Although THOMAS STEELE had been located in Giles County, TN for some years, a 
definitive presentation of his progeny didn't appear until a deed was registered
21st May 1817:  THOMAS STEELE Bill of Sale to DAVID STEEL & Others:

"To all to whom these presents shall come greeting: know ye that I Thomas Steele of the County of Giles and State of Tennessee, for and in consideration of the natural love and affection, that I have and bear towards my children Robert G. Steel Nathaniel Steele David Steele Graves Steele Alexander Steele Thomas Steele & Rosey Chisolm Steele and in further consideration of their promise to support me and my present wife during our lives have this day given granted bargained and sold, and by these presents do Give grant, bargain and sell, to my Said Children their Heirs &C the following property to wit One negroe woman Slave named Lucy aged about twenty-nine years, One other Negroe Woman Slave named Nisey aged about 22 years One negro boy named Granville aged about 14 years One other negro boy Slave named Burton Aged about 11 years One negro Girl Slave named Megg Aged about 8 years, One negroe boy by the name of Green, Aged one year, to be divided amongst them equally. To have and to hold to the aforesaid bargainers, their Heirs & forever to their only proper use benefit and behoof. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand, and seal this fourth day of March 1817 - Interlined Before Signed Robert G. Steel. THOMAS STEELE (Seal) Teste Thomas K. Gordon ____________________________________________________ The foregoing Bill of Sale was offered in Court, acknowledged by Thomas Steel and ordered to be certified for registration, 20th May 1817. ____________________________________________________ NOTE: At this point it's germaine to say there was more than one STEEL(E) line in Giles County, TN. Before finding my indisputable Steele connection in Granville Co., NC (where Thomas Steele married Lydia Graves, 18 Nov. 1789, and where his brother Robert Johnson Steele married Lydia's sister, Martha ("Patty") Graves, 16 Oct. 1795), I investigated a Steele line out of Rockbridge Co., VA, who may be antecedant to some the "other" Steeles in Giles Co., TN, though I've not pursued proof of it. Two male names from my Thomas Steele line of Granville Co., NC & Giles Co., TN, recur among the "other" Steeles in Giles Co, TN; i.e., another Thomas Steele and David Steele. It is well to keep this in mind in examining deeds & other records in Giles Co. The "other" Steele line(s) is not conspicuously attached early to the Graves family within Giles Co., as is our Steele line, and there are at least initial differences in settlement locales between the one and the other line. I will get to these as I go along. The BULLETIN, Giles Co. Hist. Society, Jan., 1977 - October, 1978 offers the Giles Co., TN 1812 Tax List, and among others of interest, appear:

William SteeleJohn Graves
Thos. SteeleRalph Graves
Robert SteeleFred K. Graves
Samuel SteeleJohn Graves (C)
Andrew SteeleJacob Graves
John SteeleJohn Graves
Of the foregoing, Thos. Steele and Robert Steele listed together, are those certainly of my line & Graves-allied by marriage or descent. Of interest also are those of the Kimbrough family (only one colonial line ever ascertained), also appearing on this 1812 tax: Nathl. Kimbro, Solomon Kimbro, Elisha Kimbro and James Kimbro. For further development later, THOMAS KIMBROUGH, close kin of my Bradley Kimbrough, was a resident of Caswell County along with his wife, ELEANOR GRAVES. Caswell Co. flanks Person Co. on the West, Granville Co. flanks Person Co. on the east. Person Co., created of Caswell 1791. Granville Co. was where Thomas Steele married Lydia Graves in 1789 and his brother, Robert Johnson Steele, married Lydia's sister, Martha ("Patty") Graves in 1795. As Robert J. Steele (1786); as Robert J. Steele (1790-91), Robert Johnson Steele appeared in records of Caswell Co. as does his brother, Thomas Steele (1790 Estate Sale of Thomas VanHook). I will return to this area in time. I mention these incidents as an ncentive to "area studies" rather than confining searches to "a" county. The TENNESSEE CENSUS 1820 - GILES COUNTY (Cloie Presley) reveals: THOMAS STEELE 020211/01001/6 slaves (Thos. "45 up") with his son NATHANIEL STEELE 000100/00100/5 slaves (Nathaniel aged 16-25, b. ca 1795-1804), apparent wife, Eliz. N., 16-25) OTHERS STEELES LISTED 1820: Henry F. Steele 220110/00210/5s (Henry aged 26-44) William Steele 100010/20010/0s (William aged 26-44) GRAVES LISTED 1820: William Graves 111111/31001/21s (Wm. aged "45 up") Ralph Graves 100120/00110/7s (Ralph aged 26-44) Sterling Graves 200010/00100/8s (Sterling aged 26-44) John Graves 110301/30310/8s (John aged "45 up") James Graves 000100/10100/3s (James aged 16-25) John Graves 010010/00001/0s (John aged 26-44) John Graves 100100/10100/3s (John aged 16-26) John O. Graves 100100/01211/4s (John aged 16-26) William B. Graves131110/00110/1s (Wm. B. aged 26-44) Thomas Graves 211101/32010/9s (Thos. aged 26-44) DAVID GRAVES 010101/21010/17s (David "45 up") (David was isolated by himself away from other Graves, 1820. David (7) Graves (son of Henry (6) Graves & wife Rachel dau/o David Lewis, Jr. & m1 Rebecca Stovall) m. Nancy dau/o Memucan Hunt; David's bro. Ralph (7) Graves m. Elizabeth Graves, 1789. Betsy N(ewberry) (7) Graves m. Obediah Farrar and Mary (7) Graves, her sister m. Lewis son of Richard Yancey All mgs. in Granville Co., NC. Henry (6) Graves was bro. of William (6) Graves father of, among others, Lydia (7) Graves who m. Thomas Steele, 1789. Robert Johnson Steele m. her sister, Martha ("Patty") Graves, Granville Co., 1795. KIMBROUGH 1820: Henry T. Kimbrough 000100/00100/5s (Henry 16-25) James Kimbrough 000121/10001/1s (James "45 up") James Kimbrough 100001/00011/0s (James "45 up") NOTE: Thomas Kimbrow's will was written 1777, Caswell Co., NC named wife "Elleanah" (Eleanor, nee Graves); sons John, Wm, Robert, Thomas; daus. Suckey Nowel, Sarah Brown, Mary Bryant, Betty Bruce, Nancy Turner, Frankey Carman; son Graves. Sons to get all part from est. of wife's deceased father, Thomas Graves. Exec: sons John & William. Wit: William Gooch and Jesse Benton. (Caswell Co., NC Will Bks 1777-1814; 1784 Tax List & Guardians' Accts 1794-1819 - Katharine Kerr Kendall). 1777 - Est. Sale Joel Nowel. Sales to: Henry Turner, James Nowel, Benjamin Hubbard, Ann Grier, John Richmond, Sen., Thomas Kimbro, Sen., David Shelton, Thomas Lea, Elisha Powdry, Thomas Rice, Robert Long, Alexander Scott, James Herot, Elizabth Nowel, Major Lea, John Lea, James Stringer, Bartelot Yancey, John Graves Jun., Thomas Graves. (Op.cit., Kendall) 1781 - Div. Estate of Thomas Kimbro to: Eleanor, Robert, William, Thomas, John, and Graves Kimbro; John Bryant, Leonard Brown, Robert Bruce, Edwd. Howel, Henry Turner for legacy to their wifes; Caleb Carman. (Op.cit, Kendall) With misgivings about a printed 1830 Census of Giles Co., I initiated a professional microfilm reading and was informed that numerous mistranscriptions had occured within a printed census, against which the microfilm was checked. The correct microfilm reading for "my" Thomas Steele in 1830: P. 137 THOMAS STEELE: 100201001/000010001/8s ("Our" Thomas Steele) P. 159 David Steele: 0000101/ 1f70-80/5s (Note: In printed census as "HUTS, David, belongs with "the other Steeles") P. 162 Thomas Stoll 11000011/10101/15s (In printed census as "Thomas Stall" Note: The "Stoll" sp. hasn't turned up in deeds or court minutes. Neither is there a Stoll in the 1836 Tax list for Giles. The 1820 of TN by Bentley shows a Frederick Stall in Davidson, but no Stolls. The 1830 of Mid-TN by Sistler shows no Stalls or Stolls, but the 1830 of West TN shows Stalls in Stewart and Henry and Stolls in Haywood.) P. 192 William Steel 0010001/00020001/7s Note that the ages of Thomas, pg. 162, David of p. 159, and William of p. 192 all are of the age 40-50. My Thomas of pg. 137 is aged 60-70. This is all background material for study of other records, both in Giles Co and in NC. I will be trying to locate the homeplace(s)/lineages of the Graves appearing in Steele records Giles Co. One migrant is already known from Mrs. Hiden's records. John (7) Graves (U21 in 1788) m. Penelope Hunt, 1796 and removed to Giles Co., TN. John (7) was a son of John Williams (6) Graves, brother of Henry (6) and William (6) Graves foregoing. Others of this generation (6) siblings group (Henry 6, John Williams 6, William 6); i.e., (Capt.) Elijah (6) Graves [remained in NC, Bute & Mecklenburg Co., VA on lands given him by his mother (Mary Williams Graves, wife of Henry 5) Elijah's daughter, Elizabeth Briggs Graves m. her 1st cousin, Ralph son of Henry (6) Graves]; Sarah Croshaw (6) Graves m. Thomas Barnett, 1754; sister ___ (6) m. John Christmas and sister Elizabeth (6) m. Joshua Coffee and they were parents of Gen. John Coffee of TN.

Submitted by Kay Gunn