Descendants of Nathaniel Thomas


NATHAN THOMAS was born abt 1751 or 1762. Neither the place of his birth
or the names of his parents is presently known. (I continue to work on
the theory that he descended from the early well-documented Tristram
Thomas family of Talbot Maryland, but have not been able to make the
connection.  Note that Nathan named his last son Tristram, a name I
find only in the Talbot Thomas line). He was probably born in either
North or South Carolina.  Our research finds him only in the Newberry
District of South Carolina.

I found where a Nathan Thomas deeded land to (name not legible) 10 April
1795, recorded at Newberry, S. C. 21 May/November 1795 Book C, Page 478.
The first United States census (1790) gives a Nathan Thomas as a resident
of the 96 District, Newberry County, South Carolina. This census lists one
male above 16, two males under 16, one female and two slaves. If this is
my ancestor then these two sons must have died early as no children born
prior to 1790 are given in the records of his children. He is listed in
the 1810 census and 1820 census for Newberry County S. C.

NATHAN THOMAS married MARY (Unknown)  bef. 1795. She died abt 1814 in
Newberry, S. C. He later married Ann Inman, widow of Joshua Inman.
Children of NATHAN and MARY THOMAS were:

1.      Ann/Anna Thomas: Born 1795, Newberry, S. C., married John
        Marbut II, 30 July 1811, died July 1859, Giles County
        Tennessee, buried in Gilbert Cemetery.
2.      Zynthilthia/Syntyche Thomas: Born 17 February 1797,
        Newberry, S. C., married Littleton Wright, died before
3.      Euodias "Oda/Ada" Thomas: Born 21 October 1799, Newberry, 
        S. C., married Philip Marbut February 1816, died 21
        August 1858, buried Calton Cemetery, Barry County,
4.	Francis Marion Thomas: Born 25 March 1802, Newberry, S.
        C., married Susan Inman, died 1853 in Limestone County
        Alabama. (His widow moved to Barry County Missouri in
5.	DAVID THOMAS:  Born 22 September 1806, Newberry, S. C.,
        married MARY E. "Polly" TAYLOR, died 9 July 1890, buried at
        Oxford Cemetery Giles County Tennessee.
6.	Nathan Tristram Thomas: Born 1809, Newberry, S. C., married
        Elizabeth S. Case 26 October 1843 died 1893, buried Calton
        Cemetery, Barry County Missouri.

NATHAN THOMAS died abt 1824 in Newberry, S. C. and was buried there.
Phillip Marbut, Daniel Marbut, Littleton Wright and Francis Thomas
were Executors and Administrators of his estate. DAVID THOMAS bought
several items of his estate.

(Note: About 1835 all of the children of NATHAN and MARY THOMAS
began to move with their families to Giles County Tennessee along
the Alabama line. Some later migrated on to Missouri).


DAVID THOMAS was born 22 September 1806 in South Carolina, probably
in the Bush River area of the Newberry District.  I found two David
Thomas listed in the 1830 U. S. census for Newberry, S. C.  In the
1850, and subsequent census, his birthplace is given as S. C.

DAVID THOMAS married MARY E. "Polly" TAYLOR, believed to be the
widow of Levi Shepherd. This belief is based primarily upon a
petition made in South Carolina by DAVID and POLLY THOMAS for the
settlement of the estate of Levi Shepherd and also for guardianship
of an infant Levi Shepherd, thought to be Polly's son.  MARY was
born 19 April 1812 in S. C. Her parents are unknown. Children of

1.	Mary A. Elizabeth Thomas: Born abt 1831 in S.C., married
        (Unknown) Johnson, and died before 9 July 1890.
2.	JAMES F. THOMAS:  Born 1834 in Newberry County S. C.,
        married LOUISA C. MARBUT abt 1854, died 13 March 1862,
        possibly buried in Sam Jackson Cemetery, Giles Co., Tennessee.
3.	Eodius C. Thomas: Born 11 March 1836 in Alabama, married
        William Alexander Whitaker, died 13 April 1896, buried in
        Oxford Cemetery, Giles County Tenn.
4.	Permelia Frances "Fannie" Thomas:  Born 11 March 1838 in
        Alabama, married 1. Calvin Crowson, and 2. Joseph Morgan
        Hanna 27 February 1877, died 29 March 1909, buried in Phelps
        Cemetery, Limestone County Ala.
5.	Hepsa "Hepsy" L. Thomas:  Born abt 1839 in Tennessee,
        married James Henry "Bud" Johnson 10 November 1875 in Giles
        County Tenn, died 15 January 1892.
6.	Joseph W. Thomas:  Born abt 1841 in Tenn, died after 26
        September 1870 and before 9 July 1890.
7.	Gilford C. Thomas:  Born abt 1843 in Tenn, died after 1860.
8.	David C. R. "Dock" Thomas:  Born 23 October 1845 in Tenn,
        married Elizabeth Josie Appleton 20 Oct 1868 in Lawrence
        County Tenn, died 20 July 1920, buried at Minor Hill, Tenn.
9.	Avie Sarah Catherine Thomas:  Born 8 February 1848 in Tenn,
        married William Carrol Hendrix 18 August 1867 in Giles
        County Tenn, died 27 May 1920, buried in Hester Chapel
        Cemetery, Lester, Alabama.
10.	Clavissa L. Thomas:  Born 1850 in Tenn, died after 1870.
11.	Susan F. Thomas:  Born 1851/1852 in Tenn, married George W.
        Morrison 30 August 1866, Giles County Tenn, died 17 June
        1935, buried in Mitchell Cemetery, Lauderdale County Ala.

As seen in the date and place of birth of the children of DAVID
THOMAS, it is clear that he migrated about 1835, with his wife and
first two children, to Alabama near the Tennessee line, where two
more children were soon born. About 1838 or 1839 he again moved his
young family, this time across the state line to southwestern Giles
County. Here we find him in the Sugar Creek region for most of the
remainder of his life. The 1850 census lists David, his wife, and
their first ten children as living in District 4 of Giles County.
The value of his land was $350.00. Also, in court records for Giles
County Tenn. Monday 5 August 1850, DAVID THOMAS was appointed
overseer of roadwork in room of John Hunter who had resigned.

Three sons of DAVID THOMAS served in the Confederate States Army
during the Civil War.  JAMES F. was in the 32nd Regiment, Tennessee
Infantry, held the rank of Corporal and died 13 March 1862 while in
the army.  Joseph W. was in the 2nd Company G, 24th Regiment,
Tennessee Infantry, advanced to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, was
captured 17 Dec 1864 at Franklin, Tenn. and was imprisoned at Fort
Delaware in Delaware.  Gilford C. was in Capt. T. W. Rice's
Company, Light Artillery, Tennessee Vols, private, saw action in
Mississippi, mainly at Vicksburg.

In File Box T-6 Case 4698, 1891, the Giles County Court heard the
case of  "D. C. Thomas, Administrator et al vs. W. C. Hendrix.
Complainants would respectfully show to the Court that on September
26, 1870 D. C. Thomas, G. W. Morrison, David Thomas and J. W. Thomas
all jointly purchased from Robert W. Hester a tract of land lying on
Sugar Creek in District #4 and containing about 175 acres. The land
was divided, David Thomas received Lot # 1 containing about 72
acres. This included the interests of David and J. W. Thomas. G. W.
Morrison received Lot # 2 containing 14 acres. D. C. Thomas received
Lot # 3 containing 77 ½ acres. The deed dividing the lands was lost
in the courthouse, a new deed had to be perfected. J. W. Thomas
died. Complainants would also represent that David Thomas died,
intestate, July 9, 1890 at the home of his son D. C. Thomas who was
then residing in Limestone County, Alabama."

DAVID THOMAS was survived by his son D. C. and five daughters:
Eodius, Permelia, Hepsa, Avie, Clavissa and Susan. His wife MARY
died 12 September 1881. Both were buried at Oxford Cemetery, Giles
County Tenn. in unmarked graves.


JAMES F. THOMAS was born in 1834 in Newberry South Carolina. He was
probably a year old when his parents moved to North Alabama. The
1850 and 1860 U. S. census for Giles County Tennessee give his
birthplace as South Carolina and his CSA record shows that he was
born in "Newberry District, South Carolina."

At the age of four or five JAMES F. THOMAS was moved along with his
family to the Sugar Creek area of Southwest Giles County Tennessee
where he grew to manhood. About 1854 he married LOUISA CAROLINE
MARBUT, born 23 January 1836, daughter of JOHN and ANN MARBUT. ANN
was a sister of DAVID THOMAS. Yes, JAMES F. and LOUISA CAROLINE were
first cousins. Children of JAMES F. and LOUISA THOMAS were:

1.	COLUMBUS LAFAYETTE THOMAS: Born 25 September 1855 in Giles
        County Tennessee, married DOVEY MORIER IOWAY WHITE 28 January
        1879, died 11 March 1884 in Giles County Tenn. and was buried
        in Oxford Cemetery.
2.	David "Dave" Silas Wilbur Thomas: Born 2 June 1858 in Giles
        County Tennessee, married Martha Ann White (niece of DOVEY)
        29 January 1879, died 17 August 1916 and was buried at Minor
        Hill, Tennessee.
3.	Bettie Jim Thomas: Born 1 April 1861 in Giles County
        Tennessee, married Nathan Anderson Warren 22 January 1882,
        died 21 October 1911 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in
        Giles County Tennessee.

The 1860 census lists JAMES F. THOMAS (26) and LOUISA C. (24) with
children COLUMBUS L. (4) and David S. W. (2) in District 4 of Giles
County Tennessee near DAVID and MARY E. THOMAS and their children
remaining at home. His occupation is given as farm laborer. His
personal property value is $137.00.

JAMES F. THOMAS was enlisted 7 October 1861 in the Confederate
States Army, Company H, 32nd Tennessee Infantry. This was Captain
Thomas Hanna's Company, called the Tennessee Volunteers. He joined
for duty October 19, 1861 at Camp Trousdale in Sumner County and was
enrolled for 12 months. He was soon promoted to Corporal and
assigned to the position of "waggoner."

 "On November 14, 1861, the 32nd Tennessee Infantry was ordered to
East Tennessee to guard railroad bridges… and suppress insurrection
in pro-union sections ... Around this time the 32nd Tennessee was
reported to have 850 men armed with 500 flintlock muskets."

"On December 9th the 32nd Tennessee was ordered to move to Bowling
Green, Kentucky. They moved to Bowling Green by rail and reached
there around Christmas ... Around February 1st they were ordered to
move to Russellville, Kentucky, and remained there a short time ...
The winter of 1861-62 was extremely disastrous for these Confederate
soldiers in Kentucky. Accidents, disease and cold, damp weather
caused the loss of around 300 men of the 32nd Tennessee. Many were
ill and took months to recover. Some were ill and never recovered."
 (Bob Wamble, Civil War-32nd Tennessee Infantry,

Apparently JAMES F. THOMAS was a victim of this harsh winter.
According to his army record he "died in Hospital, March 13th 1862."
Neither the cause of death or the place is given in the report
signed by Captain John L. Brownlow, Company Commander.

The death certificate states that JAMES F. THOMAS was "born in
Newberry District in the State of South Carolina, aged 28 years,
five feet, ten inches high, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair,
and by occupation-farmer."  He was due "Twenty One Dollars and
Seventy Five Cents" which his widow, LOUISA CAROLINE THOMAS, later
filed to receive. Her petition was witnessed by James A. Warren and
Henry J. Warren and was recorded by Amos N. Richardson, Giles County
Clerk, 9 December 1862. I found no record of payment being made.

JAMES F. THOMAS was (reportedly) buried in Samuel Jackson Cemetery
on Salem Road in Giles County Tennessee in an unmarked grave. LOUISA
CAROLINE THOMAS married William Henry Long on19 August 1869. Three
children were born to this second marriage:

1.	Infant Long, born 12 October 1870.
2.	William Henry Long, Jr., born 28 March 1873, Married Mollie
        Bullington, died November 1957, buried at Minor Hill
        Tennessee. They had no children.
3.	Dempsy Long, born 2 March 1877, married 1. Belle Cowan, 2.
        Zilphy Rogers. He fathered eight children by his first wife
        and two by the second. Buried at Mitchell Cemetery,
        Lauderdale County, Alabama.

The 1870 census lists LOUISA'S three children by JAMES F THOMAS in
the household of DAVID and MARY E. THOMAS. LOUISA is not listed with
them.  She died 30 May 1918 and was buried in Mitchell Cemetery,
Lauderdale County Alabama.

(The story has been widely reported by genealogists that JAMES F.
THOMAS went through the Civil War, came home without a scratch, and
was later killed by Cub Boyd at the old Minor Hill Post Office near
the present Sam Davis Monument. Obviously this is not true since JFT
died 13 March 1862 while still in the army. Who, if anyone, Cub Boyd
killed I do not know. However, it was not JAMES F. THOMAS.)


COLUMBUS LAFAYETTE "FATE" THOMAS was born 25 September 1855 in Giles
County Tennessee. He married DOVEY MORIER IOWAY WHITE 28 January
1879 in Giles County Tennessee. David M. Booth, MG officiated. DOVEY
was born 18 December 1855 in Lincoln County Tennessee. Child of

1.	WALTER CLAUDE THOMAS: Born 26 January 1883 in Giles County
        Tennessee, married: 1. Mazie Aurora Appleton, and 2. ELLA
        MAE CLIFTON. He died 18 July 1948, buried in Old Cemetery
        Ethridge, Tennessee.

COLUMBUS LAFAYETTE THOMAS died 11 March 1884 and is buried in Oxford
Cemetery Giles County Tennessee. This cemetery is located on Highway
11 one mile past the Sugar Creek bridge.
On 9 January 1889 DOVEY WHITE THOMAS married Robert Campbell
Abernathy. He died 19 October 1919 in Lawrence County Tennessee. She
died 16 March 1946 in Maury County Tennessee. Both are buried in Old
Cemetery Ethridge, Tennessee.


WALTER CLAUDE THOMAS  was born 26 January 1883 in Southwest Giles
County Tennessee. He was thirteen months old when his father died.
When he was about six his mother married Robert Campbell Abernathy,
a widower with two sons-Elvis and Walter and two daughters-- Olna
and Myrtle. This family lived in the Puncheon, Peach and Appleton
area of Giles County Tennessee.

As a young man CLAUDE THOMAS lived with a Mr. Lytle on Sugar Creek.
He drove a team of mules hauling barrel staves. In the winter he
would leave before daylight and get home after dark and not see a
fire all day and night.

On his 21st birthday CLAUDE  married 15 year 7 month old Mazie
Aurora Appleton. He took both his bride and her 12-year-old sister--
Etha-- home with him, since they were orphans. Their parents were
James Wesley Appleton and Martha Clementine Gibbons. Children of
CLAUDE and Mazie were:

1.	Oswald White Thomas: Born 28 July 1907 in Giles County
        Tennessee, married Daisy Maude Bassham 25 November 1936,
        died 25 October 1980, buried in Arlington Cemetery, Mt.
        Pleasant, Tennessee.
2.	Hoffman Larimore Thomas: Born 23 May 1909 in Giles County
        Tennessee, married Selma D. Morrow 23 July 1938, died 23
        June 1958, buried in Arlington Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.
3.	Martha Dovey Thomas: Born 15 May 1913 in Lawrence County
        Tennessee, married Hazel Wesley Spencer 27 November 1934,
        died 18 April 1989, buried in Arlington Cemetery, Mt.
        Pleasant, Tenn.

Around 1910 CLAUDE and his family, along with R.C. and DOVEY
ABERNATHY, moved to Ethridge in Lawrence County Tennessee. CLAUDE
settled in the Union Hill community where he farmed, ran a funeral
home and operated a grocery store in Ethridge. While living there
his house burned, destroying everything therein, including the
year's cotton harvest, which was stored in a side room.

On 20 March 1920 Mazie died of pneumonia. On 6 March 1921 CLAUDE
married ELLA MAE CLIFTON, a schoolteacher in Ethridge. She was the
Children of CLAUDE and MAE were:

1.	Robert Clifton Thomas.
2.	Frances Etha Thomas.                         
3.	Myron Claude Thomas.
4.	Dorothy Ann Thomas.
5.	Juanita Mae Thomas.
6.	James Franklin Thomas.

In 1925 CLAUDE THOMAS moved his family to Mt. Pleasant, Maury County
Tennessee, where he was foreman of the Frierson farm. After Mr.
Frierson killed himself he moved to the McAnally place between Mt.
Pleasant and Hampshire in 1926. In 1928 he moved a short distance to
Gibson Hollow and in 1930 he moved his family to Enterprise, east of
Mt. Pleasant, in time to be included in the census for that year. At
the beginning of 1933 he moved to a large farm, over 400 acres,
which belonged to one of the area phosphate mining companies,
located on the road between Scott's Mill and Screamer about six
miles east of Mt. Pleasant. At the end of 1938 he moved about five
miles up the road to a 70-acre farm on Holt Hollow that he had
bought from his son Hoffman Thomas.

For three decades CLAUDE THOMAS preached the Gospel of Christ
among churches of Christ in south central Tennessee and north
Alabama.  He was often paid little or nothing for his work but went
whenever called for monthly appointments, weekly meetings and many
funerals.  All the while he farmed for a living.

CLAUDE THOMAS died 18 July 1948 at Saint Thomas Hospital in
Nashville, Tenn.  He was buried in the Old Cemetery, Ethridge,
Tennessee next to his first wife. His second wife MAE THOMAS died 24
February 1983 at the Maury County Regional Hospital in Columbia,
Tenn. and was buried beside her husband.

RESEARCHER'S NOTE: Helen Howard, Athens, Ala. introduced me to my Thomas Family records in 1976; material gathered by my eldest brother, Oswald White Thomas, was passed on to me after his death in 1980; since then Sue Davis, Pulaski, Tenn. and others have provided valuable information; all being added to my own research.

Submitted by Jim Thomas