Civil War Records of
Horace Upshaw Fogg

  Enlisted 53 Tennessee Regiment in the fall of 1861. He was a Private
in company "C" 53 Regiment. Took oath of allegiance at Camp Morton 
Ind., Captured at Ft Donaldson.

  Married twice, first wife died while he was in prison camp at Morton
Ind. 1862. He was a member of Capt. H. H. Aymet regiment, then Capt.
M. M. McLen Co 53rd Tenn. Reg. Then swapped to Captain Fed Fogg Co.
32nd. Tennessee Regiment in the spring of 1864.  He was wounded in
battle at Le Vergne Tenn. in Dec. 1864. When Hood was in Tenn. A mini
ball struck him just to the left of neck and passed through left
shoulder blade. He was carried to division hospital at Pulaski Tenn.
From Pulaski hospital he made his way with Hoods retreat, to Meridian
Miss. Where he met an old Giles Co friend who nursed his wounds and
cared for him until the close of the war May 1865. Where he was
paroled home.
  H.U. Fogg made a good soldier: always ready and willing and never
absent from his command with out leave.  
(This is a good record) J Fed. Fogg.

Filed in the Archives building in Nashville Tenn.

Filled out by Dan Eslick and signed by H U. Fogg.

Submitted by: Emily Barlar Tribino