Robertson Fork Church of Christ
1836 Member Roll

This is the transcribed version of the 1836 Church Roll of Robertson Fork Church of Christ. The roll was compiled in 1836 and from time to time (possibly years later) someone came back and wrote things beside the names such as: removed, dead, etc. The church was in Giles County in 1836 but sometime in the late 1800s that northeastern part of Giles became Marshall County. It is now just over the county line two miles west of I-65.

Waid Barrett  
Thomas Barrett removed
John Jones removed died March 29, 1847
Isaih Dotson removed
George Dotson removed
Joseph Nance died March 13, 1847
David Wiley removed
Samuel M. Vick excluded
Benjamin Beal, Jun. removed
Thomas Beal removed
William Philips removed
Thomas Payn removed
Anderson Griffis dead
Jordan Dotson to Lynnville
David Wilks removed
Presley Beal removed
Charles F. Beal removed
Mager Beal removed
Joseph East removed
Thomas S. Beal excluded
Benjamin Beal, Seign. removed
William A. Chapman deceased
Homer Raney removed
Matthew Spivy  
John Roberts excluded May 1844
Benjamin Shockly removed
Britton Beal deceased
Solomon Dogget excluded
Elijah Chapman removed
William Roberts excluded
William Gill {movedÂded
Elijah Chapman removed
William Roberts excluded
William Gill {moved (Transcriber's note:
Samuel Patrick {to Fountain Creek ("William Gill" is crossed out)
Joseph Srigley removed
J.A.W. Anderson removed
Thomas Neal to Weakleys Creek
William Neal to Weakleys Creek
Thomas Apperson (Transcriber's note: something unreadable is written here)
Archibald Story removed
William Ones removed Lynnville
James Griggs removed to Richland
Reuben Nance dead
James Patterson moved to Fountain Creek
Bradly Samuel removed
William Samuel removed
James Powel removed by (Transcriber's note: an unreadable word here)
James Robards  
Richard Warden  
Hiram Anderson deceased
Solomon Smith removed
John Terry  
William Curry dead
William Martin removed
Daniel Walker removed
Joseph A. Beal removed Lynnville
Presley B. Shockly removed
John Elmick removed
Thomas Dodson removed
George W. Dogget excluded Jan 9, 1853
Henry Harper removed
Eldridge Gill removed
William J. Walker excluded
Rufus L. Young removed
Jonathan Shockly removed
William H. Hackney Lynnville
James Chilton excluded
Jonathan L. Shockly removed
Jane Chapman removed
Delilah Chapman removed
Sarah Ann Spivy dead
Dolly Chapman removed
Lydia Beal removed
Synthy Jones dead
Emaline Barret mistake in name (Transcriber's note: name crossed out)
Martha J. Barret removed
Rebeca Vick removed
Nancy Morphis removed
Eliza Beal removed
Jane Beal removed
Lydia Dotson removed
Clarky Beal removed
Rebeca Beal removed
Elizabeth Griffice dead
Nancy Griggs removed
Amelia Barnett  
Francis P. Barret removed
Permelia Philips removed
Evelina W. East removed
Belinda V. Beal removed to Lynnville
Mary Wilks  
Mary McCollum  
Jane E. Jones removed
Mildred East removed
Lily Shockly removed
Winny Brown removed
Rebeca Philips dead
Mary Dodson removed
Nancy T. Rainy removed
Nancy Roberts dead
Belinda Moore removed
Miriam Chapman removed
Francis Beal removed
Lydia Beal removed
Jane Beal removed
Sarah Beal removed
Elizabeth Griggs removed
Nancy Beal removed
Dilila Beal removed
Ann Griffery removed
Lydia York removed
Mary Beal removed
Margarett Daniel removed
Mary Ramsey removed
Elizabeth Canis removed
Ann Cook removed to Richland
Martha Gordon out
Lucinda Smith out
Winny Roberts excluded
Elizabeth Ussery removed
Amelia Gill removed
Francis Chambers removed
Mary Ussery gone to Baptist
Faithful Ussery removed
Matilda Moore removed
Lydia Smith removed
Sarah Powel removed
Eliza Griffin removed
Margaret Chapman removed
Elizabeth Anderson removed to Richland
Mary Williams removed
Avie Collins removed
Elizabeth Runnels dead
Margaret Anderson removed
Emily Anderson removed
Martha Ann Roberts  
Eliza B. Helmick departed

Submitted by: Mike Chapman
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