perry, my mother. Henry came to High Point, N.C. in
1921 for the water and sewer contract for this city. Built a home at
1403 Wiltshire Blvd. on the property that he used for a campsite for
all the crew that worked for him. Upon the death of Margaret, Edith
Harrison Raymond, widowed and without children, married Henry and
raised his three children. Dorcas had drowned in the creek in front of
this home on Wilshire before Margaret died.  Henry and Edith had one
child, me, Irma LaValle Perry. Henry died an untimely death in April
1944. He was down at our barn working on his station wagon. The car
slipped to one side, falling on him, and crushing his heart. Edith
never remarried. She died in March, 2000. [My notes incorporated with
research done by William S. Perry]

In the 1920 Census  Henry and Mary Suppler Perry are living in the
household of his aunt, Ella Leeper, along with Joe L. Perry, Henry,
Jr., Charles A. Perry and Anna Perry.  Joe L. and Henry, Jr. are sons,
Charles A. and Anna are his brother and sister-in-law.

Burial: Oakwood Memorial Cemetery, High Point, N.C.
Census: 1900, Bessemer City, Jefferson Cnty., AL ED 120 Roll 22 Bk. 1
Pg. 24
Education: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL.
Occupation: 1900, At School
Religion: First Presbyterian church High Point, NC
Residence: 1920, 1817 Carolina Avenue, Bessemer, AL

Notes for Marquerite Campbell:
In the household of John Hanson, husband.  Children are shown as 
step-sons, names are changed to Joe Hanson and Jack Hanson.

More About Marquerite Campbell:
Burial: Evergreen/Greenwood or Brielle Cemetary, Breille, N.J.
Census: 1930, Perth Amboy, Middlesex, NJ Dist. 64
Divorced: 1921, Bessemer, Jefferson County, Alabama

Notes for Mary Margaret Suppler:
Margaret Suppler is listed as a Student in the household of her
Both Parents born in West Virginia

More About Mary Margaret Suppler:
Burial: Oakwood Memorial Cemetery, High Point,N.C.
Census: April 23, 1910, Jefferson County, Alabama

Notes for Edith Gilmer Harrison:
She was the oldest child of Arthur Rawley Harrison, and Ada Myers. She
was educated in High Point City Schools, graduating with honors, and
attended one year at Guilford College. She left college to go to work
for the Southern Railway to help with the education of her sister,
Irma. Her first marriage was to Hugh Bonte Raymond, twenty-two years
her senior, but a wonderful marriage.  She was employed by Charles
Amos at Melrose Hosiery Mill when she and Hugh married. He was
employed with his brother at Harry Raymond Veneers.  Their marriage
only lasted two years when Hugh died as the result of a car accident.
She remarried in 1931, Henry Perry. She became the step mother to
his three children;  she and Henry had one child. Irma LaValle Perry.
They were married thirteen years, before his death. She continued to
live at 1403 Wiltshire until the youngest step-son, John turned 18, at
which time, the home was sold.  She then converted the garage/servants
quarters building at the home of her mother, 1412 Wiltshire, into a
small home for herself, John, and Irma.  Bill and Margaret had already
married. By this time she was employed with Colony Table Company, and
became the care giver for her mother, who was, by then, a widow. Edith
eventually moved into the main house with her mother until such time
as she had to put her mother into a nursing home. She remained there
until the death of her Mother. The home was sold and Edith finally had
her own place.  A condominium at 1742-A. N. Hamilton Street.
She was a lover of reading, history and traveling. She was fortunate
in her lifetime to be able to take in all three. She took a wonderful
train trip in the 1920's with her first cousin, Almyra (Myde) Wilder,
all the way from High Point across the northern route, and returning
through the southern route.
The only time she traveled outside of the United States, was to visit
Irma while she and Norman were living in Munich, Germany.
Unfortunately, her mind started going when she was about ninety-one
years old. She eventually had to go to a nursing home, Evergreens,
where she died in March 2000. The world lost a wonderful person, and I
lost a special Mother.  What a beautiful day on the day she was
buried.  Her grandson, Perry DeBruhl, played the Bagpipes at her

More About Edith Gilmer Harrison:
Burial: March 26, 2000, First Presbyterian Church High Point, NC
Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Census: 1930, High Point, Guilford County, N.C. ED 64
Cremation: March 24, 2000
Education: High School and two years at Guilford College, Greensboro,
Medical Information: Had small strokes in head, high blood pressure
Occupation: Bookkeeper
Religion: Presbyterian
Residence: Bet. 1953 - 1972, 1412 Wiltshire Blvd.

Submitted by Irma Sohnchen