Captain Elijah W. Holt, CSA

Captain Elijah Holt Letter of Resignation

Camp near Fairfield Tenn
May 14th 1863

Genl S Coofies(?) A&I.G

Sir, I hereby tender my resignation as Captain leS(Second Lieutenant ?) Army, which I desire to be unconditional and immediate. I was 2nd Lieut. in Company "B" now Company "E" 32nd Tenn Regt at the organization of the Regiment in October 1861. At the time of the fall of Fort Donelson in which my Regiment was surrendered, I was absent on detailed service. Being thus cut off from my command with many others of my own and other regiments, we were organized into a Battallion of 3 companies. I was assigned to duty as a 2nd Lieut. Afterwards we were consolidated with the 5th Tenn P.A.C.S.(?) and at the reorganization of that Regiment under the terms of the Conscription Act, I was elected Captain Co. "K." This Reorganization was about the 8th May 1862.

In September 1862 my former Regt then just exchanged was reorganized while I was yet with the 5th. Sometime afterward all the original members of 32nd Tenn then with 5th Tenn were ordered to report to duty to Col Cook, commander of the former. I did so and have been since a supernumerary (? a soldier added to a legion in excess of its fixed number, from Latin). Being thus situated I desire to be discharged from the service.

E.W. Holt
Capt. C.S.A.

P.S. My address is as of the 32nd
Tenn Regt commanded by Col. Ed.C.


Elijah W. Holt, Prisoner of War

Elijah W. Holt, Capt.Co.K. 5th Tenn was taken prisoner at Shelton Hill, May 28, 1862, Corinth,Mississippi. Another record shows he was on a roll of prisoners of war arrested at Pittsburg landing(Shiloh)) April 7,1862. He was sent to Camp Chase,Ohio,June 7,1862,from Pittsburg Landing,Tenn. Elijah Holt was transferred to Johnsons Island,Ohio on July 3,1862. On September 1,1862,he was sent Vicksburg,Mississippi. At Vicksburg,he was paroled.

He filled out an officer's pay account applying for pay from Dec (?) 20th, 1861 to June 8th, 1862. Term of service charged: 5 month and 17 days,at $80.00 per month. The amount totaling $450.66. Elijah had not been paid since December 19,1861. He was a second Lieutenant Co.B,32 Tenn Regt.

Elijah William Holt,born 24 February 1828,in Maury or Giles County,TN. died 20 May 1884,Waxahachie,Ellis County. Elijah was the son of Edmund Holt and his wife Polly Emery. Elijah Holt married Elizira Watson,daughter of Larkin Watson. His sister Mary Holt also lived in Waxahachie,TX. with her husband Sylvester Brown Stephenson. Sylvester Brown Stephenson was the son of Samuel Stephenson and Mary Shields. Samuel Stephenson appears on the 1820 census and 1850 census of Giles County,TN.

Elijah Holt Parole Letter

I, E.W. Holt, capt.-an officer and a prisoner of war hereby pledge my sacred parole of honor as an officer and a gentleman not to leave the the Army of Mississippi and to report daily to the Inspector General of said army until duly exchanged or otherwise disposed of by proper authority, to hold no communication directly or indirectly, nor give any information, aid, or comfort to the enemies of the United States,and to such orders as may be received from the commanding officer of this army. This parole is signed with the full understanding that the penalty for the violation thereof, according to custom and usages of war in like causes, is death.

E.W. Holt, Capt.
5th Tenn Regt

Subscribed to before me
N.G. Keunelt (?) H C Inspector Genl.
at Camp near Corinth, Miss
May 28,A.D. 1862

This information came from Ruth Causey, whose grandmother was Rosa Stephenson, daughter of Sylvester Brown Stephenson and Mary Holt.

Submitted by: Tommy Stephenson