Generation Chart of Robert Williams


Generation No. 1

1. ROBERT2 WILLIAMS (WILLIAM1)1,2,3,4,5,6 was born Abt. 1795 in NC, and died Abt. 1867 in Giles County, TN. He married JULIA A. LUCY7 Abt. 1820, daughter of ROBERT LUCY and CATHERINE ABERNATHY. She was born Abt. 1802 in Brunswick County, VA, and died Aft. 1880 in Giles County, TN. Children of ROBERT WILLIAMS and JULIA LUCY are: 2. i. ELIZABETH ANN3 WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1820. 3. ii. RICHARD WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1824. 4. iii. MARY ANN WILLIAMS, b. 1829, Giles Co., TN; d. 26 May 1888, Giles Co., TN. 5. iv. CAROLINE JANE WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1830, Giles Co., TN. v. GEORGE W. WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1832, Giles Co., TN; m. DELLA V. NEVILLS, 14 March 1876, Giles Co., TN; b. Abt. 1860. 6. vi. AMANDA E. WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1836, Giles Co., TN; d. 16 December 1883, Giles Co., TN. 7. vii. ROBERT P. WILLIAMS, b. September 1838, Bunker Hill, Giles Co.,TN; d. Bunker Hill, Giles Co., TN. viii. FRANKLIN WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1840; d. 21 September 1863, Battle of Chickamauga. ix. LAWSON SHELBY WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1844; d. Abt. 1862, Condederate Camp Trousdale.

Generation No. 2

2. ELIZABETH ANN3 WILLIAMS (ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1820. She married JOSHUA NEVILLS Abt. 1840. He was born Abt. 1819. Children of ELIZABETH WILLIAMS and JOSHUA NEVILLS are: i. JOHN W.4 NEVILLS, b. 1842. ii. SARAH T. NEVILLS, b. 1844. iii. ELIPUS B. NEVILLS, b. 1849. iv. MADISON B. NEVILLS, b. 1851. v. MARY E. NEVILLS, b. 1856. vi. ALVIS F. NEVILLS, b. 1860. vii. ALEX G. NEVILLS, b. 1845. 3. RICHARD3 WILLIAMS (ROBERT2, WILLIAM1)8 was born Abt. 1824. He married (1) ELIZABETH S. EVANS, daughter of JOHN EVANS and ELEANOR OWENS. She was born Abt. 1825. He married (2) NANCY MCAFFERTY 14 April 1872. Children of RICHARD WILLIAMS and ELIZABETH EVANS are: i. ALLISON H.4 WILLIAMS, b. 1850; m. KATY JARRETT, 04 May 1871, Coffee Co., TN. ii. JULIA MALVINA WILLIAMS, b. 1852; d. Lawrence Co., TN. 8. iii. STITH MILTON WILLIAMS, b. 25 December 1852; d. 07 August 1921, Lexington, AL. 9. iv. LILES PATRICK WILLIAMS, b. 1855; d. 30 June 1925. v. MARTHA S. WILLIAMS, b. 1857. vi. JOHN B. WILLIAMS, b. 1859; m. SARAH J. BUTLER, 19 June 1881, Wayne Co., TN. 10. vii. FRANK SHIELDS WILLIAMS, b. 20 April 1862, AL; d. 18 May 1937, Ada, Ok. 4. MARY ANN3 WILLIAMS (ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born 1829 in Giles Co., TN, and died 26 May 1888 in Giles Co., TN. She married THOMAS JEFFERSON EVANS. He was born 1815 in Petersburg,VA, and died 1891 in Giles Co., TN. Children of MARY WILLIAMS and THOMAS EVANS are: i. WILLIAM HENRY4 EVANS, b. 1843; d. 1853. ii. SARA FRANCES EVANS, b. 23 September 1844, TN; d. 16 February 1916; m. EDWARD FIELD EVERLY. iii. JAMES MONROE EVANS, b. 1847; d. 31 May 1868. iv. LUCY ANN EVANS, b. 1849; m. J. J. OWENS. v. MARY CATHERINE EVANS, d. 1860. vi. MANDA FRANKLIN EVANS. vii. GEORGE WESLEY EVANS, b. 12 March 1855, Giles Co., TN; d. 18 January 1942; m. FRANCES MAHALEY COLLINS; b. 17 November 1872; d. 10 December 1945. 5. CAROLINE JANE3 WILLIAMS (ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1830 in Giles Co., TN. She married WILLIAM C. INGRAM 23 October 1849 in Giles Co., TN. He was born Abt. 1823. Children of CAROLINE WILLIAMS and WILLIAM INGRAM are: i. AMELIA4 INGRAM, b. 1853. ii. ROBERT W. INGRAM, b. 1858. iii. CHARLES L. INGRAM, b. 18609. 6. AMANDA E.3 WILLIAMS (ROBERT2, WILLIAM1)10 was born Abt. 1836 in Giles Co., TN, and died 16 December 1883 in Giles Co., TN. Children of AMANDA E. WILLIAMS are: i. MARY4 WILLIAMS, b. Giles Co., TN; m. WILLIAM H. DANIEL, 28 January 1886, Giles Co., TN. ii. VIRGINIA WILLIAMS, b. 1866. 7. ROBERT P.3 WILLIAMS (ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born September 1838 in Bunker Hill,Giles Co.,TN, and died in BunkerHill,Giles Co.,TN. He married ELIZABETH JANE WATSON Abt. 1866, daughter of JAMES WATSON and SUSAN ABERNATHY. She was born Abt. July 1842 in Giles County, TN, and died Aft. 1910 in Giles County, TN. Children of ROBERT WILLIAMS and ELIZABETH WATSON are: i. ANNIE4 WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1867. ii. NANCY WILLIAMS, b. 1867. iii. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, b. January 1870. iv. THOMAS WILLIAMS, b. 1872. 11. v. ANDERSON MULLIN WILLIAMS, b. 13 September 1875, Bunker Hill, Giles Co., TN; d. 06 May 1942, Bunker Hill, Giles Co., TN.

Generation No. 3

8. STITH MILTON4 WILLIAMS (RICHARD3, ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born 25 December 1852, and died 07 August 1921 in Lexington, AL. He married (1) REBECCA SMITH 27 January 1875 in Lauderdale Co., AL, daughter of JOHN SMITH and CYNTHIA ROMINE. She died 17 November 1888 in Rogersville, Lauderdale Co., AL. He married (2) FRANCES E. PUTMAN 25 September 1890 in Lauderdale Co., AL. Children of STITH WILLIAMS and REBECCA SMITH are: i. ALLISON ANDREW5 WILLIAMS, b. 01 February 1876; d. 20 March 1960; m. (1) MARY EMMA OCTAVIA MICHAELS, 28 March 1897, Lauderdale Co., AL; b. 22 July 1877; d. 22 March 1933; m. (2) FLORA WISDOM, 16 February 1935, Lauderdale Co., AL; d. Abt. 1978, Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co., TN. ii. SARAH R. WILLIAMS, b. 02 December 1877; d. 19 August 1889. iii. GEORGE W. WILLIAMS, b. December 1879. iv. ADA WILLIAMS, b. 10 December 1881; d. 02 January 1882. v. WALTER WARREN WILLIAMS, b. 09 January 1883; d. 02 May 1949; m. MAGGIE OPHELIA WALKER, 21 September 1909, Ada, Pontotoc Co., OK. vi. KATIE WILLIAMS, b. 22 February 1887; d. 22 September 1923. Children of STITH WILLIAMS and FRANCES PUTMAN are: vii. JENNIE E.5 WILLIAMS, b. February 1886. viii. ROGER VIRGIL WILLIAMS, b. 15 January 1892; d. 28 May 1975. ix. NORA R. WILLIAMS, b. 07 September 1895; d. 15 August 1962; m. J. WILLIS MCGEE; b. 08 August 1891; d. 27 May 1962. x. CULMAN WILLIAMS, b. 30 January 1898. xi. HERBERT F. WILLIAMS, b. 16 September 1898. xii. RUBIE NANCY WILLIAMS, b. 05 January 1900; d. 18 September 1980; m. DENNIS FRANKLILN JOHNSON, 17 April 1943. xiii. ROY ROB WILLIAMS, b. 19 February 1903; d. 03 October 1983. xiv. DEWEY MILTON WILLIAMS, b. 24 June 1905; d. 20 November 1995; m. LIZZIE EARLINE JOINER; b. 26 November 1908; d. 24 January 1973. xv. EULA A. WILLIAMS, b. 24 June 1907. 9. LILES PATRICK4 WILLIAMS (RICHARD3, ROBERT2, WILLIAM1)11 was born 1855, and died 30 June 1925. He married MATILDA TENNESSEE MARBUT, daughter of DANIEL MARBUT and MATILDA HENDRIX. She was born 22 December 1855 in TN. Child of LILES WILLIAMS and MATILDA MARBUT is: i. NOBLE COLEMAN5 WILLIAMS, b. 25 February 1882, Giles Co., TN; d. 23 December 1955, Giles Co., TN; m. VIRGIE INEZ WRAY, 30 December 1910; b. 11 February 1889, Giles Co., TN; d. 23 December 1973, Giles Co., TN. 10. FRANK SHIELDS4 WILLIAMS (RICHARD3, ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born 20 April 1862 in AL, and died 18 May 1937 in Ada, Ok. He married EMMA WORK in Russelville, OK. Children of FRANK WILLIAMS and EMMA WORK are: i. ETHEL5 WILLIAMS, b. 1905; m. O. B. PRIEST. ii. EDITH WILLIAMS, b. 1905; m. VESTER SKATES. iii. OMA WILLIAMS, b. 1904; m. JERRY JOBE. iv. BESSIE WILLIAMS, b. 1907. 11. ANDERSON MULLIN4 WILLIAMS (ROBERT P.3, ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born 13 September 1875 in BunkerHill,Giles Co.,TN, and died 06 May 1942 i BunkerHill, Giles Co.,TN. He married FREDONIA ELVIRA WATSON 25 December 1898 in BunkerHill,Giles Co.,TN, daughter of WILLIAM WATSON and MARY GILLIAM. She was born 05 April 1879 in BunkerHill,Giles Co.,TN, and died 09 June 1961 in Fayetteville,Lincoln Co.,TN. Children of ANDERSON WILLIAMS and FREDONIA WATSON are: i. CALVIN BELL5 WILLIAMS, b. 17 August 1905, BunkerHill,Giles Co.,TN; d. 25 October 1946, Nashville,Davidson Co.,TN; m. LUCILLE LAVINIA MULLINS, 1930, Dellrose ,Lincoln Co.,TN; b. 08 May 1911, Dellrose, Lincoln Co.,TN; d. 31 July 1963, Fayetteville,Lincoln Co.,TN. ii. BESSIE LOU WILLIAMS, b. 08 February 1902; d. 1997, Lincoln Co., TN; m. JAMES R. STEVENSON; d. 14 February 1961, Lincoln County, TN. iii. ROBERT WILLIAMS, b. 24 November 1903; d. August 1954, Lincoln County, TN; m. MATTIE SUE RAMBO. iv. JAMES BUFORD WILLIAMS, b. 25 November 1906, Lincoln County, TN; d. 30 December 1993, Lincoln County, TN; m. MABEL WEST; b. 01 March 1909, Lincoln Co., TN; d. April 1995, Lincoln Co., TN. v. MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, b. 13 April 1909, Lincoln County, TN; d. September 1934, Lincoln County, TN; m. BEVILL. vi. ANN RUTH WILLIAMS, b. 27 January 1911, Lincoln County, TN; d. November 1988, Lincoln County, TN; m. (1) DICK BREWER; m. (2) GILL SOLOMON; d. 1984, Lincoln County, TN. vii. BROWNIE WILLIAMS, b. 09 June 1913, Lincoln County, TN; d. 31 March 1994, Lincoln County, TN; m. VASCAR ELLIS. viii. ANDERSON WILLIAMS, b. 07 July 1919; d. 16 October 1920, Lincoln County, TN.


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Submitted by Joe Max Williams