Confederate Pension Application
E.A. Hyles

E. A. HYLES applied for a Confederate Pension application in Grayson Co., TX, in August 1905. Some facts contained within are:
  • He stated he would be 64 years old on September 25, 1905.
  • He was residing in Grayson Co., TX, Sherman post office and had lived there 14 years.
  • He stated that he enlisted Nov 17, 1861 through Dec 1864.
  • He stated he was in R.N. Jones, Capt, 1st Tenn. Cavalry, James Wheeler, Colonel.
  • H. J. Rylant and H. O. Harrington were witnesses for his application.
  • A Mr. A. G. B. Johnston also signed an affidavit testifying that he had personal knowledge that E. A. HYLES joined the Confederacy, and they had known each other since 1855.
  • A Mr. E. B. Samuels, also of Fannin County, also signed an affidavit that he served with Archibald HYLES during the War. Unfortunately the pension application was rejected because it was thought E. A. HYLES still had adequate income to support himself.

E. A. HYLES was born September 25, 1841 and lived most of his youth in Giles Co., TN.  He lived a short while in Franklin Co., AL during the 1850's but the family returned to Giles Co.  He was the son of Archibald and Susan FLEEMAN HYLES.  E. A. HYLES married Della Ann (Dillie) CARPENTER WITT and had several children.  They moved first to Hunt Co., and then to Grayson Co. TX.

Submitted by: Karen Negron

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