White Family


WILLIAM WHITE was born abt 1730, probably in Prince William County Virginia. His parentage is unknown. WILLIAM WHITE is listed in 1761 on the roster of Captain William Edmonds as a soldier from Fauquier (formerly a part of Prince William) County Virginia in the French and Indian War. He served with his lifetime friend Carr Bailey as well as James and Stephen Bailey. Following the French and Indian war WILLIAM WHITE owned land near Carr Bailey, noted planter, and was himself a miller. At a court held for Fauquier County 28 May 1783, WILLIAM WHITE was one of three ordered to assist the Surveyor of the County to "divide the lands devised by the last Will and Testament of Carr Bailey, deceased, to be sold after the marriage or death of his widow …and allot to each of the children of the said Carr Bailey…" WILLIAM WHITE is listed on the 1787 tax list for Fauquier County Virginia. He made his mark on various documents including one granting permission for James Bailey to marry his daughter Elizabeth dated 27 February 1786, and another for his son Carr White, who was underage, to marry Nancy Donaldson 19 February 1795. According to one DAR record WILLIAM WHITE was first married to MARY (Unknown). To them were born the following children listed in DAR and the will of WILLIAM WHITE: 1. John White: born abt 1753, (Rev. War) married Ann Bailey 7 January 1783, died 1843-1852. 2. WILLIAM WHITE, JR. born 10 January 1755, (Rev. War) married 1.(Unknown), 2. ELIZABETH (Unknown) before 1814, died 6 May 1833 in Lincoln County Tennessee. 3. Ann/Nancy White: born abt 1764, married William Waddell, Sr. 13 Dec. 1786. 4. Hannah/Hanna White: born abt 1765, married Thomas Russell James 13 Dec. 1787, died 1840 in Clay County Kentucky. 5. Sarah/Sally White: born abt 1768, married George Roach 25 Aug. 1789, died after 1816. 6. Elizabeth/Betty White: born abt 1770, married James Bailey 28 Feb. 1786. 7. Jemima/Mima White: born abt 1772, married 1. George Greene Waddell 10 Jan. 1791, 2. Stephen Wade 1847. 8. Carr White: born abt 1777, married Nancy Donaldson, d/o John, 19 Feb. 1795. All of the children of WILLIAM WHITE and wife MARY were born in Prince William or Fauquier County Virginia. MARY apparently died sometime after the birth of her last child. WILLIAM married Ann Bailey, widow of James Bailey, before 1787. WILLIAM and Ann had no children. However, WILLIAM was given legal guardianship of James and Ann Bailey's children: Nanny, Molly, Thomas and William. The will of WILLIAM WHITE was written 7 May 1796 at Haymarket, Prince William County Virginia. He bequeathed all of his estate "to Ann my dearly beloved wife…so long as she liveth or widowhood and at her death or marriage, it is my desire that all my estate should be sold and equally divided amongst the seven children named: John White, Betty White, Nancy White, Sally White, Carr White, Hanna White and Mima White." He added: "I give and bequeath to my son, John White, a Negro girl named Janney and all her increase as a legacy left him and his heirs forever." Then appears this startling statement: "And to my son, William White, I give and bequeath one shilling Virginia Currency and never no more of my estate to him or his heirs." It appears that for some unknown reason WILLIAM SR. disinherited his son WILLIAM, JR who had probably migrated to Rowan County North Carolina six or more years earlier. WILLIAM WHITE, SR. must have died shortly before 31 October 1804 when George Roach (son-in-law) and William Hunton (neighbor) made an appraisal of his property. Ann Bailey White did not probate her deceased husband's will for several years, not until the Fauquier County Court forced her to do so in May 1816. In the meantime all of the heirs of WILLIAM WHITE, except Sarah Roach, had moved to Mason County Kentucky, from whence they sent legal authority for George Roach to sell the land, which he did to William Hunton on 22 May 1816. However, the estate was not fully settled until 1825.
WILLIAM WHITE, JR. was born 10 January 1755 in Prince William County Virginia. (This part of Prince William County was formed into Fauquier County 1 May 1759) On 17 October 1832 WILLIAM WHITE "appeared before the Justices of the County Court of Lincoln County Tennessee" where he was a resident and under oath made a "declaration in order to attain the benefit of a provision made by act of Congress passed June 7, 1832" to provide pensions for Revolutionary Service. (The record of his petition is recorded in the National Archives # S1735). WILLIAM recalls "That he volunteered in Colonel Stephen's Regiment of Minutemen in Fauquier County, Virginia some time in the month of September in the year 1775." His company "was commanded by Captain John Shelton … and also by Lieutenant John Marshall, son of Major Thomas Marshall, and now Chief Justice of the United States." WILLIAM WHITE describes some of the skirmishes that he was in during his 7 to 8 months of service. In the middle of May he went to Alexandria, Virginia where he found his brother John White "so unwell as to be unable to do service" and became a substitute for his brother for three months. When John recovered and resumed his place WILLIAM returned home. "In the latter part of 1780" WILLIAM "enlisted in the service of the United States for the term of 18 months." He was "attached to the regiment of regulars commanded by Colonel Gaskins and Major John Willis, in Fauquier County, Virginia." He was appointed Orderly Sergeant and continued in that capacity for the remainder of his service. WILLIAM WHITE recounts his Revolutionary War experiences telling of battles, places, dates and names. He wrote: "I was acquainted with General Washington, Col. Hamilton, his aid, … Generals Wayne, Green, Lee, Scott, Woodford, Sumpter, Morgan and others." He was at Yorktown when Lord Cornwallis surrendered. In the latter part of April, he "being very unwell," was discharged and went home. "I think," WILLIAM recalled, "the term of my service…was about 14 or 15 months." In his pension application WILLIAM WHITE said: "After the Revolutionary War, I moved to Rowan County, North Carolina, where I lived about 30 years, then came to this county where I now live." He was on the 1787 Fauquier County Virginia tax list. The 1790 federal census for Rowan County has a William White who may be our WILLIAM. However, he is mentioned in 1795 Fauquier County court minutes which may mean that he had returned briefly or was still living there at that time. Rowan County was formed in 1753 from Anson County and originally included the entire northwestern sector of North Carolina, with an indefinite western boundary. In 1771 Surry County was created out of the northern part of Rowan, followed by the formation of other counties, which made Rowan much smaller by the time of WILLIAM'S arrival. At the turn of the century WILLIAM WHITE was living on Reedy Creek north of the Yadkin River on 105 acres purchased 13 June 1797 from Isaac White of Wilkes County N. C. (Deed Book 15, page 162) The 1799 Rowan County N. C. Tax List gives WILLIAM WHITE as owning 108 acres. On 24 December 1801 WILLIAM deeded this land to John Zimmerman. (Deed Book 20, page 533-34) May 1803 WILLIAM paid Frederick Miller $300 for 150 acres on Muddy Creek. (D.B. 18, p. 523) This land was sold 21 March 1807, for the same amount, to Charles Frederic Bagge of Rowan County. (D.B. 18, p. 562) WILLIAM WHITE is on the 1815 Tax List for Rowan County N.C. as owning 78 acres. In a Rowan County deed dated 27 December 1818 WILLIAM WHITE conveyed 78 acres on Cedar Creek to James Tomlinson. This was just before he began his migration to Lincoln County Tennessee. (In the above transfer of property by WILLIAM WHITE to Bagge, WILLIAM is said to be of Stokes County North Carolina. Other documents place him in Stokes County from 1813-1818. In 1789 the eastern half of Surry County became Stokes County. In 1822 part of Rowan County south of Stokes County became Davidson County. In 1849 the southern half of Stokes County became Forsyth County. Apparently, when WILLIAM lived in Rowan County he was then in what is now the northernmost part of Davidson County, and when he lived in Stokes County it was the southernmost part of what is now Forsyth County. The obituary of his son CARR BAILEY WHITE published 26 August 1775 in the Pulaski Citizen says that he was born in Stokes County North Carolina). It is believed that WILLIAM WHITE, JR. was married in Virginia and perhaps had some children before and after migrating to North Carolina. This unknown wife probably died in North Carolina in the first decade of the 19th century. At least two children, and perhaps three, of WILLIAM WHITE and his unknown first wife seem to be: 1. Edith Chapman White: born 10 July 1792 in North Carolina, married James Tucker 14 August 1814 in Stokes Co. N.C. died after 1870 in Lincoln County Tennessee. 2. Hannah White: born about 1790-1795 probably in North Carolina, married William Ledford 30 Aug. 1812 in Stokes Co. N.C. where she remained. 3. Thomas J White: born abt 1801 in North Carolina, married Malinda (Unknown) abt 1821, he died abt 1850 in Lincoln County Tennessee or Limestone County Alabama. (It is not certain that this was a son of William White). WILLIAM WHITE, JR. married ELIZABETH Unknown in 1813 or earlier. She was born in 1775 in Rowan County North Carolina. Children of WILLIAM WHITE, JR. and ELIZABETH were: 1. Martha White: born 1814 in North Carolina, married Samuel C. Miles 26 March 1840 in Lincoln County Tennessee, died after 1880 LCT, buried in White Cemetery Mulberry, Tenn. 2. James Franklin White: born 10 August 1816 in North Carolina, married Martha V. Payne in Lincoln County Tenn., died 2 August 1852 LCT, buried in White Cemetery Mulberry, Tenn. 3. CARR BAILEY WHITE: born 18 January 1818 in Stokes County North Carolina, married 1. MARTHA WARREN 18 February 1836, 2. Mary Elizabeth Watson 16 October 1859, (both in Lincoln County Tenn.), died 16 August 1875 in Giles Co. Tenn., buried probably Oxford Cemetery. 4. William Clark White: born 8 August 1820 in Lincoln County Tenn., married 1. Polly M. Nixon 12 December 1839, 2. Elizabeth K.Wilkerson 20 May 1843, died 24 December 1864, buried in White Cemetery on Shoal Bluff, Giles County Tenn. Early 1819 WILLIAM WHITE, JR and his family began their migration toward Tennessee. Family tradition says that they stopped in Cumberland Gap, Kentucky where they planted and harvested a corn crop before continuing their journey. Late 1819 or early 1820 they reached Lincoln County Tennessee where they settled on Mulberry Creek in the northeast section of the county. Ten years earlier David Crockett had lived and hunted in this same area. WILLIAM arrived in his new country in time to be included in the 1820 federal census for the county. This census showed a population of 14,963 for the ten-year-old county. On the 5th day of December 1825 David Ewing "in consideration of five hundred dollars" deeded to WILLIAM WHITE 50 acres of land in Lincoln County Tennessee situated "on the west fork of Mulberry Creek a north branch of Elk river … beginning at the northwest corner of Thomas Eastland's 5000 acre survey being the corner of the section." On the 6th day of March 1829 WILLIAM WHITE deeded this same tract of land to Benjamin Boone, a neighbor, for the sum of "three hundred fifty dollars." Unless there were other considerations not stated it seems that WILLIAM suffered a huge loss in this transaction. WILLIAM WHITE, JR. died 6 May 1833 in Lincoln County Tennessee. The location of his burial plot is unknown at this time. On 26 June 1837 James F. White and CARR B. WHITE, acting as administrators of their father WILLIAM WHITE's estate, deeded 100 acres of land on Stephens Creek in Lincoln County Tennessee to G. W. Martin for the sum of $100. James was now almost 21 and CARR was past 19. The sale was to be completed "so soon as we obtain a grant from the State of Tennessee." The deed was finalized 4 December 1837 and recorded 27 December 1837. (Deed Book K1, page 558.) The 1840 census gives ELIZABETH WHITE as head of household consisting of three females: one age 10-15, one age 20-30, and one 50-60. The 1850 census lists ELIZABETH WHITE, age 75, as living with Samuel Miles, his wife Martha (her daughter), and their 7 children. ELIZABETH died 7 August 1852. The following report is from the Fayetteville Observer 19 August 1852: "Old Mrs. White, her son James, and two of her grandchildren, died on Mulberry, in this county, a few days since, of flux. A heavy bereavement to surviving friends." One grandchild was reported as the son of CARR BAILEY WHITE, about 13, (more likely 5), and the other a one-year-old child of James White.
CARR BAILEY WHITE was born 18 January 1818 in Stokes County North Carolina. (This was what is now the southern part of Forsyth County). He was probably less than two years old when his family moved to Lincoln County Tennessee. He grew up in the Mulberry community and lived there until the latter half of 1859. (The first names Carr, Bailey and Carr Bailey are found repeatedly among the descendants of WILLIAM WHITE, SR. of Fauquier County Virginia. WILLIAM'S lifelong friend Carr Bailey was the son of John Bailey, Jr. and Elizabeth Carr. It is possible that these names were derived from such a friendship but it seems more plausible to me that there was a closer connection than that. I have searched in vain to find if WILLIAM, SR was first married to a sister of Carr Bailey. As shown above, at the time of his will, WILLIAM, SR. was married to Ann, who was not the mother of his children. She was the widow of James Bailey who may have been related to Carr Bailey. However, the names Carr and Bailey have continued in the WHITE family.) CARR BAILEY WHITE married MARTHA WARREN 18 February 1836. She was born 26 May 1818 in Lincoln County Tennessee. To this union were born the following children, all in the Mulberry community: 1. Santford Monroe White: born 26 September 1837, married 1. Sarah Owen 16 June 1857, 2. Amanda M. Spencer, died 25 February 1925, buried Stella Giles County Tennessee. 2. William Ransom White: born 25 October 1839, married Elizabeth Harrison 4 November 1861, died 5 August 1911, buried White Hollow, Limestone County Alabama. 3. Willis Warren White: born 7 December 1841, married 1. Martha Bullington 11 October 1865, 2. Maggie M. Morris 7 March 1875,died 17 October 1922, buried Booth's Chapel Giles County Tennessee. 4. M. Amanda Elizabeth White: born 30 June 1844, married Rufus Strange 7 October 1865, died 14 July 1871. 5. Sterling Council (Bud) White: born 13 May 1847, probably the child that died Sunday 15 August 1852. 6. Philander Franklin Moore White: born 26 August 1849, married 1) Clavissa L. Thomas, 15 Aug 1870; 2) Mahala J, Ashford, 23 Nov 1873; died 31 December 1880. 7. Martha Caroline White: born 27 June 1850, not married, died 10 September 1870. 8. DOVEY MORIER IOWAY WHITE: born 18 December 1855, married 1. COLUMBUS LAFAYETTE THOMAS 28 Jan 1879; 2. Robert Campbell Abernathy 9 Jan. 1889, died 16 March 1946 Maury County Tennessee, buried Old Cemetery Ethridge, Tennessee. In 1838 CARR BAILEY WHITE bought four tracts of land totaling 227 acres, situated on Dukes Creek and the south side of Elk River in District 23, being the estate of Ethel Dred Cobb. The total price paid for the land was $237.50. The deeds for these tracts were conveyed by Allen Holland and wife, and by David Jean, and were registered 3 and 8 October 1838. In 1846 he paid $0.4125 in taxes and paid $0.35 in 1847. CARR BAILEY WHITE is listed in the 1840 census for Lincoln County Tennessee. However, he is not found in the 1850 census or in any other that year. He was appointed 14 April 1850 to the bridge building committee in Lincoln County. In the spring of 1854 he became a magistrate for the 4th district. I have located records of at least ten marriages that he performed as Justice of the Peace, the last on 12 June 1859. In late 1854 CARR B WHITE was on the jury that convicted Drury Richardson of the murder of his son-in-law James Mansel Bartlett. Richardson was sentenced to four years in the State Prison. Governor Andrew Johnson later pardoned him. This death notice is from the Fayetteville Observer 5 March 1857: "MARTHA WHITE, wife of C.B. WHITE, was born May 26, 1818, married February 18, 1836, M. E. Church 1856, and departed this life Feb. 13, 1857, (Survived by) husband and seven children." Her grave is thought to be under an old church building in Mulberry. C. B. WHITE married Mary Elizabeth Watson 16 October 1859 in Lincoln County Tenn. W.E. Carter, J.P. officiated. She was born 20 October 1830. Two sons were born to this union: 1. John Thomas White: born 25 July 1862 in Giles County Tenn., married K. Bridgeforth, died 12 November 1899, buried Oxford Cemetery Giles County Tenn. 2. James C. White: born 17 September 1868, died before 1870. The land that C. B. WHITE purchased in 1838 he sold to David Jean in 1859 for the sum of $220. The deed was recorded 9 July 1859. Apparently the Whites moved away from Lincoln County shortly thereafter. CARR B. WHITE, his wife Elizabeth, and six children are listed in the 1860 census in Limestone County Alabama. Next on the list are his eldest son Santford M. White, his wife Sarah, and their two children. They were probably in the northernmost part of the county near the Giles County Tennessee state line. The political climate in Lincoln County was intensively heated just prior to The War Between The States, (as it was called in the South). According to Goodspeed's History, the vote in 1861 for separation from the Union was 2,890, for no separation 0. Since the Whites were loyal to the Union this was probably the primary reason for their move in 1859. CARR BAILEY WHITE'S younger brother, William Clarke White, must have moved before 1860 as he and his family are listed in the Giles County Tennessee census for that year. He was a prosperous farmer who owned about 267 acres of land on the west fork of Little Shoal Creek in the 4th District. On 24 December 1864 bushwhackers invaded his premises, shot and killed him at his front door in the presence of his wife and children. They demanded the location of his horses, which they intended to take. His wife, who was pregnant, went into labor and gave birth to a son that night. While there is no record of any of the sons of either C. B. or W. C. White being in the Union army, some of the older ones did serve as couriers for the Northern army and even as virtual spies. After the war CARR B. WHITE, his sons Santford and William R., along with the estate of William C. White, received reparations from the United States for damages and losses done to them during the war. On 10 August 1867 Lewis H. Walker sold 159 ½ acres of land on Sugar Creek in Giles County Tennessee to CARR B. WHITE of Alabama. C. B. moved to this farm about the first of 1868. He is listed in the 1870 census for Giles County along with his wife Elizabeth, and the remaining children still at home: Philander 20, Martha C. 17, DOVEY I. 14 and John T. 7. CARR BAILEY WHITE died 16 August 1875 at his home on Sugar Creek. The location of his burial is unknown but is probably Oxford Cemetery in an unmarked grave. His wife Elizabeth Watson White and six children survived him: Santford Monroe, William Ransom, Willis Warren, Philander Franklin Moore, DOVEY MORIER IOWAY, and John Thomas. His widow lived her last years with her stepson Willis W. White and was known as "Granny."
DOVEY WHITE was born 18 December 1855 in Mulberry, Lincoln County Tennessee. She was the last child of CARR BAILEY WHITE and MARTHA WARREN WHITE. She was hardly fourteen months old when her mother died. She was two months shy of her fourth birthday when her father married again. She lacked four months being twenty when her father died. She was a little over a month past her twenty-third birthday when she married. Five years later she was a widow with a small child. She was about thirty-three when she married again and inherited four stepchildren. Two months before her sixty-fifth birthday she was widowed again. At ninety-one and three months she died. DOVEY WHITE was four when her family moved to Limestone County Alabama and twelve when they moved to Giles County Tennessee. She married COLUMBUS LAFAYETTE THOMAS 28 January 1879 in Giles County Tennessee. David M. Booth, MG officiated. One child was born to this union: 1. WALTER CLAUDE THOMAS: Born 26 January 1883 in Giles County Tennessee, married 1. Mazie Aurora Appleton, and 2. ELLA MAE CLIFTON, died 18 July 1948, buried in Old Cemetery Ethridge, Tennessee. COLUMBUS LAFAYETTE THOMAS died 11 March 1884 and is buried in Oxford Cemetery Giles County Tennessee. On 9 January 1889 DOVEY WHITE THOMAS married Robert Campbell Abernathy, a widower with two sons (Elvis and Walter) and two daughters (Olna and Myrtle). One child was born to this union, who died in infancy. DOVEY and Bob Abernathy lived in the Puncheon, Peach and Appleton area. About 1910 they moved to Ethridge in north Lawrence County Tennessee. Bob Abernathy was a stonemason, undertaker and country preacher. He died 19 October 1919 and is buried in the Old Cemetery, Ethridge, Tennessee. After the death of her husband, DOVEY Abernathy made her home with her son, WALTER CLAUDE THOMAS, for the remainder of her life. They lived in the Union Hill community near Ethridge. In 1925 the family moved to Mt. Pleasant Tennessee in Maury County. A year later they moved to the McAnally place west of Mt. Pleasant and then two years later to nearby Gibson Hollow. At the beginning of 1930 a move was made to Enterprise east of town, then three years later to Scott's Mill and in 1938 to Holt's Hollow between Scott's Mill and Screamer. This is where DOVEY died 16 March 1946. She was buried beside her husband, Robert Campbell Abernathy, in the Old Cemetery in Ethridge, Tennessee. She was known as "Mammy" to all of her grandchildren. (Researcher's Note: Since my grandmother, Dovey Morier Ioway White, had made her home with her son, my father, for more than a decade before my birth and continued to live with us until her death just past my 14th birthday, my earliest knowledge of the White Family came from her and my father, Walter Claude Thomas. In 1972 Paul Richard White published his findings on his ancestor Carr Bailey White and his descendants. Oswald White Thomas, my brother, contributed to this work. I am indebted to Virginia White Keefer, a renown White genealogist, for much of my information about the White Family, especially concerning William Sr. and William Jr.)

Submitted by James F. Thomas