The Roster of the Tennessee 3rd Infantry

The source of the Tennessee 3rd Infantry Roster comes from the book Holding the Line, written by Flavel C. Barber and edited by Robert H. Ferrell. It was published by The Kent State University Press, Kent, Ohio in 1994. See the Kent State University Press web site's page on the book:

Permission to display the roster on the Giles County Genealogy Web Site ( for ten years, 2010 through 2020, is given by The Kent State University Press.

Flavel Barber was a Major in the 3rd Tenn Infantry during the Civil War. A resident of Giles County, Flavel attended Giles College, and was a teacher in Bryson, near Elkton, TN. His wife was Mary Paine Abernathy Barber. The book is his memoir of his service with the 3rd.

The description of each man's service led to constant repetition, it seemed advisable to give numbers to similar experiences, which then appear after names of members of the regiment. Click HERE to see that list of numbers. If you have any problems opening the file, please contact the Giles County Web Master.

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Page 193 Abernathy, C. C. - Abernathy, M. C.
Page 194 Abernathy - Anderson, D. G.
Page 195 Anderson E. - Barnes, J. Luke
Page 196 Barnes, L. L. - Bell, William
Page 197 Benderman, John W. - Bond, John H.
Page 198 Bond, T. J. - Brown, Campbell
Page 199 Brown, Leon - Buford, Ebenezer G.
Page 200 Buford, Edward C. (or L.) - Bynum, John W.
Page 201 Bynum, William M. - Cardin, William D.
Page 202 Cardwell, A. E. - Childers, John W.
Page 203 Childers, Robert H. - Clift, Thomas
Page 204 Clift, W. P. - Conder, M. L.
Page 205 Conder, W. J. - Craig, D. A.
Page 206 Craig, James E. - Darden, Benjamin G.
Page 207 Daugherty, Maxwell - Defoe, J. C.
Page 208 DeGraffenreid, T. A. - Dungy, F. M.
Page 209 Dungy, John - Everly, William D.
Page 210 Ewing, J. C. - Fisher, William
Page 211 Fite, Elias - Freeman, J. L.
Page 212 Freeman, John - Garrett, W. T.
Page 213 Garrison, William E. - Goodloe, Rufus T.
Page 214 Goodman, C. H. - Griffis, W. W.
Page 215 Griggs, R. P. - Hamlin, W. T.
Page 216 Hamrick, J. H. - Harwell, W. M.
Page 217 Harwood, M. P. - Herrin, B. F.
Page 218 Herron, C. F., Jr. - Hodge, William H.
Page 219 Hogan, J. H. - Horne, A. C.
Page 220 Horne, D. C. - Hunter, John S.
Page 221 Hutchcraft, W. B. - Jennings, Walter S.
Page 222 Jewell, W. A. - Jones, Willis H.
Page 223 Kannon, E. D. - King, J. W.
Page 224 King, Robert - Langley, Thomas H.
Page 225 Lanier, R. F. - Lockridge, G. B.
Page 226 Lockridge, J. W. - McCanless, S. H.
Page 227 McCarroll, James - McKissack, Alan
Page 228 McKissack, J. T. - Marks, L. F.
Page 229 Marks, L. H. - Matthews, N. J.
Page 230 Matthews, R. H. - Mitchell, Thomas E.
Page 231 Mitchell, William T. - Neal, W. W.
Page 232 Neely, R. B. - Orr, C. R.
Page 233 Orr, Calvin J. - Pate, B. C.
Page 234 Pate, J. M. - Pittard, A. G.
Page 235 Pittard, John W. - Pullen, E. T.
Page 236 Pullen, G. W. - Renolds, David O.
Page 237 Reynolds, E. L. - Rittenbury, N. B.
Page 238 Robards, J. G. - Rutledge, Wallace W.
Page 239 Sands, J. E. - Shields, J. T.
Page 240 Shook, J. C. - Smith, Jacob
Page 241 Smith, James - stevenson, D. G.
Page 242 Stevenson, Thomas L. - Stroud, G. W.
Page 243 Sullivan, Ambrose - Taylor, M. P.
Page 244 Taylor, Rory - Thompson, J. W.
Page 245 Thompson, N. A. - Tucker, Thomas M.
Page 246 Tucker, W. F. - Wade, T. B.
Page 247 Wade, W. R. B. - Watkins, Y. R.
Page 248 Watson, Daniel J. - Westbrook, A. C.
Page 249 Westbrook, J. N. - Williams, A. J.
Page 250 Williams, B. F. - Wkilson, R. L.
Page 251 Wilson, S. J. - Young, Thomas

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