James W. Russell's
Confederate Home Application

Information from James W. Russell's application for the Confederate Home...
-  member of  Co. A 53 Reg.
-  born in Williamson Co., TN in 1827.
-  enlisted in 1861 and served under Col. Abernathy and Capt. Theo Westmoreland
-  was never wounded.
-  was not discharged.  "Left on duty as wagoneer and was out foraging when Army 
   left and did not get back to Army."
-  took an oath to the U.S. Government.  Did not state where or when.
-  wife was dead at the time of application and children are all married.
-  when asked about his estate, "I get the rents from a small farm which belongs 
   to my son at my death.  The amount of $40.00 per year."
-  lived in Tennessee all his life.
-  with regard to mental condition:  "From age and infirmity not very good."
Signed with a mark   on June 10th, 1910.
Signed witnesses were W.M. Reed and D. E. Malone
Further statement by W.M. Reed and D.E. Malone: 
J.W. Russell with a lot of others was at one (time) captured and took the 
oath but afterwards went back and served as a soldier until the army left 
him near Atlanta, GA while out foraging and we did not see him any more 
until we came home.
Signed 29th June, 1910

Submitted by: Jane Gilbert