James Pully and Lucy Moss

James Pully was the son of Isaac and Sarah 'Sally' (Hamner) Pully,
Meckelenburg Co., VA.(MCV) Isaac is assumed the son of Spettle Pully,
the earliest known Pully in MCV. Sarah (Hamner) is the daughter of
James and Sarah (Unknown) Hamner of MCV, proven by the Will of James
Hamner, 1793 (MCV).

James Pully married Lucy (Moss), 1805, Mecklenburg Co., VA, David Moss
listed as Bondsmen. Lucy was daughter of David and Lucy (Twitty) Moss.
Lucy Twitty was daughter of George Twitty.

In 1808, James Pully purchased 20 Acres of Land for $100 from Thomas
H. Ferguson and wife, Sussana. This deed, recorded April 1818, Deed
book 17, pg-223, Mecklenburg Co., VA. James and Lucy Pully sold the
120 acres to Corpier Wilson for $300 shortly after Isaac Pully died.
James and Lucy signed this deed. Lucy, wife of James Pully,
relinquished her right in said land. Deed was recorded Sept.1826, Deed
book 22 pg-206 (MCV).

They then moved to Giles Co., TN(GCT); settled near Aspen Hill. James
Pully; listed 1830 GCT Census. James Pully, Sr., listed GCT 1836 Tax
List. James left a will in GCT dated 1837. Lucy died, 1866, leaving a
will in GCT.

According to their Wills, known Children of James and Lucy (Moss)
Pully are; David M., 1810; Sarah Hamner, 1814; James, Jr. 1815;
Elizabeth B., 1822/Mar 6, 1881; Isaac, 1828; and Lucy Pully, born

David M. Pully, married Mary J. (Condrey); their children: Lucy C.;
William J.; David E.; and George Pully.  Lucy C Pully died, 1893;
David E. Pully died, 1873; Alice A. married W. R. Blow, had two sons,
Virgil and Edward Blow. Ida J. Pully's twin sister, Iva Pully, had
married W. R. Blow; deceased when he and Ida married.

Sarah Hamner (Pully), married George DeJarnett Scruggs, he died April
1853. Their Children: Margarett E. Scruggs, born 1833; married Isaac
N. Mason; Sarah Hamner Scruggs, born 1836; married Jerome Pillow
Butler; James T. Scruggs, born 1839, married Susan (Baugh); John W.
Scruggs, born 1841; married Virginia C. (Vance); Mary A. Scruggs, born
1844, married James M. Dickson.

James Pully, Jr., born 1815, married Mary Frances (Vinson), born 1820.
Their Children: Isaac Vinson Pully, 1843-1921; married Josephine
(Gilbert). Isaac V. Pully is buried Giles Co., TN, Prospect Cemetery.
Eliab Henry, 1844; Sarah J. 1847; Ann E. 1849; and Mary T. Pully, born
1856, Giles Co., TN.

Isaac Pully, born 1827, married Elizabeth (Johnson) 1847, Limestone
Co., AL. Their children: Mary Lucy, born 1848, and James Pully,
born/died 1850.

Mary Lucy Pully lived with her grandmother, Lucy (Moss) Pully, after
her Father's death; was provided for in her Grandmother's Will. Her
mother, Elizabeth (Johnson) Pully, later married James Hendrix.
Lucy Pully, born 1828, married James P. Nelson, born 1825. Their
Children: James, born 1851; Thomas, born 1861; Margaret, born 1863,
and Euclid Nelson, born 1866.

Elizabeth B. Pully, born 1822, Mecklenburg Co., VA, married John
"Thomas" Boswell, c1843, Giles Co., TN; son of John and Catherine
"Kitty" (Simpson) Boswell of Caswell Co., NC.

John Thomas Boswell, Aug 14, 1806, Caswell Co., NC, married first,
Sarah D. Simpson, his cousin; daughter of William "Roger" and Margaret
(Williamson) Simpson. Thomas and Sarah had two sons: John Dixon
Boswell, 1834/c 1875, and James Thomas Boswell, born 1837, Giles Co.,
TN. Sarah D. (Simpson) Boswell, born 1811, died 1839; buried Giles
Co., TN, Simpson Cemetery, Aspen Hill Road.

John Dixon Boswell 'Dick' Boswell married, Lucy (Unknown) c1857. Their
children: John G., 1858; William L.1860; Altermon Henry "Pete"
Boswell, 1860; Dixon D. 1869; James R., 1871; and Stephen Jerome
Boswell, born 1873. 'Dick' Boswell died about 1875/1876, according to
his brother's affidavit in his Grandfather, Roger Simpson's, Estate
records. James Thomas Boswell, born 1837, married Emeline "Jane"
(Avery), 1860, Gibson Co., TN; daughter of James and Sarah (Lanier)
Avery. Jane's Grandfather, Alexander Avery was bondsmen. Their
Children: Sallie M. Boswell, born 1862, married Charles F. Caruthers,
1886, Crockett Co., TN(CCT). Ida J. Boswell, born 1864, married D. C.
Biles, 1884, CCT. Nola Boswell, 1866; James W., 1869; John T. Boswell,
born, 1872, married Evie (Warren) in 1912, CCT; Cora Boswell, 1875;
Lela Boswell, 1880; and Henry Biles Boswell, born 1883, CCT.

Children of John Thomas and Elizabeth B (Pully) Boswell were:
Lucy Catherine (Boswell), born 1845, married first, Drury 'Drew'
Vinson Avery, born 1844, son of James and Sarah (Lanier) Avery. Their
children: Ida; James; Mary, 1868; Martin Luther, 1870; Cleopatra,
1872; Minnie B. 1874; Beulah B., 1877; and Elizabeth 'Betty' Avery,
born 1881. 'Drew' and Lucy divorced, and 'Drew' married second,
Harriett 'Hattie' (Raspberry).

Charles A. Boswell, married Rose Anna (Avery), daughter of James and
Sarah (Lanier) Avery. Their Children: Walter, 1867; Charles Edgar,
1869; James Thomas, 1870; Nicademous 'Nick' D., 1874; and Maggie M.
Boswell, born 1876.

Margaret 'Maggie' Boswell married J. W. Holland; died at age 30,
buried Quincy Cemetery, Crockett Co, TN.

Napoleon Boneparte Boswell, married Sarah Elizabeth 'Lizzie' (Dye),
Aug 9,1874, Crockett Co, TN; daughter of Alfred Burton and Sarah L.
Gilbreath Dye, Dunklin Co, MO. They resided in Dunklin Co, MO.  Their
children: Ewing, 1877; Alfred Thomas, 1879; Liza B., 1883; William R.
1886; Minnie Pearl, 1887; Mollie M., 1892; and Myrtle L. Boswell,
born 1896.

Napoleon Boswell died Holcomb, Dunklin Co, MO, 1901; buried at
Lloyd's Cemetery. Elizabeth died in Cape Girardeau, MO after 1920.
John C. B. 'Doc' Boswell, married Nancy 'Nannie' (Avery); daughter of
James and Sarah (Lanier) Avery. Their Children: Elgin B., 1880; Vera 
Elnora., 1885; Edna L., 1887; Henry C., 1889; James E., 1892; Naoma E.,
1893; William C. Boswell, born 1896. Doc and Nannie (Avery) Boswell
resided in Crockett Co, TN; Pemiscot Co, MO; in 1930 they were in
Blytheville, AR with their Daughter, Vera Elnora Boswell
 Rhodes, husband, T. D. Rhodes. V

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Boswell, Unknown

Thomas and Elizabeth (Pully) Boswell lived in Giles Co., TN, Gibson
Co., TN, and Crockett Co., TN. Both buried, Quincy Cemetery, Crockett
Co TN.

Sources; Births, deaths, burial, Probate; Wills from NC, TN, VA,
and MO, Affidavit of James Thomas Boswell in Roger Simpson's Estate

Submitted by Sherri Sontag