Descendants of Thomas Richey

Generation No. 1 1. THOMAS4 RICHEY (WILLIAM3?) was born June 20, 1761 in Rowan County, North Carolina?, and died April 12, 1814 in Fort Williams, Coosa River, Alabama. He married (1) REBECCA KENNEDY February 06, 1783. He married (2) ROSANNA TRIMBLE October 09, 1793 in Knox Co., Tennessee, daughter of John Trimble and Susannah Woods. He married (3) JENNEY GREENAWAY February 13, 1800 in Blount Co., TN. He married (4) ELIZABETH BRITTAIN December 07, 1805 in Robertson Co., TN, daughter of Thomas Brittain and Elizabeth Wilson. Children of Thomas Richey and Rebecca Kennedy are: i. WILLIAM5 RICHEY, b. November 26, 1785. ii. JOHN RICHEY, b. June 04, 1788. iii. MARY RICHEY, b. June 08, 1791. Children of Thomas Richey and Rosanna Trimble are: iv. ALEXANDER5 RICHEY, b. April 01, 1796. 2. v. SUSANNA WOODS RICHEY, b. July 23, 1794, Knox Co., TN; d. February 26, 1873, Diana, Giles County, Tenn.. 3. vi. ROBERT TRIMBLE RICHEY, b. May 24, 1798, North Carolina; d. January 04, 1879, Waco, Texas. Children of Thomas Richey and Elizabeth Brittain are: vii. ELIZABETH5 RICHEY, b. December 12, 1806, Tennessee; d. Panola, TX; m. ISAAC LUKER. viii. TENNESSEE RICHEY, b. July 11, 1809; m. JOHN WOODS. ix. SARAH K. RICHEY, b. May 09, 1810; d. August 04, 1857, Blount Co., TN; m. JAMES BURRELL RHEA. 4. x. REBECCA RICHEY, b. July 30, 1813. Generation No. 2 2. SUSANNA WOODS5 RICHEY (THOMAS4) was born July 23, 1794 in Knox Co., TN, and died February 26, 1873 in Diana, Giles County, Tenn.. She married JOHN WILSON BRITTAIN October 04, 1812 in Pulaski, Tennessee, son of Thomas Brittain and Elizabeth Wilson. Children of Susanna Richey and John Brittain are: i. FRANKLIN COOPER6 BRITTAIN, b. September 19, 1824, Tennessee; d. August 20, 1890, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas; m. SARAH CATHERINE BROWN. ii. WILSON BRITTAIN, b. September 10, 1813, Tennesee; d. Abt 1873; m. BETTY ELIZABETH. iii. ELIZABETH BRITTAIN, b. February 16, 1816; m. JOEL JOINES. iv. THOMAS SOLOMAN BRITTAIN, b. March 16, 1818; m. MARGARET REGAIN, January 04, 1842, Marshall Co., TN. v. MISSOURY BRITTAIN, b. June 23, 1820, TN; m. EDWARD REGAN. vi. GEORGE WASHINGTON BRITTAIN, b. June 23, 1820; m. CYNTHA C. MCGRAW(1) MARY IVES(2) JULIA A. DAY (3). vii. ALEXANDER BRITTAIN, b. September 06, 1826; d. January 07, 1888; m. VEDORA FLINT. viii. MARY ANN (POLLY) BRITTAIN, b. October 07, 1828; m. THOMAS LEE. ix. JOHN SEXTON BRITTAIN, b. January 24, 1831, TN; d. August 12, 1898, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas; m. REBECCA ANN MCBRIDE, January 15, 1854, Lawrence County, TN. x. JAMES JEFFERSON BRITTAIN, b. July 25, 1833; m. CATHERINE E. xi. LENORA BRITTAIN, b. March 26, 1838; d. Abt April 1863, TN. m. THOMAS ELLIS 3. ROBERT TRIMBLE5 RICHEY (THOMAS4) was born May 24, 1798 in North Carolina, and died January 04, 1879 in Waco, Texas. He married EVALINE KENNEDY June 16, 1819 in Sumner Co., Tennessee, daughter of William Kennedy and Prudence Miller?. Marriage Notes Bondsman to the license of marriage issued to Robert Trimble Richey and Evaline Kennedy on June 16, 1819, were: Cullin Gardner and Daniel Kennedy. Children of Robert Richey and Evaline Kennedy are: 5. i. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN6 RICHEY, b. December 28, 1819, Giles County, Tennessee; d. December 01, 1882, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas. ii. ANGELINE RICHEY, m. JAMES STOVALL, Giles County, TN ?. 6. iii. WILLIAM ALEXANDER RICHEY, b. Giles County, Tennessee; d. ??. 7. iv. JAMES HARVEY RICHEY, REVEREND, b. Tennessee; d. July 31, 1886, Waco, Texas. v. MARGARET K. RICHEY, d. February 17, 1896, Hewitt, Texas. vi. EMILY E. "MILLIE" RICHEY, b. Giles County, Tennessee; d. January 05, 1900, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas; m. JOHN FRY ABERNATHY, September 01, 1853, Lawrence County, TN. 8. vii. THOMAS COKE RICHEY, b. February 01, 1837, Cornersville, Giles Co., Tennessee; d. November 25, 1921, Hemet, CA. viii. JOHN E. RICHEY, b. 1840. 4. REBECCA5 RICHEY (THOMAS4, WILLIAM3) was born July 30, 1813. She married WILLIAM B. HAMBLIN. Child of Rebecca Richey and William Hamblin is: i. FRANCIS6 HAMLIN. Generation No. 3 5. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN6 RICHEY (ROBERT TRIMBLE5, THOMAS4) was born December 28, 1819 in Giles County, Tennessee, and died December 01, 1882 in Waco, McLennan Co., Texas. He married (1) MARY DOGGETT BROWN November 28, 1839 in Giles County, Tennessee. He married (2) MARY CATHERINE ABERNATHY January 19, 1864 in Giles County, Tennessee. He married (3) MARY ANN MCGAUGHEY 1878 in Waco, McLennan Co., Texas, daughter of David McGaughey and Jane Wilson. Children of Benjamin Richey and Mary Brown are: 9. i. ROBERT JAMES7 RICHEY, b. 1851, Sumner County,, Tennessee. ii. HALLIE RICHEY, m. WALTER PARKS RIVIERE. Children of Benjamin Richey and Mary Abernathy are: iii. BESSIE7 RICHEY. iv. EVA RICHEY. Children of Benjamin Richey and Mary McGaughey are: v. HARVEY MCGAUGHEY7 RICHEY, b. June 30, 1882; m. WILLIE CAMILLE SELEY, June 05, 1912, Waco, Texas. vi. BENJAMIN FRANK RICHEY, b. died in infancy 6. WILLIAM ALEXANDER6 RICHEY (ROBERT TRIMBLE5, THOMAS4) was born in Giles County, Tennessee, and died in ??. He married DRUCILLA YOUNG ABERNATHY, daughter of John Abernathy and Matilda Alexander. Child of William Richey and Drucilla Young Abernathy is: i. WILLIE "DRUCILLA" A.7 RICHEY, b. December 03, 1853, Missouri; d. June 10, 1877, First Street Cemetery, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas. 7. JAMES HARVEY6 RICHEY, REVEREND (ROBERT TRIMBLE5, THOMAS4,1) was born in Tennessee, and died July 31, 1886 in Waco, Texas. He married (1) MATTIE T.. He married (2) ELIZABETH SNODGRASS. Children of James Richey and Elizabeth Snodgrass are: i. EARNEST7 RICHEY, b. February 29, 1868, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas; d. March 21, 1883, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas. ii. JAMES R. RICHEY, d. February 20, 1885, Bremond, Texas. iii. HARVEY RICHEY. iv. FRANK RICHEY. 8. THOMAS COKE6 RICHEY (ROBERT TRIMBLE5, THOMAS4) was born February 01, 1837 in Cornersville, Giles Co., Tennessee, and died November 25, 1921 in Hemet, CA. He married (1) FRANCIS (E.C.) LEDBETTER 1860 in Tennessee, daughter of Ledbetter. He married (2) MARTHA LEMERLESS WALLACE STANFORD August 06, 1871 in MacLennan Co., Texas, daughter of Thomas Stanford and Lemerles Harris. Children of Thomas Richey and Francis Ledbetter are: 10. i. LIDA EVALINE7 RICHEY, b. October 14, 1861, Cornersville, Giles Co., Tennessee; d. July 07, 1945, Hewitt, McLennan, Texas. 11. ii. JOHN FRANKLIN RICHEY, b. March 15, 1866, Georgetown, McLennan Co., Texas; d. November 15, 1952, Hemet, CA. Children of Thomas Richey and Martha Stanford are: 12. iii. MARGARET RUTH7 RICHEY II, b. November 05, 1875; d. August 28, 1950. iv. ROBERT T. RICHEY, b. May 28, 1872; d. October 12, 1877. v. MARSHALL PRUITT RICHEY. vi. MAE FRANCIS 'MAE FAN' RICHEY, b. May 05, 1875; d. February 27, 1959; m. (1) EDGAR LEE 'BOBO' DUBOISE; m. (2) KELLY. vii. THOMAS COKE RICHEY, JR.. viii. ROSE LEE RICHEY, m. FRED FRENCH. ix. MARTHA PATRICIA RICHEY, m. JACK DAIGLE. Generation No. 4 9. ROBERT JAMES7 RICHEY (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN6, ROBERT TRIMBLE5, THOMAS4) was born 1851 in Sumner County,, Tennessee. He married JIMMIE MIZE in Waco, Texas. Children of Robert Richey and Jimmie Mize are: i. MCMURRAY8 RICHEY, m. RUBY SMITH. ii. MARY ROBERTA RICHEY. iii. HORACE LEE RICHEY, m. BUELAH ELIZABETH WIER. iv. ANNIE MAUDE RICHEY. v. THOMAS HOWELL RICHEY. vi. EVA RUTH RICHEY. vii. JAMES HARVEY RICHEY, m. NAOMI RUTH WOOD. viii. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN RICHEY. 10. LIDA EVALINE7 RICHEY (THOMAS COKE6, ROBERT TRIMBLE5, THOMAS) was born October 14, 1861 in Cornersville, Giles Co., Tennessee, and died July 07, 1945 in Hewitt, McLennan, Texas. She married COLUMBUS LAFEYETTE COUSINS July 12, 1883 in Waco, McLennan Co., Texas, son of Richard Cousins and Mary Fuller. Children of Lida Richey and Columbus Cousins are: i. FANNIE MAE8 COUSINS, b. April 27, 1884. ii. BETTYE R. COUSINS, b. October 26, 1887. iii. RICHARD HUBBARD COUSINS, b. August 31, 1888. iv. MARTHA ALICE COUSINS, b. October 26, 1890. v. FRANK HARRIS COUSINS, b. September 27, 1895. vi. DOROTHY ROSE COUSINS, b. August 07, 1896. vii. THOMAS HENRY COUSINS, b. August 27, 1899. 11. JOHN FRANKLIN7 RICHEY (THOMAS COKE6, ROBERT TRIMBLE5, THOMAS) was born March 15, 1866 in Georgetown, McLennan Co., Texas, and died November 15, 1952 in Hemet, CA. He married NANCY CATHERINE BALLENGER in Texas, daughter of Thomas Ballenger and Barbara Anderson. Children of John Richey and Nancy Ballenger are: i. ARCHIE PRUETT8 RICHEY, b. May 12, 1892; d. 1968, Colorado, ZIP 80212; m. (1) FLORENCE MARTIN; m. (2) NEVA JUNE TOGNINI. ii. ELMER BENSON RICHEY, b. August 03, 1895, Texas; d. 1971; m. EVA LAWELL. 13. iii. EDWIN GRAVES RICHEY, b. July 26, 1897, Hewitt, Texas; d. June 05, 1960, El Monte, CA. iv. FRANCES WARREN RICHEY, b. June 10, 1900. v. HELEN KATHERINE RICHEY, b. May 22, 1902. vi. MARTHA WALLACE RICHEY, b. February 04, 1905. vii. LIDA LEE RICHEY, b. June 10, 1907. viii. LEWIS BARCUS RICHEY, b. March 1912. ix. CLAUDE RICHEY, b. Unknown. Generation No. 5 13. EDWIN GRAVES8 RICHEY (JOHN FRANKLIN7, THOMAS COKE6, ROBERT TRIMBLE5, THOMAS1) was born July 26, 1897 in Hewitt, Texas, and died June 05, 1960 in El Monte, CA. He married GERTRUDE MARIE HAMILTON August 20, 1918 in Hemet, CA, daughter of George Hamilton and Emma Muller. Children of Edwin Richey and Gertrude Hamilton are: 15. i. JEAN MIRIAM9 RICHEY, b. July 06, 1919; d. 1996, Fullerton, CA. 16. ii. MADALYN RUTH RICHEY, b. April 29, 1921, Hemet, CA.

Submitted by Janet Piccola