The Descendants of Thomas Young

	Thomas Young, son of William Young Senr, was born prior to
1756 and lived for years in Spartanburg Co South Carolina in the
James Creek area. His wife was Mary _____, who was also born by
1755. Thomas and his brother Richard each inherited 75 acres along
James Creek in their father's 1787 will, and in that will it says
that Thomas lived next to the land he was inheriting. On 4 April
1795 William Young and wife Patience _____ of Laurens Co South
Carolina sold to Thomas Young of Spartanburg Co a plantation
containing one hundred acres in Spartanburg Co "on a Branch of Tyger
River called Jamies Creek" and bounded on the east by land of
William Young Senr, on the west by land of George Crawford, and
vacant land on the remaining sides. This was land first granted to
William on 17 February 1767. The second page of this long
transaction states "Wm Young now is and untill the execution of
these presents shall stand seized of a good sure perfect and
indefineable estate of Inheritance" of the 100 acre plantation.
William was selling his yet to be received inheritance. He and
Patience both made their mark, being unable to sign. Robert Beard
witnessed. A deed of sale of 75 acres "on a branch of Tyger called
Jameys Creek" from "Thomas Young Senr" to William Young (Thomas'
son) dated 7 October 1809, was witnessed by Richard Young and Sarah
Young (probably Thomas' daughter). This 75 acres bordered other land
Thomas already owned and was "granted to my father William Young Sen
by his Excellency Governor Montague in the 7th day of February
1767." He sold these 75 acres along James Creek to a William Young
in October 1809. This sale was witnessed by Thomas' brother Richard
Young, and by Sarah Young; Sarah was apparently Thomas' daughter.
The relation of this William to Thomas or Richard has not been
determined since there were quite a few adult men named William
Young who lived in the Co, but probably the William who bought the
75 acres was Thomas' son. In any case, Thomas and most of his family
moved to Lincoln Co Tennes see soon afterwards. He died in Lincoln
Co, leaving a will there which was written 18 February 1813 and
proven on 2 November 1813. This will was witnessed by Woodson Haley
and Eli Sanders. Thomas' wife Mary was still in Lincoln Co in 1820.
She could not write. They had nine known children-
a.	Jemima Young, b 1777
b.	Elizabeth Young, b 1780
c.	Mary Young, b 1782
d.	Sarah Young, b 1780s
e.	William Young, b 1787
f.	Marjory Young, b 1790
g.	Nancy Young, b 1790s
h.	Daniel Young, b 1790s

	Thomas Young, son of Nathaniel Young, was born 29 July 1781
in 96 District (soon to become Spartanburg Co) South Carolina
Province. He married Sarah _____ in Spartanburg Co about 1801, and
they moved to Columbia, Ten nessee by 1818. The Giles Co census of
1850 shows that Thomas' children born by 1817 were born in South
Carolina, and the ones born after that date were born in Tennessee.
Hence Thomas and his family were the last of the James Creek- Tyger
River Young clan to move to Tennessee. In 1820 Thomas and most of
his children were living at Columbia, just a few doors from his
cousin Polly Young [Y6] and her husband Willis Willeford. Thomas'
wife Sarah was born in South Carolina on 23 July 1785. Her parentage
is unknown. She died at Bradshaw where they lived, on 18 September
1845; Thomas died at Bradshaw on 18 May 1841. Both are buried in
Center Point Cemetery at Bradshaw, about two miles southeast of
Beech Hill. Thomas' gravestone says "He lived esteemed by all who
knew him and died in Christian triumph." He and Sarah had 11
a.	Mary T Young, b 1802
b.	boy Young, born 1801-1810, died by 1820.
c.	girl Young, born 1806-1810, died or married by 1820.
d.	John Chumner Young, b 4 Dec 1808
e.	Thomas L Young, b 8 Jul 1811
f.	Dorothy C Young, b 23 Jun 1814
g.	William Young, b 1817
h.	Isaac C Young, b 1818
i.	Joseph W Young, b 1821
j.	Sarah Ann Young, b 1825
k.	Martha C Young, b 1827

	Thomas Young, son of Nathaniel Young and Jemima Young
[Y5a], was born about 1805 in Tennessee, probably in Maury Co. In
Maury Co he mar ried Martha Joyce on 13 March 1827. She was born in
Tennessee about 1803. They lived in Maury Co into the 1840s when
they moved west to Wayne Co where Tom continued farming with his
three older sons. They were not found after 1850, but had ten
children by then-
1.	girl Young, b 1828-1830, married or died by 1850.
2.	John F Young, b 1832
3.	William Young, b 1834
4.	Nathaniel Young, b 1835
5.	Lucy Young, b 1837
6.	Samuel Young, b 1839
7.	Sefrona Young, b 1842
8.	Jemima Young, b 1844
9.	Washington Young, b 1846
10.	Richard Young, b 1848

	Thomas Benton Young, son of Joseph S Young, was born 1
March 1860 at Pulaski, Tennessee. When Thomas was a teenager his
parents and their children moved to Texas, and it was at Eastland,
Texas where he married Mary Jane "Minnie" Stanfield on 2 April 1885.
They lived in Texas for years, but by 1933 had moved to Oklahoma.
Minnie died at Lawton 4 December 1933 and is buried at Walters. She
was born 1 February 1869 in Texas, daughter of Spiney Stanfield and
Mary McLaughlin. Thomas died on 31 January 1950 in Walters at the
advanced age of almost 90; he is also buried at Walters. They had
thirteen children-
1.	Thomas Jefferson Young, b 29 Mar 1886
2.	Willie Josephine Young, b 2 Nov 1887
3.	Barney McCoy Young, b 27 Nov 1891
4.	Charley Elmonty Young, b c1892
5.	Bessie May Young, b 11 Nov 1893
6.	Maggie V Young, b 7 Nov 1895
7.	Irene English Young, b 18 Apr 1898
8.	Jesse James Young, b 13 Jul 1899
9.	Lucy Young, b 4 Feb 1901
10.	John Benton Young, b 20 Mar 1904
11.	Willis Givins Young, b 20 Nov 1905
12.	Henry Stanley Young, b 20 Jul 1907
13.	Opal Estelle Young, b 4 Nov 1909

	Thomas C Young, son of Isaac C Young, was born 7 October
1843 at Bradshaw in Giles Co. His mother died when he was seven
years old, and his father ten years later. Tom was not found in
Giles Co in 1860, so may have been living with his sister Madora
Catherine, or other relatives in a neighboring Co (Madora was not
found either). In 1870 Tom was living and working on the farm of his
first cousin Nicholas J Holley at Bradshaw. On 8 August 1873
Tom married Rosanna Adelaide "Annie" Cardin in Giles Co. She was
born in Giles Co on 17 June 1857, daughter of Lewis Cardin and Mary
Jane Abernathy. By 1880 and for at least thirty years Tom and Annie
were living in district 20, just five doors from Tom's brother
Harbard, and close to where Annie's family was living when she and
Tom were married. Tom died in Giles Co on 7 June 1921 and is buried
in Indian Creek Cemetery at the Old Baptist Church. Annie died 2
August 1924 and is buried with Tom. They had eight children-
a.	Sidney, Young, b 1875
b.	Kilah Mae Young, b 15 Apr 1876
c.	Nannie J Young, b Jun 1877
d.	Lewis Young, b Jan 1880e.Florence Young, b Jan 1883
f.	Dora Young
g.	Annie Walton Young
h.	Joe D Young, b 18 Jul 1895

	Thomas Edgar "Bud" Young, son of John Calvin Young, was
born in October 1858 in Giles Co. He married Albina D "Bina"
Montgomery in Giles Co on 15 November 1881. She was born in November
1865 in the same Co. Bud owned a tinsmith shop at Pulaski. Bina died
in 1952. Bud and Bina had three children-
1.	William E Young, b Dec 1888
2.	Mary Young, b Dec 1888
3.	Amos Young, b 21 Aug 1891
Bina's brother was William Mortimer Montgomery whose daughter Elise
Lou married Arnie Young.

	Thomas L Young, son of Thomas Young, was born 8 July 1811,
no doubt in Spartanburg Co South Carolina since his family lived
there until they moved to the Giles-Maury area of Tennessee in 1817
or 1818. Thomas L was a Methodist minister at Bethesda Church seven
miles southeast of Pulaski in 1842, and also preached in churches in
Lincoln Co. He married Laticia _____, but since his will does not
mention any children, they probably had none. Thomas died on 26 June
1843, naming his wife Laticia in his will, and is buried in Center
Point Cemetery at Bradshaw.

	Thomas L Young, son of Joseph W Young, was born about 1842
in the Bradshaw Creek area; he was not found in Giles Co after 1860.

Submitted by John Young

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